Letters From Pakistan
by Muhammad Akram

From Akram
To Polly
October 25, 2001

With the name of God / Allah, the most merciful the most beneficial.

I am thankful to Mrs. Polly who give me the chance to write in her magazine.

First of all, my feeling are for those who loss their life in this grate tragedy, I don't have words to share sorrow of those who loss their loved ones in this tragedy. May God give them courage to face the situation and fill their hearts with peace.

Being a Muslim, before going any farther with my article, I would like to reiterate, that terrorism is totally against the teachings of Islam. Unfortunately in initial speeches, some of the leaders started to blame Muslims for this act which created misunderstandings among follower of the two religions (Islam and Christianity). Also some so called scholars and self-praised wisdom bearers are still trying to declare this war between Islam and Christianity (their might be some people who will be happy to make war between Islam and Christianity). However, this (tragedy) was not the clash between religions, but terrorism against the humanity.

You know there were many Muslims along with other religions and nationalities, all the people there were innocent, regardless of their religion or nationality and one of the basic guide lines of Islam is not to kill even a single innocent, always take care of kids, women and older people. This applies both at the time of war and peace. Even during war Islam does not allow killing of kids, women, older people, and those who are not fighting. With these basic teachings of Islam in mind one may easily conclude that attackers were not Muslims. They may have been born in Muslim families, they may have been given Islamic names, they may have learnt about Islam, but certainly they were not following Islamic teachings, they were victims of their wishes for one reason or the other.

I feel really shockingly sad when people attach terrorism with Islam. It is not wise. Lately, there was a bomb blast in Oklahoma. Did anyone relate the attack with Christianity? There are dozen of terrorist groups in USA and Europe but none ever related to their religion. My question is that if some "Muslims" make a terrorist group they are "Islamic terrorist" but when people from other religion make such groups, why they are not called "Christian terrorist" or "Zionist terrorist"? I don't intend to indulge too deep in this controversy, but simply terrorists are just terrorists. We should not attach them with any religion, they are cult.

Actually we should understand that no religion teaches us to kill innocent .One of my net friends teaches me about Christianity. I didn't find if this religion teaching its follower to kills innocents. Same way I know Islam does not teach us to kill innocent. Then what the problem is?

What I understand is that it is a dirty politic, that teaches people to stand with "interest" not with justice, this teaches people to get your goals, no matter if you have to cheat, no matter if you have to tell lie, no matter if you have to kill poor innocent, in this dirty politic the "interest" gets the priority and human life is nothing more than a bullet. If you don't believe, see what CIA and other intelligence agencies are doing in this world, it is not just the intelligence agencies of USA, but most of the countries have such agencies, that take care of "interest" of their Countries. Also weapons industrialists need conflicts and war. They want us to be afraid from each other and "be prepared". See how much money each country spend on weapons and think if all the money spent on peace and betterment of human life how better this world might be.

There is yet another question - why hate is directed only toward USA? Why not against European or other countries? I suggest US Govt. should review their policies; they should try to find the root causes. If there is misunderstanding they should try to clear the position, if there is some In-justice done by US Govt. they should not hesitate to feel so and redress it.

Many may not agree with me but let me say US Govt. always try to justify Israeli's actions. They stand with Israel even if the entire world is on other side (recall Durban Conference), USA many time had used Veto power to help Israel, and Just recall what Israel is doing with poor innocent Palestinians? Here I would like to quote Mr. Robert Fisk

"Let me illustrate what I mean. Nineteen years ago today, the greatest act of terrorism using Israel's own definition of that much misused word - in modern Middle Eastern history began.

Does anyone remember the anniversary in the West? How many readers of this Article will remember it? I will take a tiny risk and say that no other British Newspaper certainly no American newspaper will today recall the fact that on 16 September 1982, Israel's Phalangist militia allies started their three-day orgy of rape and knifing and murder in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila that cost 1,800 lives. It followed an Israeli invasion of Lebanon designed to drive the PLO out of the country and given the green light by the then US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig - which cost the lives of 17,500 Lebanese and Palestinians, almost all of them civilians. That's probably three times the death toll in the World Trade Center Yet I do not remember any vigils or memorial services or candle-lighting in America or the West for the innocent dead of Lebanon; I don't recall any stirring speeches about democracy or liberty. In fact, my memory is that the United States spent most of the bloody months of July and August 1982 calling for "restraint"."

Read his complete article at The Independent UK(20 sept)


= = =

This makes Arabs to think that US is protecting the Israeli's "state terrorism". Now even Saudi Arab (very obedient friend of US) seems angry. I am just talking what might be the cause, why there is anger in Muslim countries. Of course, whatever the case may be, it does not authorise any one to kill innocent Americans, Also, this Usama Bin Laden used to be very good and helpful friend of USA, during Afghan war. That time he was holly warrior. Just try to imagine what has gone wrong now, which leads him to become number one enemy. Did anyone try to find the reasons behind this?

