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The Book of 2 Samuel

2 Samuel 1-3

David mourns for Saul and Jonathan.
Abner kills David's nephew.
Abner meets with David.
Joab kills Abner.

2 Samuel 4 - 6
Saul's son, Ish-bosheth is killed.
David becomes the king of all Israel.
David captures the city of Jerusalem.
David brings the Ark back to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 7 - 10
David wants to build a house for God, but God says no.
David defeats the Philistines, the people in Moab, the Ammonites, and the Syrians.
Jonathan's disabled son, Mephibosheth, comes to live with David.

 2 Samuel 11 - 13
David sins with a woman named Bath-sheba
David tries to cover up his sin.
Solomon is born.
David's son, Amnon, rapes his half-sister.
Absalom kills Amnon and then runs away.

2 Samuel 14 - 16
David lets Absalom come home to Jerusalem.
Absalom turns many Israelites against David.
David leaves Jerusalem to escape Absalom.
Absalom takes over Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 17 - 19
David's army and Absalom's army fight a war.
Absalom dies in the war.
David mourns for Absalom.
David goes back home to Jerusalem.

2 Samuel 20 - 22
David goes home to Jerusalem.
The Gibeonites kill more of Saul's descendants.
The Israelites fight another war with the Philistines.
David sings a song to praise God.

2 Samuel 22 - 24
David sings a psalm.
 A listing of David's Mighty Men
God punishes Israel after David counts the Israelites.


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