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Ten seconds and the cross

John P Hansen

An intervention from God

On November 13th 2013 I was about to leave the house to get lawn mower gas. I stopped at the front door and realized that my cross that my wife had made for me with beads and a cross was not around my neck. I went back for the cross and placed it around my neck and as I always do I said in a whisper “please keep us safe. This took about ten seconds

I got into my car and drove through the small town I live in heading south and stopped a few feet behind a car that was turning left into a driveway and about “ten seconds” later I was rear ended by a full size Dodge pickup at about 45 MPH.  It was a tremendous impact with the back of my car feeling like it exploded and the next day there was rear window glass in my hoody pocket. My car a 1998 Suzuki 4x4, with 4 doors Sidekick was totaled and so was the full size Dodge pickup that hit me.

I was taken by ambulance with the man that I hit in front of me. I experienced neck, back, groin pain and was dazed for days. The impact was so severe that I ruptured my Hernia that had a surgery a few years earlier.

On the way to the hospital the man “Billy” looked up at me from the neck brace and strapped onto the gurney asked if I believed in God. I immediately said yes the Holy Father and his son Jesus Christ.

He said I was put behind him for a reason and that a year ago he was hit by a car while riding a bike and sustained spinal cord injuries. He said I was placed behind him for a reason and I told him I would take the hit for him anytime.

As time went on I realized that the ten seconds that I took to walk back to get my cross could have saved Billy from being paralyzed or even death and that I truly believe that things happen for a reason or plan. Billy belongs to the local church and is a man of faith. I am grateful he wasn’t hurt more or killed. Last I heard is that he is still in a lot of pain but getting through it.I took a tremendous hit and have been through Therapy and an operation and injections to my hip but…Knowing I took the hit for Billy was sent by God and I was placed there for that purpose.

Love hope and faith always prevail if you believe.



Poems by Melanie L. Miller

December, 2009

Christmas time!
Christmas is a time for love and joy!
Christmas time is for gifts for girls and boys...
Christmas tis' the season to be jolly and gay...
Yes, have yourself a merry wonderful holiday.
Love one another as your sister and brother.
Feel such inner peace.
Never forget the Lord Jesus loves you with all his heart and soul
and know he died on that cross for all of us.
Put your trust in him and you can't go wrong.
Yes thank of the Lord on this merry Christmas day, and feel his presence surround you.
Be filled with love Devine.
He is there for you all the time, tis' true.
Yes Jesus is the lamb of God, and holy He is.
Love thy Lord, with all your might, and he will stand by you.
So have a merry holiday and remember what Jesus all did for you.
He is lord and majestic he is!
Yes remember this is his birthday on Christmas day.
Be bearing gifts for friends and family, on this joyous time of year.
Have laughter in your heart, and feel the Christmas cheer.
Jesus wants You to care for one another...and never argue or bicker.
He is there, just call upon him, in his heavenly name.
Never feel guilt or shame and feel him near you.
Jesus is a friend of yours and a dear friend of mine, tis' true.
And He loves us all, come what may, He is our Savior each and every day.
And when Christmas time approaches and You feel the joy and know that Jesus is what you have, even if their aren't many gifts under your tree.
Just have happy thoughts of all the times you had, with friends and family...and above all this, feel Jesus true love.
For He art kind to others, and He died for us tis true, as I say.
Jesus wants every one to always get along.
He will help you be strong, even though you maybe weak.
It doesn't take much to Love thy Lord and to Care for him and to feel his presence near to you.
Remember all He has done for us, and put your faith and Trust in him.
So have a merry little Christmas and remember this is Jesus holiday too.
Know in your minds, he always will care for you and love you as his own child.
Be tender in your words, to others dear friends.
For Jesus is gentle and mild to everyone, no matter what they've said or done.
And think of Jesus on Christmas day, no matter come what may.
Have the happiest times with your family and smile at others as you go on your way, to town or the city.
And remember Jesus has pity on those that can not walk or talk, and He shall heal them in time!
Yes feel the Lord watching over you and I.
He is what Love is all about so shout it on the mountain tops!
And care for him all the time.
Yes, have a merry little Christmas love, in your heart for the Lord, for He loveth you so, in many ways, and He will be there for you at all times, just realize this much.
He is Tender and gentle with his words and kind to all he meets.
Jesus is Love and love is his middle name and know that He does not blame you if you go astray cause' he knows that someday you'll return to him one day.
And try to be good to others and He is good to all of us.
Just thank him for the food at Christmas time too.
And feel his love abound in your heart, joy will ring a happy tune.
And You will know Jesus doth truly love me and you.


