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The Book of Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy 1 - 3
Moses reviews the history of the Israelites after they left Egypt.
God tells Moses that Joshua will be the new leader.
Moses looks at Canaan from the top of Mt. Nebo.
Deuteronomy 19 - 21
Safe cities and other rules about crimes
Instructions for capturing cities from other groups of people
Some rules about children
Deuteronomy 4 -6
Moses warns the Israelites that they should always obey God's laws.
Moses reviews the Ten Commandments.
Safe cities
Deuteronomy 22 - 24
Laws about various things--marriage, divorce, farms, soldiers, 
loaning money, and clothing
Deuteronomy 7 -9
Moses talks about how God will help the Israelites move into Canaan.
Moses reviews how God has helped the Israelites in the past 40 years.
Moses reviews the times when God was angry at the Israelites.
Deuteronomy 25 - 27
Rules about judges and punishment, widows, and fairness in business. 
The Israelites must destroy the Amalekites.
Giving the firstfruits to God.
Special ceremonies on Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Eba

Deuteronomy 10 - 12
Moses reviews events that happened while the Israelites traveled to Canaan.
Moses reminds the Israelites to obey God's laws.
Moses discusses what will happen after the Israelites move into Canaan.
Deuteronomy 28 -30
If the Israelites obey God, God will give them many blessings.
If the Israelites do not obey God, God will give them many curses.
God makes another covenant (promise, agreement) with the Israelites.
The Israelites must choose between good and bad, life and death.
Deuteronomy 13 - 15
People who encourage worshiping false gods will be punished.
Review of clean and unclean animals.
Giving tithes and firstborn animals to God.
Israelites who are slaves or owe money.
Deuteronomy 31-34
The Israelites get ready to move into Canaan.
Moses blesses the 12 tribes of Israel.
God shows Canaan to Moses from the top of Mt. Nebo.
Moses dies.
Deuteronomy 16 - 18
Celebrating Passover and other special days.
Future judges, kings, and prophets.
More about the Levites.
God hates the worship of false gods.

Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.

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