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The Book of Matthew

Matthew 1 - 4
The genealogy of Jesus
Mary becomes pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus is born in Bethlehem.
The Wise Men follow the star to see baby Jesus.
King Herod orders all children in Bethlehem under 2 years old to be killed.
Jesus is baptized by John.
Satan tempts Jesus in the wilderness.
Peter, Andrew, James, and John begin to follow Jesus.
Jesus heals people of many different diseases.
Jesus becomes famous throughout many areas.
Matthew 17 - 19
Some of the disciples see Jesus shining in glory and talking to Moses and Elijah.
Jesus heals a boy after the disciples fail to heal him.
Jesus tells His disciples that He will be killed and be raised on the third day.
he disciples ask Jesus who will be greatest in heaven.
Peter asks about forgiving other people.
A rich young man asks Jesus how he can live forever.
Matthew 5 -7
The Sermon on the Mount
The Beatitudes
Jesus preaches on the subjects of salt and light, divorce and remarriage,
obeying the law, love your enemies, do good works in private,
ask God for what you need,  judging other people,  how to treat other people
The Lord's Prayer
Matthew 20 -22
Jesus tells a parable about workers in a vineyard.
Jesus goes to Jerusalem.
Jesus turns over the tables of the moneychangers.
Jesus tells parables about God's kingdom.
The Pharisees ask Jesus questions to try and trick Him.
Matthew 8 - 10
Jesus heals a man with leprosy, a soldier's servant, Peter's mother-in-law, and many others.
Jesus makes the sea calm during a big storm.
Jesus sends evil spirits into a herd of pigs.
Jesus calls Matthew to be one of His disciples.
Jesus becomes more famous.
Jesus sends His apostles out into the world.
Matthew 23 - 25
Jesus criticizes the Pharisees and scribes.
Jesus talks about the future of Jerusalem and the temple
Jesus tells about the end of the world.
Jesus tells parables about good servants and bad servants.
Helping Jesus by helping other people.

Matthew 11 -13
Some of John's followers visit Jesus.
Jesus scolds cities who have heard His message but did not repent.
The Pharisees criticize Jesus because His disciples pick corn on the Sabbath.
Jesus heals a man's hand on the Sabbath.
Jesus teaches the crowd by telling them parables.
Jesus goes to His home area, but the people do not believe in Him.
Matthew 26 - 28
Jesus tells His disciples that He will be crucified.
The chief priests and elders plot to kill Jesus.
A woman pours valuable ointment on Jesus' head.
Judas betrays Jesus, and Jesus is captured.
Peter denies that he knows Jesus.
Jesus is crucified.
Jesus rises from the dead and talks to His disciples.

Matthew 14 - 16
John the Baptist is beheaded.
Jesus walks on top of the water.
5,000 people eat and get full from just a few loaves of bread and a few fishes.
The  scribes and Pharisees question Jesus about clean and unclean.
Jesus heals a Canaanite woman's daughter even though she is not Jewish.
Jesus feeds a second crowd.
Jesus says He will build His church on Peter. He tells the disciples that
He will die and be raised from the dead.

Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.

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