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The Book of Acts

Acts 1 - 3
Jesus ascends into Heaven.
The apostles choose Matthias to replace Judas.
The Holy Spirit comes on Pentecost.
Peter and John heal a lame man.

Acts 4 -6
Peter and John are arrested.
Ananias and Sapphira lie about their money.
Seven men are picked to help take care of the disciples.
Stephen is arrested.

Acts 7 - 9
Stephen is stoned to death.
Saul persecutes people who believe in Jesus.
Philip converts a eunuch from Ethiopia.
Saul is converted on the road to Damascus.
Saul goes to Jerusalem and meets the apostles.
Peter heals people in Lydda and Joppa.

Acts 10 -12
A gentile, Cornelius, sends for Peter.
God tells Peter that He is also saving the gentiles.
The church is started in Antioch.
Herod kills James and puts Peter in prison.
People who believe in Christ are called Christians for the first time.

Acts 13 - 15
Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark continue to travel and spread the Gospel.
Paul makes a sorcerer go blind.
Barnabas and Paul's lives are threatened.
People in Greece think Barnabas and Paul are gods and they try to make sacrifices to them.
Disagreement over whether Gentile Christians should be circumcised or not.
The Council in Jerusalem meets to decide about circumcision.

Acts 16 - 18
Paul meets Timothy.
Paul goes to Macedonia instead of Asia.
Paul goes to Greece and speaks to the leaders in Athens.
Paul travels to many cities in Greece.

Acts 19 - 21
Paul ministers in Ephesus.
Silversmiths cause a riot in Ephesus.
Paul is warned not to go to Jerusalem, but he ignores the warnings.
A mob attacks Paul in Jerusalem.

Acts 22 - 24
Paul speaks to the mob that attacked him in Jerusalem.
Paul is rescued from the mob by the chief captain.
Paul speaks to the council of priests and elders.
Because Paul was a Roman citizen, he is taken to the governor.
Paul defends himself to the governor.

Acts 25 - 28
The new governor, Festus, deals with Paul.
King Agrippa sends Paul to be judged by Caesar in Rome.
Paul leaves to travel to Rome.
Paul is shipwrecked on Malta.
Paul spends the rest of his life in Rome.

Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.

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