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The Book of Joshua

Joshua 1-4
Joshua is God's new leader of the Israelites.
Rahab helps the Israelite spies in the city of
The Israelites cross the Jordan River and
       move into Canaan.
Joshua 14 - 17
Caleb asks Joshua for land in Canaan
The tribes of Judah, Manasseh, and Ephraim get their land

Joshua 5 -7
The Israelite males are circumcised.
The Israelites destroy the city of Jericho.
One soldier does not obey God.


Joshua 18-20
The last 7 tribes get their land.
The leaders pick the safe cities.
Joshua 8 - 10
The Israelites defeat many more cities in Canaan.
The people from Gibeon trick the Israelites.
The sun and the moon stand still.

Joshua 11 - 13
Joshua and the Israelites continue to defeat the people in Canaan.
2 and tribes inherited land on the east side of the Jordan River.
Joshua 21 -24
The tribe of Levi gets land in the other tribes' land.
Joshua sends the soldiers from the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and half of the Manasseh tribe back to their homes on the east side of the Jordan River.
Joshua meets with all of the Israelites. They promise again to serve God.
Joshua and Eleazar, the priest, die.


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