Edeus Health Method

  A Revolutionary New Health Discovery
    Which Is A Gift From God To All Mankind


Throughout history many great health discoveries have been made quite by accident. The EDEUS* HEALTH METHOD is no exception. I consider it a gift from God to all mankind and named it accordingly. EDEUS is derived from the Latin meaning "from God." Only from His wisdom could something with such magnitude be so simple

Written by Polly Fuller Griffin

Illustrated by Jeanne and Brian Griffin

*Edeus is a registered tradename of the WORKERS FOR JESUS

A Revolutionary New Health Discovery

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Dedicated to--

Everyone, Everywhere

May you know the great health benefits of a normal body structure. God loves you.

Revolutionary New Health Discovery

Now and then, there comes along a new discovery that revolutionizes health care. For a discovery to be revolutionary, it must be totally different from what is commonly practiced. Such is the case of the EDEUS HEALTH METHOD

Its magnificence exceeds all other health knowledge known to man today, in my opinion.

Its simplicity is awesome.

Its fantastic results achieved so easily and inexpensively are unbelievable.

It requires no scientific validity.

Its potential does not need to be established before it can be accepted.

It needs no approval by anyone.

It is self-administered.

It is for everyone: the sick, the well, the young and the old.

It is a health principle and should be a lifestyle for everyone.

The Edeus Health Method has two major functions:

1. to restore and maintain normal body structure.

2. to establish and maintain the body into as near a balance as possible at all times.


Recognizing the Value of Normal Body Structure


The value of normal body structure has been almost totally overlooked in our health care system today. From the beginning of time, it should have been obvious; but unfortunately man's eyes, for the most part, have been closed to the self-healing qualities within the normal structured body. Dr. Daniel David Palmer, (1845-1913), who developed the Chiropractic profession, and Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, (1828-1917) who developed the Osteopathic profession, have been in the foreground of recognizing the power of healing controlled by body structure.

If we only stop for just a second and think about it, we can easily see that we cannot have good health when our bodies are twisted and distorted from their natural design.

How can our lungs possibly function in a normal, healthful way when our backs are curved preventing them from expanding fully?

How can our digestive organs function in a normal, healthful way when our hips are twisted causing them to be displaced out of their normal positions?

How can our glands and organs function normally when their ducts are twisted and blocked?

How can our great nervous system carry out its normal functions when its lines are obstructed and its signals cannot flow freely?

How can we possibly have health when we are functioning in abnormal body structures???

There are many causes for sickness, but certainly abnormal body structure must be recognized as a major cause. It is my hope that everyone who reads this book will gain a better understanding of normal body structure and its relationship to good health.

Organ Placement Essential to Good Health

The organs of the body cannot function properly when they are twisted out of their normal placements. When they cannot function normally, sickness is the result.    


The Normal Body is a Balanced Body 

The normal body is balanced vertically and horizonally. The shoulders and hips are level, and the spine stra




The Body's Powerful Nervous System Affects All Cells  

All cells of the body are controlled by the nervous system making this body system a very powerful one indeed.

Getting Relief Now!!

While it would be nice if we all had nice, normal, healthy, balanced, body structures, the fact is that we do not. Most people have not thought in terms of the normal and have not recognized its value. Therefore, to restore normal structure, we must start with the situation as it is now and work toward that goal.

The length of time needed for correcting a person's body structure depends upon the problems in it. Obviously, the persons with less problems require less time to correct them. The more severe the problems, the longer it takes. While normal body structure is the long term goal, most sick persons want relief now!!


The secret of obtaining a great measure of relief now is to bring the body structure into balance even though it is still in a distorted state.

When the balance is obtained, it has been my experience that:

1. pain leaves

2. fevers fall

3. infections leave the body 

4. cells start functioning 

5. the body starts self-healing in many, many conditions

At times, the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Some persons are able to obtain a balance very quickly and start their turnaround to regaining their health. Others may take a longer period of time. All depends upon the severity of the problems in the body structure.

