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The Book of Jude   

The Book of Jude is also called the Epistle of Jude. It was a letter from Jude to all Christians. 

Jude was the half-brother of Jesus. He only became saved after Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

In his letter, Jude makes these main points:

He talks about false teachers.
He talks about the dangers of immoral behavior.
God punishes sinners.
He refers back to Enoch --  6th generation after Adam.
He talks about how Christians should behave until Jesus comes back to earth.
He ends with, "Only God can keep you from falling and make you pure and joyful in his glorious presence. Before time began and now and forevermore, God is worthy of glory, honor, power, and authority. Amen."











Our Bible Study is an ongoing "work in progress".  We add a new section approximately every 2-3 weeks.


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