A king is born!
A king is born, he is the one we call God and Savior!
A majestic lord He is.
For He is greater then all mankind.
He will heal the sick and blind.
Gold is given to him as a gift...a token of one of the three wise men.
He will make every thing lovely and beautiful.
Trust in Him and He will save you from all harm.
Jesus is his name and he is the one to love and do not blame your faults and troubles on the Lord.
He is wonderful and wonderful is his name.
So praise the new born king and know He will always be there for you.
Know in your heart, that He shall never part from your side, no matter what you say and do.
Jesus is the best and he will help you through your daily lives.
He will help you through all sin and strife.
Yes believe in his infinite wisdom and know He is king of Israel and know He is the Son of God!

What Christmas means to me....
What Christmas means to me, is sharing and caring.
Giving presents is nice but Santa thinks twice before giving gifts to those that been naughty.
Santa watches over all the kiddies and smiles at the ones that are good!
I love Christmas time and find it the most festive of all holidays!
So.. therefore, it is my favorite time of the year.
I love other holidays but nothing compares to Christmas time...
I give all my love to my friends and gifts as well.
The gifts I give them, well..they are swell.
I am glad it is a time for giving and not non-sense.
I love Christmas as is about Christ and how he died for all our sins..
And then he arose on the third day and went to heaven once again.
Yes...Jesus has a special day too, and this is Christmas eve.
And I do believe in God above as He is full of wisdom, caring and True Love!
There is nothing like seeing the children smile....when they open up all their gifts!
There is nothing like the sweet laughter of a child when they get something they want!
All stockings hung on Christmas day, and the kiddies await for ole' St. Nick.
He leaves the goodies on display and then on the tree as well.
St. Nicolas was and is a merry old soul, and a merry old soul is He.
I love to see the many Santa's ring their bell, as I donate money quite well.
It is like one is under some sort of spell, during the holidays, and joy fills the air.
I wished it was Christmas all year around, but I is only once a year.
Christmas is fun!
Christmas is Great!
So...if your'e a Scrooge and don't enjoy Christmas, it is get out of that rut, and know in your gut...that Christmas time is special.
Believe you me... Christmas is the funnest time of the year.
So bring good laughter and bring good cheer!
Christmas can be in your soul and heart for all the year!


The True Meaning of Christmas:
What do you feel is the true meaning of Christmas? Gift buying for friends and family?
Christmas is a time for sharing and caring for one another.
True, gifts can be fun to get on the holidays, but what really is the true meaning of Christmas to you?
Christ died and we celebrate his birthday on this most festive holiday.
He did a lot for us, as he died on the old rugged cross for us all, to save us from damnation and we do sin as we are all sinners in his eyes.
Do you feel Christmas is just another day?
Well...I am here to say, that Christmas is not just another day.
It is a joyous time and should be spent with family and friends, and loved ones alike.
You should get a card or best yet, make one of your own and send out during the holidays, as is much more meaningful.
I get a few cards around the holidays, and send them to friends and family alike. I also make some of my own pies, pumpkin pies and give to friends/family as well.
I love Christmas and Thanksgiving too, and if you have something to be thankful for, thank Jesus for all you have and not what you don't have.
Yes Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year.
People seem to care more during this holiday.
There are some folks that do not have a home yet alone a tree to celebrate Christmas. Some people are living on the streets and have no one really to say.
Just thank your lucky stars, if you have a home...and even if you're not rich or wealthy, and have your eye sight and can walk, well be grateful for these little things.
There are folks blind and folks that can not walk. They would give anything just to see and hear and speak.
So be thankful for the little things in life as sometimes the little things can mean so much to many people.


Serve Christ before it is too late!
By Melanie Lynn Miller

God is good and always has been from the beginning of time! He is Lord and Savior over all of us.

He is the best God around and He is the One True God. I am not of any real faith and feel there are many gods to worship but Christ is the main one to serve, love, and adore.

As being of a Wiccan faith long ago, I decided to get rid of my books and serve Jesus! That's right; I converted to Christian religion and attend church at times, although I should more often.

Christ has always helped me and healed my bad back. I used to endure pain that was nearly unbearable, but the Lord saw favor in me and has helped me through many bad times and I know now that He is the One True God, as it says in the book of Isaiah, he is called, Prince of Peace and Mighty God.

I watch religious programs at times and feel closer to God when I watch the. I sing to Jesus as well.

I believe many faiths are good to live by. I do not partake in any special I am more non-denominational and prefer to be so.

I feel anyone can be saved such as I was saved long ago. Yes! That’s right...I was fully immersed in the water and was indeed saved!

