Hold Me in Your Arms Lord
by Heather Peck


hold me in your arms lord,

don't let me fall again,

hold me in your caress lord,

and let my heart amend.


let the days problems slip away,

let my frowning cease,

take away my stress and pain,

and put my body at ease.


lift my eyes up to heaven lord,

let me be there soon,

away from the difficulties of this world,

above the peaceful moon.


journey into my dreams tonight lord,

let me feel the warming thoughts,

that i try so hard to feel these days,

through all that is up brought.


let me feel your presence lord,

through every waking day,

shine through me in all my moves,

and let my mouth of peace doth say.


hold me close tonight dear lord,

close my eyes to every day brought thing,

let me slumber without a thought,

of all that tomorrow will bring.


hold me in your arms lord,

let me feel the comfort there,

so lonely is the night oh lord,

let me feel your loving care.  

  Graphics by Heather


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