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The Book of Isaiah

Isaiah 1 - 3
Isaiah tells how Judah and Jerusalem are sinning.
God tells how He will punish Jerusalem and what happens next.
Isaiah sees a vision that all of the people in the world will go to God's temple.

Isaiah 4 - 7
Isaiah compares Judah and Jerusalem to God's vineyard.
Isaiah's vision in the year that King Uzziah died.
Isaiah's vision when Ahaz was king.
Isaiah tells about a baby that will be born in the future.

Isaiah 8 - 10
Isaiah talks about the people in Judah. 
Many in Judah do not believe in and trust God.
A great light will come to take away the darkness.
God will use Assyria to punish the Israelites.
After Assyria defeats Israel, God will punish Assyria.

Isaiah 11 - 14
Isaiah tells about a future king.
Isaiah tells about the future of Babylon.
Isaiah discusses the Philistines after the death of King Ahaz.

Isaiah 15 - 19
Isaiah tells about the future of Moab, Syria, Ethiopia, and Egypt

Isaiah  20 - 29
Isaiah has visions about Egypt, Babylonia, Dumah, Arabia, Jerusalem, and Tyre.
God will punish the earth.
Isaiah thanks God for helping Israel.
God compares the Jewish people to a vineyard.
Isaiah prophesizes about Jerusalem.

Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.

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