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The Book of Ezekiel

Ezekiel 1-3
Ezekiel sits on the bank of the Chebar River
Ezekiel sees a vision of God.
God speaks to Ezekiel and tells him to warn the Israelites to stop sinning against Him. 


Ezekiel 4 - 6
God tells Ezekiel to make a model of Jerusalem.
God tells Ezekiel to cut his hair.
Ezekiel gives a prophecy about the coming punishment.

Ezekiel 7 - 9

Ezekiel warns that they will be punished.
Ezekiel has a vision of God destroying Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 10 - 12
Ezekiel sees a vision of the angels with wheels.
Ezekiel sees a vision of 25 men in Jerusalem.

Ezekiel tells the people about a prince who is trapped while leaving Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 13 - 15
Ezekiel warns people who give false prophecies.
God compares the Israelites to grapevines.

Ezekiel 16 - 18
God reminds the Israelites of all the good things He did for them.
God lists the sins that Israel has commited and compares them to Samaria and Sodom.
God gives the Israelites the parable of the eagle with brightly-colored feathers.
God tells the Israelites they will each be judged for their own sins.

Ezekiel 19 - 21
Sadness for the princes of Israel
The Israelite leaders want to ask God something, but God refuses to answer
them because of their sins.

God tells Ezekiel to make a prophecy that He will destroy Jerusalem.
God gives Ezekiel a prophecy about the king of Babylon.

Ezekiel 22 - 24
God tells Ezekiel to list the sins of the Israelites.
God compares the Israelites to worthless metal.
God compares Samaria and Jerusalem to two sisters.

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