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The Book of Job

Job 1- 3
Job was a very good and rich man.
Satan said that Job would curse God if God destroyed everything he had.
God allowed Satan to destroy Job's family and the things he owned.
Job's three friends come to visit Job.
Job 25 - 31
Bildad talks again.
Job compares looking for minerals in the ground to looking for wisdom.
Job talks about his life in the past. He was well-liked and respected then.
Job talks about his life now. People make fun of him.
Job wants God to tell him what he has done wrong.
Job 4 - 7
Job's friend, Eliphaz, talks to Job.
Eliphaz feels that only bad people suffer.
He tells Job that he is suffering because he sinned.
Job replies to Eliphaz. Job says he has doesn't anything wrong and doesn't understand his punishment from God.
Job 32 - 34
A young man named Elihu talks to Job.
Elihu does not think that Job's friends gave him good advice.
Elihu says that God always does right.

Job 8 - 10
Job's friend, Bildad, talks to him.
He says that Job needs to repent for the things he has done wrong.
He says it is Job's fault that many bad things happened to him.

Job replies to Bildad. He says that he is not perfect, but he does not think he deserves the bad things that happened to him.
Job 35 - 37
Elihu continues talking to Job.
Elihu says that God is powerful and fair.
He says that God is much bigger than man.

Job 11 - 14
Job's friend, Zophar, talks to him. Zophar feels that Job has sinned.
Job replies to Zophar.
Job talks about his friends.  He says that their advice is not helpful.
Job wants to talk to God himself.
Job talks about life and feels that life is hopeless.
Job 38 - 42
God talks to Job out of a whirlwind.
God asks Job questions about the things Job said earlier.
Job answers God and is sorry for what he said.
God gives Job more than he had before.

Job 15 - 18
Job's friends, Eliphaz and Bildad, talk to him again.
Eliphaz and Bildad feel that Job has sinned and that is why he is suffering.
Job answers his friends again.

Job 19 - 24
Bildad and Eliphaz talk to Job, and Job replies to them.
Job talks about how he feels alone.
Job tells his friends that they are wrong.
Eliphaz tells Job to start obeying God again.

Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.

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