To maintain a balanced body structure, to the greatest degree possible at all times, requires living a lifestyle that promotes that purpose.

All Things Can Be Balanced

Everything, no matter how impossible it may seem, has a balance point.

The box above shows an example of what appears to be a difficult balancing project, but is quite easy and even a child can do it.

Bringing about a balance in a twisted and misaligned body is the job of the Edeus Health Bed.

Principle on which the Edeus Health Bed Works

The bed serves as an unyielding balance line. The body will yield to this balance line and will become balanced itself. The principle for this is:

When two objects are placed one upon the other, the one of lesser resistance will yield to the other one.

The Edeus Health Bed works automatically. All a person needs to do is to sleep upon it. While the person sleeps, the bed works. What health method could be easier?

As the body yields to the balance line, the misalignments of the body slowly change and normal structure (our goal) becomes a step closer.

Each day the EDEUS HEALTH BED strives to keep the body in balance to give its occupant the greatest degree of health that it can at all times.

Some persons are able to obtain a balance very quickly and start their turnaround to regaining their health. Others may take a longer period of time. All depends upon the severity of the problem in the body structure.

Maintaining a balanced body structure, to the greatest degree possible at all times, requires living a lifestyle that promotes that purpose.

Master Gland of the Body  

The master gland of the body is said to be the pituitary gland. It influences almost every metabolic process of the body either directly or indirectly. Its anatomical position is at the very tip of the spinal cord to which it is connected by a long, very thin neck deep within the brain.

When there is a pull upon the spinal cord at any point, I believe a stricture occurs on the thin neck leading to the pituitary gland altering its normal function. When this pull is taken off the spinal cord and a balance obtained, the stricture would also be removed from the thin neck.

The influence of the balanced spinal cord upon the pituitary gland makes it an extremely desired goal.

Things You May Experience

Hard Spot

When you lie upon the Edeus Health Bed, you may notice that one spot is pressing against the bed harder than the rest of the body.

This spot is your point of greatest extension and it is exactly where you need the greatest amount of pressure applied to bring your body into balance. Gradually that spot will be` balanced and eliminated.

The "hard spot" may change from time to time to other places. The point of greatest extension changes as the body is straightened.

The Edeus Health Bed works automatically and continuously seeking out the point of greatest extension to apply the greatest degree of pressure and thereby keeping the body in balance as much as possible at all times.

Clicks and Pops


When the skeletal system shifts into a more normal alignment, many times it is possible to hear these movements. They sound like clicks and pops (and sometimes clunks).

These movements are the result of the Edeus Health Bed doing its job of straightening the body structure.

Pain on Movement

On rare occasion, there may be some pain associated with a movement either in the joint or the organ that is involved. When this occurs, it usually subsides in a short time.


One of the great, great functions of the Edeus Health Bed is bringing about a balance in the nervous system. When this occurs, the cells should start draining toxins.

You may notice an increase in drainage from one or more body openings such as the sinuses, lungs, bladder, rectum, vagina, penis, etc. The amount and source of drainage will vary according to the conditions of each person.

Rejoice when this occurs because your body is responding to the bed and toxins are now draining out.


When a lot of drainage starts, the body may become flooded with the massive release of toxins. This sometimes makes a person feel as though they have a cold. However, this is not a cold and do not treat it as such. This is a housecleaning and is exactly what we want. The body has now come into a self-healing state.

Changing Symptoms

As the body structure straightens, different nerves, muscles, and organ placements come into play. This sometimes creates new and different symptoms. Sometimes, old symptoms reappear. As the body continues to straighten, these will run their course and others will appear until the

Unbalanced Days

I wish that once the balance is achieved that it would remain. Unfortunately, it will not. To return the body to its normal alignment requires a system of pulling and balances. Whatever part is being pulled (by gravity) will create the symptoms. Relief will come when the balance is achieved. Living a lifestyle that promotes the balance will help to keep the symptoms at a minimum.


