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The Book of Romans  

The book was written by Paul.  Paul had not yet been to Rome, but he wanted to go there.  He wrote this letter from the city of Corinth in 57 A.D.   At that time in Rome, it was calm.  But later, the emperor, Nero, began to persecute Christians in Rome.

For early Christians, the issue of circumcision was debated.  There was disagreement about it. Most of the early Christians were Jews, and they followed Jewish law for males to be circumcised. But Gentiles who became Christians were not circumcised. The question was whether Gentiles who became Christians should be circumcised or not. 

The book of Romans was a clear, systematic outline of Christian doctrine.

Main points of the Book of Romans:

Abraham was acceptable to God before he was circumcised. He was acceptable because he had faith in God.  Circumcision was an outward sign, but it was not the reason for him to be acceptable to God.  God made the covenant with Abraham because of his faith.

Paul is proud of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The world is full of sin.

Only God can judge because we are all sinners.

God will reward the people who obey His laws.

Jews and Gentiles are unacceptable to God without Jesus.

When we believe in Jesus Christ, God accepts us.

Abraham -- an example of faith. 

Suffering produces endurance, endurance builds character.

We are acceptable to God because of our faith in Jesus.

Death came into the world because Adam sinned.

Adam's sin led to death, but God's gift of Jesus leads to eternal life.

After baptism, we are alive in Christ. We live for God.

We should not be slaves to sin. We should be slaves to God and have eternal life.

When Christ died, the bond with Jewish law died, too. Now Christians have a bond with Christ. We must always do our best to behave like Jesus. 

The Law was good in that it showed people what sin was. From the law, people knew that it was sinful to steal or be jealous of what someone else has.  But after Jesus' death, the role of the Law changed.

Paul writes about how we all struggle with sin.

Our suffering now on earth cannot compare to the glory of eternal life.

Our hope for eternity.

Paul writes about God's love for Israel and His plan for them. He has not turned His back on them.

Gentiles will be saved, but God will bring Israel back.

We all have different and special gifts.

Paul gives rules for Christian living.

Christians should obey earthly rulers and leaders.

Christians should be ready for Jesus' return to earth.

Christians should not criticize other people or people with different beliefs.

Christians should not let their behavior cause other people to sin.

Paul sends special messages of greeting to Christians he knows in Rome.



















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