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The Book of 2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles 1 -3
Solomon asks God for wisdom.
Solomon builds the Lord's house in Jerusalem.
2 Chronicles 4 - 6
Solomon makes the items for the temple.
Solomon moves the Ark inside the temple.
Solomon dedicates the temple.

2 Chronicles 7 -9
The feast after Solomon built the temple
Solomon and the dream about the temple
Other things Solomon did while he was king.
The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon.
Solomon dies, and his son, Rehoboam, becomes the new king.
2 Chronicles 10- 13
Israel splits into 2 parts.

Shishak, the king of Egypt steals many treasures from Israel.
Rehoboam  dies and his son, Abijah takes over.
Israel and Judah fight a war.

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