Unbalanced periods may last from one second to months. During long unbalanced periods, it is easy to become discouraged and filled with despair. Please persevere and continue using the bed. It should soon balance your body and bring back the great relief that comes with it.


Soreness comes when the muscles are being moved into new positions. As the balance comes, the soreness should leave.

Helpers for Achieving and Maintaining a Balanced Body


Consistency is a must. Always lie on a hard surface. Never lie on a soft couch or bed. The unbalanced surface will pull you out of balance.


Wear flat shoes at all times.


Always use a shower for bathing. If you have a spa, that is okay, but small tubs are not okay because they have flat surfaces. Allow the warm water to strike the back of the neck and flow down the entire spine.


Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor.
Never sit on a flat surface such as a floor.


Walking is one of the best exercises. Walk as much as possible. Walking helps the vertebras open up to allow a freer flowing nervous system.


Correct exercises have tremendous potential for helping to balance the spine. However, using incorrect exercises can do great damage.


Whenever a nerve is being interferred with, reflexes from that nerve become very, very sore; and muscles become tight. By applying pressure, massage, a vibrator, warm water, etc., they can be relaxed. This in turn helps to remove tension off the muscles and thereby helps to balance the body.


This health method is very, very, simple. However, to obtain the results that we seek, all instructions must be followed exactly.


Never, never, never, think that a board placed on top or under the mattress will make a proper Edeus Health Bed. It will not!!!

Building the Edeus Health Bed

Size 4' x 6' 

Edeus Health Beds are easy to build. Almost anyone can build one following our instructions. The instructions below are for a bed size 4 feet x 6 feet, but the measurements can be varied to meet your own desired size.

1. Cut a 1/2 inch, interior, one side smooth, plywood to 4' x 6.'

              2. Cut 6 legs 2" x 4" x 21

              3. Cut 4 pieces of 1" x 4" x 6 feet.

                 4. Cut 6 pieces of 1" x 4" x 46 1/2" for cross sections.

      5. Lay 3 legs flat on floor. Nail 1" x 4" 6 feet at the top edge of the  first and outer leg. Then match the middle of the third leg to the middle of the board and nail in place.

           6. Lay another 1" x 4" x 6 feet board near the middle of the legs and nail in place.  

                7. Repeat 5 and 6 for the legs on other side.

     8. Stand the two sides up with the 1" x 4" x 6 feet on the outside.
             9. Use a 1" x 4" x 46 1/2" to connect each leg on the underside at the top and middle of leg.
           l0. Place the smooth side of the plywood facing up on the frame and nail in place.

Adjusting to the Edeus Health Bed

Everyone who is able to lie on a soft bed can adjust to the Edeus Health Bed by following these simple procedures.

1. Make an Edeus Health Bed

a. Build (or buy) a hard, level, smooth bed the size you desire.

b. It must have strong enough supports so that it will not bend at all. This is absolutely essential.

c. Make it knee high. Use a step or platform to make it the proper height.

2. Pad the bed sufficiently with quilts and blankets so you can sleep all night in comfort. There is no need for anyone to miss a night of rest while adapting to the Edeus Health Bed.

a. Each night thereafter, remove a portion of the padding until you are able to sleep upon the bare surface without any problems. (A thin sheet is permissible, if desired.)

b. The faster you are able to adjust to this bed, the sooner positive results should start.

c. The average adjusting period is two to three weeks.

3. Take a warm shower before lying down whenever possible.

a. Let the water strike the back of the neck and run down the entire spine. This relaxes the muscles and will help the vertebras shift into a more balanced alignment.

b. Dress in thin clothes. Eliminate as much as possible between you and the bare wood.

4. Lie fully extended on your back without a pillow.

a. In the beginning you may have to gradually get used to being fully extended depending upon the condition of your body structure. If you feel that you must use a pillow, do so but eliminate it as quickly as possible.