Also recall Sadam, during Iraq & Iran war, who support this man? Who provide him lethal weapon. The worst thing is that at every end always poor innocent civilians suffer (Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqi's, Kashmiries, recently Americans too, and many others). This dirty politic don't care about poor innocent (including kids, women, and older people). Now its turn of Afghani poor innocent civilians they are suffering 2nd time. First they suffered during Afghan & USSR war for whole 10 years.

Everyone seem quick to blame other and start war but none seems to analyse the situation.

We are passing through a very dangerous phase of history, and unfortunately our leaders do not appear to be serious to understand it.

We all should join hands against every type of terrorism. Probably if we implement justice in this world there will be less terrorism. In my opinion things could have been better controlled without war at the present moment, if we could have shown evidence against Bin Laden and prove it before the Court. If that would have been adopted, none would have any reason to protect or stand with him, but now many people think that he is not involved and it is not a wise step on the part of US to declare unilateral war against Afghanistan. Forget World War I and II if this 3rd war started none will be the winner but everyone will be loser. Now the world is a global village, and we already have enough weapons to destroy our world. Even some little groups (not states) have enough weapons to shake this world. We have already damaged the environment of our world.

Is this world capable to sustain yet an other war?

Are we bent upon destroying our world?

Is it going to be the end of the Life?

This tragedy shows us that power can't protect us, we need understanding, we need friendship, our policy should be live and let live.

We should not incinerate hatred between religions, nations, or races; we should not follow our Leaders' calls for war and hatred. We the common people should come forward; we need dialog between religions and nations. We the common people do not want any war no matter what our religion or nationality be. I am not much hopeful but I know, hope is the door of struggle that eventually brings the success. As a Muslim, I want justice in this world, I want peace in this world, I do not hate any religion, race or nationality, and my message is love for all. And I hope you too do not hate me for my religion, race, or nationality, you too want justice, you too want peace. So come and join our hands, I am with you, your are with me, our needs, and wishes are same, let us pray and struggle together for this world, may God guide us.


M. Akram (Deaf)

From Polly Griffin
To akram101
Sent Thursday, October 25, 2001 524 AM

Dear Akram,

I would like to thank you for all the work that you have been doing for Deaf Friends International and the Workers For Jesus.

Also, I enjoyed very much your article. It will be in the next issue of Friends and Neighbors plus on our web site.

You and I have much in common! We both want a better world. One that has peace and love among all peoples of the world.

Let me say that my heart cries when I think of the devastation taking place in your country, and in the world today.

So what can we do about it? We cannot speak for other persons. We can only speak for ourselves. The question then is: "What can I do to make a better world?"

Several years ago I decided that I would do whatever I could to work for a better world. I then started the Workers For Jesus to help others who are suffering. It is an organization based upon "LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

Alone, I would start an organization that shows love for all peoples of the world regardless of their race or religion. We are all God's children.

While I started this organization alone, it was my greatest hope that others would join me in working for this cause. Thank God there are people like you who are willing to work for a better world.

It is pointless for us to try to sort out who was to blame for what. It is a waste of time. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future.

Each of us can make the decision to change our own life. We can make the decision to love one another. One of the great turning points in my life was when I learned about the 11th commandment. Jesus gave a new commandment at the time of the last supper. He said for us to "Love One Another." That was for all of us regardless of race or religion. I then recognized that love is an action. God required Abraham to put his love into an action when he laid his son upon the altar to prove his love.

We, too, must put our love into actions .

Where ever we are, there are things that can be done to show our love for our fellowman. When love is given, it then multiplies.

There is a saying that says: "A journey of 10,000 miles starts with a single step."

There was a time when the Workers For Jesus did not have a t crossed or an i dotted.

Today, we have grown until I am sitting here at my computer writing to a very hard worker in a land far away. Love is stronger than hate. Who knows what we are capable of achieving??


From: akram101
To: Polly Griffin
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 5:08 PM

Subject: For endless love endless struggle is required

Dear Madam Polly,

Thank you for accepting my article, I am glad that you like it, I am not professional writer, but I just tried. and I am happy it accepted without any further editing.

I hope you could send me a copy of next issue of "friends and neighbors". (Jeanne already have my postal address).

About helping Jeanne at DFI, see if jeanne being hearing could do so much for us why I can not do little for my own world wide deaf community (DFI)?

It is pointless for us to try to sort out who was to blame for what. It is a waste ot time. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future.

I agree with you we can not change the past, but we can learn from past, and we should avoide what errors / mistakes we done in past so our future will be better than present.

I appreciate your efforts for humanity, yeah there are lot of people who are with you, they may or may not working with your organizations, but our goals are same. I suggest you should try to find organizations around the world working for peace, and love for humans, here we say 1+1 = 11. I don't know what I can do, I am helping jeanne a bit in DFI and also volunteering at local deaf association, being deaf I don't know what I can do outside the deaf community, but I never hesiate to extend my help (whatever possible) for welfare of humanity..... and right now the most important need of us human is peace, love and understanding.

Once again thank you for taking time and wring me a nice letter.

I wish you good luck, keep up with your work as time pass I hope more and more people will join you.

For endless love endless struggle is required.

Always with thanks & regards,


= = = = = =

Disability shouldn't stop us from looking forward

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