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The Book of 1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 1 - 4
A list of David's ancestors, going all the way back to Adam.
David's ancestors through Abraham's line are listed.
1 Chronicles 15 - 18
David brings the Ark to Jerusalem.
David wants to build a new building for the Ark of the Lord, but God tells him no.
David defeats the Philistines and the king of Zobah.
1 Chronicles 5 -7
The descendants of Jacob's sons.
1 Chronicles 19 - 22
The Ammonites capture some of David's men.
War with the Ammonites and the Philistines.
David sins and counts the people in Israel.
God punishes David for counting the people in Israel.
David builds an altar on a threshing floor.
David decides that the threshing floor will be the place for God's house.
1 Chronicles 8 -10
The descendants of Jacob's sons.
History of the time after the Jewish people returned to Israel from Babylon.
The death of Saul, the first king of Israel.
1 Chronicles 23 - 25
Solomon becomes the new king of Israel.
The Levite groups are chosen to work in God's house.
1 Chronicles 11 - 14
David becomes the king of Israel.
David captures the city of Jerusalem and makes it his capital city.
David's army grows.
David brings back the Ark.
David's kingdom and power grows.
1 Chronicles 26 - 29
The Levites who would be guards in God's Temple
David gives Solomon instructions for building the Temple.
Solomon becomes the new king of Israel.
King David dies.

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