I feel close to God and many times feel his presence. I feel He is watching over me and my two sons. They are Christians and have always been good sons to me.

I never had to worry about them taking illegal substances and know they love God with all their heart.

The one good thing my ex husband did was to get our sons baptized. I am happy in my heart knowing that he did this at least.

He was not always there for me spiritually, but God has always been there for me. I can turn to him whenever I need a friend to listen to my problem and woes!

Some people mock others. It is wrong to do this. No one should ever think it is right to cuss at another or curse them as the bible clearly states, no one is to curse at another. Did you know that it is a sin, to curse God? It is an unforgivable sin, the bible tells us plainly.

I read my King James Bible daily and try my best to serve Christ. I know I have failed in the past and would cast magic but decided it is not for me...or for anyone.

I will end this by saying this..."Trust in the Lord and know He is always there for you, no matter what you have said or done. And don't belittle another and feel it is right if they harm you or are cruel in their demure and words towards you!”

You do not deserve to be mistreated or called cruel names that are foul!

God loves you and He always will, for God even loves the good and the wicked. The Bible tells us this. He is Lord and King and the only Lord I shall ever know.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. It is much appreciated!


What I believe in when it comes to Religion
by Melanie Miller, USA


I do feel Jesus knew he had to die for our sins, so if we do something naughty, all we must do is ask for forgiveness and mean it with all our hearts.

I can not see God putting us in a place of torment (forever and ever), yet when you see on TV, these so called fanatic preachers telling us about hell and whom will end up there. What about them? Where do they think they go to? A better place?

There are heavy set preachers, what is this called, gluttony and then they think they are better then others, and then to tell a young lady, (young girl really) since she lied a few times, that she will not see heaven?

God is a forgiving God...if anyone told me I was going to a place of torment and damnation, for the rest of my days...this is what I would tell them, "Look...God is a forgiving God and He does not put his children in a fiery furnace (forever and always), and not even the homosexuals, would he do this too! It is time these people get a reality check and realize God is not this way.

We are all his children and the Bible tells us, 'God loves the good and the wicked' and he would never do harm to his children, that's the devils' job is to cause harm, hunger, anger and greed, lying and so forth. God would never want us to be angry at others, not even at our enemies. We are supposed to love even our enemies and pray for them.

I love people and would never want another person harmed, even if I had enemies. I make friends with the Jehovah witnesses (and other religions too) and they (Jehovah Witnesses) are very kind hearted so I will never say one bad word about them, and my uncle, said if he were to go to a place of worship it would be the Kingdom Hall. I just enjoy going there and learning about the Bible and learning that God is for real.

I am not a ''Jehovah Witness'' mind you, and do not agree with everything they say, but I do love the people there.

I believe Jesus is manifested as God too, as book of Isaiah tells us Jesus is the Prince of Peace and Mighty God. This told me something right there. I won't condemn any religion as Jesus does not condemn us.

In my opinion, there will be a hell for the Devil, to burn forever and always but I don't feel any humans will be in torment, in a place called hell! Heaven is what you make it and so is hell. If you want to live a fruitful and heavenly life, do good unto others, as you would have them do unto you. See we're on the same page, right? I go to different churches and would not really know what faith I am, but know I have the faith in Christ. I love God. He is always there for me.

I do feel there is a place called hell (the grave) for the DEVIL and for antichrists, like Hitler and Stalin as they wore evil and the Bible tells us not to love evil. And then I feel there are people ill and sick in the mind, who do not know what they are saying or even doing and feel they are right in the mind, that they will not be punished. I myself am sane, or so I feel I am, and holy, but know that I am not perfect. 

I love Jesus, and care for all the people of this world, even people that mistreated me in the past; even the rapist for what he did to me as a small child, he is family, so I love him, but he was in the wrong. God will not allow him to live on this earth again, I feel. Also I feel, the earth shall not be destroyed and I myself know in my heart, many many others shall live on this earth once again.

There is what is called Resurrection day, and we can see loved ones that died and went to heaven or some will come back to life and live again on this God's green earth.

I also believe in some of what Buddhist believe in, but I am not nor claim to be a Buddhist person. I watch other shows about religion, and read an atheist catalog the other day, does this make me an atheist? No! It does not...And I would never feel there is not a God, and what about this Allah? Is he a real god; what do you think?

Everyone has the right to worship whatever God or deity they wish too. It is their God-given right. I can not tell anyone whom to serve in this world. I am only a human but I try to be a good one at that. Well hope you enjoyed reading my article. Thanks for taking the time to read what I wanted and needed to say.