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The Book of 2 Kings

2 Kings 1 - 3
The king of the area named Moab fights a war with Israel and Judah.
God takes Elijah up to Heaven.
Elisha becomes God's prophet.

2 Kings 4 - 7
Elisha performs miracles.
Naaman comes from Syria, and Elisha heals his leprosy.
Syria and Israel fight wars.
Israel has a famine, but God provides food.

2 Kings 8 -10
Hazael becomes the new king of Syria.
Jehu becomes the new king of Israel.
Jezebel dies.
Jehu kills all of Ahab's descendants and the prophets of Baal.

2 Kings 11 - 13
Seven year old Joash becomes Judah's new king.
The prophet, Elisha, dies.
Syria controls Israel, and then Israel breaks free.

2 Kings 14 - 16

Several kings rule Israel and Judah, but none totally obey God.
Israel and Judah fight a war.
Assyria defeats Syria and threatens Judah.
King Ahaz makes major changes to God's temple in Jerusalem.

2 Kings 17 - 19
Assyria attacks Israel and takes the Israelites away.
Hezekiah becomes king of Judah.
Assyria attacks Judah.
God helps Jerusalem defeat Assyria.

2 Kings 23 - 25
Josiah gets rid of false god worship in Judah.
The king of Babylon attacks Judah and destroys the temple.
The king of Babylon carries away the people of Judah.


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