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                Health Soup   

This soup is very nutritious and has been designed to meet many of the nutritional needs of a person. It is especially good for sick persons on a low-salt diet.

It may be pureed for persons who have difficulty in chewing. It may beliquified and    diluted for passing through feeding tubes. It is vegetarian and salt-free.

                                                               2 cups of dried pinto beans
                                                               4 cups of raw carrots

                                                               4 cups of raw cabbage

                            4 cups of raw celery
                            1 cup of chopped onions
                                                               4 cups of fresh corn
                                                               4 cups of potatoes
                                                               2 large raw tomatoes
                                                              4 cups of raw green beans
                                                              whole wheat bread
                                                              herbs to taste
Cook pinto beans in a pot of water until almost done. Add chopped carrots, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, corn, onions, potatoes and green beans and cook until tender.
Serve whole wheat bread with soup. If soup is to be pureed or liquified, the bread should be added into the soup and processed.
Herbs may be used for seasoning.

Graphics by Heather Peck

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