Stories written by Stan Griffin

People and Places

Petra--"City of Stone" in a City of Concrete
Stonehenge:" ... Strong, Silent, Mysterious..."

A Book, a Square, and a Compass--The Masons
The Breaks
The Eskimos

The Hawaiians
The Sherpas
The Pilgrims
The People of "Din'e Be Keyah": Navajoland


Alberto Santos-Dumont: Aviation Pioneer
English version       Portuguese version

Father Damien and the Lepers Will Rogers, The "Cherokee Kid"
Betsy Ross And The First American Flag "Something Beautiful For God"--Mother Teresa
A "Family Affair" For the Leakeys Confucianism: What Did Confucius Really Say?
Madame Curie: Woman of Science "The Children of California Shall Be Our Children"--Leland Stanford
Tennessee's "Christian Warrior"--Alvin York Graham Greene
"Always to the Danger"--Tom Griffin of Doolittle's Raiders
Jim Thorpe, The "Greatest" "A Prophet Without Honor In His Own Land"--William "Billy" Mitchell
Alexander Fleming and Penicillin Osama Bin Laden: 21st. Century Saladin
Kathy Buckley: America's First Hearing Impaired Comedienne Albert Schweitzer
The Littlest Planet and Hometown Boys--Clyde Tombaugh Evelyn Glennie
Curtis Pride St. Francis of Assisi
Squanto The Veterinarian Who Became an Author
Norman Rockwell : "The People's Artist" Florence Nightingale--"Lady With the Lamp"
Rachel Carson Thaddeus Kosciuszko-"A Hero of Two Worlds"
Clara Barton, "Angel of the Battlefield" Dr. Tom Dooley, "The Quiet American"



Journey of the Mayflower
The Pilgrims
Jewish New Year


Standing on the Promises
Freedom of Worship:  Men Value (It) Most of All
"Amazing Grace--More Than A Hymm"
"Just As I Am"
Five Major World Religions
Unitarians and Universalists

Current Events

The Balkan Powderkeg
Good Samaritans

Special Interest

Honor Flight--"A Gathering of Eagles"
Darwin vs. Creationism--"The Great Monkey Trial"
Fencing In a Nutshell

Another Treatment Option For Some Heart Patients

Cincinnati: "Home On the Range...Where Never is Heard, A Discouraging Word..."

Human Rights: Then and Now 

The River and the Kite
Easter Island-The Island of Mysteries


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