My Health Care 

                                               by Polly Fuller Griffin

In my youth, I grew up in the mountains of Virginia.  There I learned about the healing effects of  herbs from my Mother and Grandmother.

I also   learned about  faith healing from Uncle Dave Church, a minister in the Old Regular Baptist Church, that my family attended.

From 1949 to 1951, I attended Radford College in Radford, Virginia and studied many health subjects.

In 1952, I entered the St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing in Richmond, Virginia.  There I learned about germs,  viruses and the diseases they caused,  I also  learned about medications, their effects and their reactions.  Plus, I learned about surgery.  At that time, I truly believed that I had learned the best knowledge known on this earth to help the sick.

In 1955, after graduating from St. Luke's, I worked at the Medical College of Virginia in labor and delivery.  Many doctors in Virginia received their training there.

At that time,  scopolamine was a popular drug used to put patients in labor  in a "twilight sleep" so they would not remember  having labor  pain.  This made the patients  difficult for the nurses  to handle during their labor and delivery.

Around 1957, I was working in labor and delivery at a small country hospital in Illinois.   Most of the deliveries were done by general practitioners.  For the first time in my life,  I now learned that mothers and babies got along much better with less medications.  They had far fewer complications.  

In 1960, I became ill.  My most severe symptoms involved my eyes and ears.  I also had many other symptoms.  I started going from doctor to doctor to try to find relief from my symptoms,  but was unable to find it.  I was told over and over to learn to live with my eye and ear problems.  This I tried to do.

By 1969, my symptoms became very acute and I felt that my life was coming to an end.

After nine years of searching for help from the medical profession, and being unable to find help,  I decided to seek help outside the medical profession.  My sisters, Ann and Dorothy, talked me into going to a chiropractor

I was deathly afraid to go to one because I had been taught that they were quacks.  I felt, at this time, that I had nothing to lose and decided to go.

That visit to him was revolutionary,  Not only did I find the cause for my illness but it opened up a new world of healing that I did not know existed before.  I started learning about the great healing  powers within the body.  

During this illness, I made an in-depth study of the Bible.  It was amazing how the Bible corresponded to the new knowledge that I was learning.

In 1969, during an extremely low period in my life, God called me into His service.  Words came into my head as clearly as if someone had spoken to me.  I was told that I had much to undergo and much to do.

I certainly was undergoing much suffering at this time and I couldn't imagine what he wanted me to do.  I had just hit bottom and I certainly didn't feel that I could do anything.

By 1972, It became clear to me that God wanted me to start an organization that would serve Him by helping man.  This I did. 

After going to the chiropractor and getting such great results, I knew I was experiencing great things so I decided to write a book called "The Hidden Light" to tell of my experiences.

In 1975,  God gave me,  what I believe to be,  the greatest single health method known to mankind.  I named this health method "The Edeus Health Method."  "Edeus" is derived from the Latin meaning "from God."

Why is this health method so great?  Because it does two things.  It brings the body into balance and it restores the body to normal structure!!!  In doing so, the body becomes "self-healing" in many, many, cases.

I knew that God wanted me to give this great health method to the world as a gift from Him because He loves us so.  The next problem was how could I give it to the world?  And  then,  along came the internet.  With a gift of a computer from Tomio and Chikako Fukumura, I am now able to carry out this mission.

I ask all people who receive help from this health method  to say "Thank You" to God for His  love.   God doesn't want His children,  who live all over this earth. to suffer.   He is revealing the secrets of the universe to put down the works of Satan.

Today, I am terribly saddened about the direction health care has taken.  Through the Workers For Jesus, I plan to do whatever I can to help the sick.   There must be an organization that transcends competitive boundaries.  One that seeks to answer  the questions:  How best can the sick be made well, and how can it be made accessible to the people?

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