5. Allow your hands to lie comfortably at your sides.

6. Clear the mind and think only pleasant thoughts.

7. Go to sleep if desired.


Alternative Positions

Since it is difficult to lay for long periods of time in one position, you may turn on either side. When on the side, you must use a pillow to support the head. The pillow should be large enough to support the head in a straight line.

You may find that one side will give you relief while the other side brings on your symptoms. Observe yourself. Learn which side makes you feel the best and then use only that side.

Never sleep on the abdomen. This puts the neck in a twist and is very detrimental to you.

Safety Rules

1. Never lie on back immediately after eating.

2. Do not leave a small child on its back when unattended.

3. Observe skin closely for pressure sores. Add additional padding as needed to prevent these.

Universal Laws

The Almighty God, who designed and created the universe, established laws to govern His creations. The purpose of these laws is to keep everything functioning in harmony.

We may not like these laws and we may not agree with them. Regardless, they still stand. Man cannot change them. Disobedience brings suffering upon ourselves and, at times, to others.

Universal laws are set by God and are totally unyielding.

God loves mankind. His love was put into an action when He sent His son to earth to teach us the way we should live. Finally, Jesus shed his blood upon the cross to obtain redemption for mankind.

Jesus continues to show his love for mankind by revealing secrets of the universe. The great Edeus Health Method has been revealed to help relieve the suffering of mankind.

Maintaining a normal body structure is only one health law. There are many essential to good health. The next page has a list of the laws the Workers For Jesus Health Services recognize as the Universal Laws Of Health For Body, Soul, And Spirit.


The Workers For Jesus definitions for health and sickness are:

Health is having body, soul, and spirit in harmony with universal laws.

Sickness is being out of harmony with universal laws. (Sometimes we are victims of others being out of harmony with these laws.)

I have no doubt that God will reveal more Universal Laws for better health as He sees fit to do so until all sickness and suffering is conquered.

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. (Revelation 21:4)


Universal Laws Of Health*

for Body, Soul, and Spirit

1. Put God first in your life.

2. Maintain a balanced body structure each day while building normal structure.

3. Put nothing into your body except nutritious foods, clean air, and pure water.**

4. Eat a diet containing all the elements needed by the body.

5. Drink enough water to keep the urine clear and light amber.

6. Eat enough food with fiber to produce one or two soft bowel movements a day.

7. Obtain sufficient sunlight, rest, and sleep.

8. Maintain proper environmental temperature.

9. Do not indulge in self-pity. Set a constructive goal for each day and work toward it.

10. Think positively.

11. Keep trauma free.

12. Do not envy, steal, lie, or kill.

13. Exercise sensibly. Walk as much as possible each day.

14. Do not commit fornication, homosexual acts, or adultery.

15. Observe a day of rest from your labor each week.

16. Remove bitterness and hate from your heart. Forgive those who have hurt you.

17. Cleanse yourself by repenting of your sins and being baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

18. Be thankful each day for all the many blessings God has given you.

19. Love one another. Give your love unconditionally with actions.

20. Turn your faith in God into works for Him.

*As recognized by the Workers For Jesus Health Services

** Essential medications are excepted



How The Edeus Health Method Was Discovered

In 1969, I was going about my life, in a busy and happy way. I was working at the local hospital, raising my family, etc., when suddenly everything was changed and I plunged to the bottom of despair. I became severely ill with headaches, dizziness, an eye muscle imbalance, hypoglycemia, muscle tremors, and many other terrible symptoms.

I made my rounds to the medical doctors and could only find slight symptomatic relief. My condition continued to deteriorate until I thought that death was imminent. Only as a last resort, I walked into a Chiropractor's office to see if he could help me.

As a Registered Nurse, I had been told that they were quacks, but now I was willing to try anything and everything and was simply grasping at the last straw. After the third adjustment, I found great relief and I knew that I had found the road back to health.

