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The Book of Numbers

Numbers 1-3
God tells Moses to count the Israelite men old enough to fight in war.
God tells how the Israelites should camp around the tabernacle.
The tribe of Levi will help the priests. 
Numbers 19 - 21
Miriam and Aaron die.
Moses hits a rock to get water, and God punishes him. 
The Israelites continue to travel and have wars with other people.
Numbers 4-6
Instructions for the people who will carry the tabernacle when the Israelites move
Rules about people who are guilty of breaking laws. The test for adultery
Nazarites and their promises to God
Numbers 22 -24
King Balak is worried about the Israelites.
King Balak calls Balaam to come and curse the Israelites.
Balaam's donkey talks.
Balaam blesses the Israelites
Numbers 7-9
The leaders bring gifts to the tabernacle.
The Levites are dedicated to work in the tabernacle.
The Israelites celebrate Passover.
God's cloud shows the Israelites when it was time to move. 
Numbers 25 - 27
Some of the Israelite men sin with Moabite women.
God makes a promise to Phineas.
Moses and Eleazar count the Israelites again.
Zelophehad's daughters ask for some land in Canaan.
Joshua will be the new leader of the Israelites.
Numbers 10 -12
The Israelites move to a new camp.
The Israelites complain about their food.
God punishes Miriam for complaining.
Numbers 28 - 30
God gives Moses instructions about special celebration days
God gives Moses laws about keeping promises.
Numbers 13 - 15
Spies explore Canaan and give a report.
The Israelites are afraid to go into Canaan.
God punishes the Israelites, and many of them will never live in Canaan.
Numbers 31 -33
Israel has a war with the Midianite people.
Part of the Israelites ask for land outside of Canaan in Gilead.
Moses gives a history of the 40 year journey.
Numbers 16 - 18
Some Israelite men challenge Moses and Aaron.
The challengers are punished. 
God shows everyone who He chooses to be the priest.
The priests can use the offerings from the other Israelites.
Numbers 34 - 36
God tells Moses the borders of Canaan.
God tells Moses how to make cities for the Levites.
Rules about murderers and safe cities
Rules about women who inherit land

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