This experience opened up a world of healing that I never knew existed before. I had always thought that the greatest knowledge known to mankind was being brought to the sick. Now I knew that it was not for now I knew about the great, great health resources lying within the normal body structure.

I shall forever be indebted to my personal Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Toman III of Hamilton, Ohio.

As great as this method of healing is, I also learned that there were times when I was out of adjustment but was unable to get to a Chiropractor. Such an incident led to the discovery of the EDEUS HEALTH METHOD.

On May 14, 1975, I was feeling quite well and was busy working in my garden. As I worked, I bent over to pick up something and just as I did, my back came out of alignment creating severe pain and other horrible symptoms. My husband wasn't home so I could not get to the doctor.

I went into the house so I could lie down. Because I had so much garden dirt on me, I did not want to lie on the bed so I just laid down on the wood floor. As I laid there, not only did my symptoms subside, but I started feeling better than before. After that, whenever I felt badly, I would again lie on the hardwood floor to try to find relief. Again and again I found it. Then I started sleeping on the floor routinely.

I realized that I had experienced something tremendously exciting concerning health and started telling everyone who would listen about this great and wondrous experience.

I was not content to just feel this great relief. I wanted to know why it made me feel so good. Also, there had been other times that I had laid on the floor without feeling this tremendous relief so what was the difference this time?

I started thinking and studying all aspects of why it had given me relief. Slowly, over a period of many months the principle behind it became clear. The answer came one day while reading about the body in my old anatomy book. I came across a picture of the body with a line down the middle. The book stated that the body was a balanced structure.

By making a change in the picture, I had the answer! I moved the balance line parallel to the structure and by laying it down, I realized that the floor had served as a balance line !!!!!! The mystery was solved.


All my knowledge of health that I had learned as a Registered Nurse, my knowledge as a Chiropractic patient, and my knowledge as a Christian converged into an understanding as to how this very simple method gave me so much relief.

Since this discovery, I have organized the EDEUS PRACTITIONERS ASSOCIATION and plan to train others to become Edeus Practitioners.

As great as this new discovery is, it is not a panacea. The sick need all knowledge known, working together, to help them. Through the WORKERS FOR JESUS HEALTH SERVICES, I hope to help the sick by establishing health programs that transcend competitive boundaries seeking only how best can health be restored, maintained, and made accessible to the sick. The sick need all knowledge that leads to health, working together because they are suffering so.

The programs of the WORKERS FOR JESUS HEALTH SERVICES will be available to all people desiring them without charge. We will rely upon freewill donations from the people for our support.


A New Day for the Sick 

It is my greatest hope that the day will soon come when each person can walk upon this earth and reap the great health benefits of a normal body structure.

I ask all parents to accept normal body structure for their children. From the day of birth, normal structure should be recognized. As a former labor and delivery room nurse, I believe that many structural injuries take place during the birth process.

I ask all health personnel and governing bodies of health institutions to accept normal body structure and convert their beds to EDEUS HEALTH BEDS so their patients can benefit from this great discovery.

I ask all trauma centers and ambulance crews to accept normal body structure and use the EDEUS HEALTH METHOD to immediately start correcting whatever structural damage may have been done to their patients.

I ask all critical care units to immediately accept normal body structure and, regardless how grave the prognosis may seem, allow their patients to receive the benefits of this great discovery. No one knows who can respond to this method and who cannot.

I ask everyone, the young, the old, the sick, and the well, to accept normal body structure for themselves and, without further delay, start living a lifestyle that will correct their structure's misalignments.


Prayer of Thankfulness

God has given this health method to mankind because He loves us. If it gives you relief from your suffering, why not take a few moments of your time to say, "Thank you Lord."

"And God saw everything He had made and, behold, it was very good." Genesis 1:31


We hope this new health method will give you relief from your suffering. Please tell your friends about it by linking to us. God loves you!!



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