Unbalanced Days

I wish that once the balance is achieved that it would remain. Unfortunately, it will not. To return the body to its normal alignment requires a system of pulling and balances. Whatever part is being pulled (by gravity) will create the symptoms. Relief will come when the balance is achieved. Living a lifestyle that promotes the balance will help to keep the symptoms at a minimum.


Unbalanced periods may last from one second to months. During long unbalanced periods, it is easy to become discouraged and filled with despair. Please persevere and continue using the bed. It should soon balance your body and bring back the great relief that comes with it.


Soreness comes when the muscles are being moved into new positions. As the balance comes, the soreness should leave.

Helpers for Achieving and Maintaining

a Balanced Body


Consistency is a must. Always lie on a hard surface. Never lie on a soft couch or bed. The unbalanced surface will pull you out of balance.


Wear flat shoes at all times.


Always use a shower for bathing. If you have a spa, that is okay, but small tubs are not okay because they have flat surfaces. Allow the warm water to strike the back of the neck and flow down the entire spine.


Always sit on hard, indented chairs that accommodate the normal tilt of the pelvis.
Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor.
Never sit on a flat surface such as a floor.

Walking is one of the best exercises. Walk as much as possible. Walking helps the vertebras open up to allow a freer flowing nervous system.


Correct exercises have tremendous potential for helping to balance the spine. However, using incorrect exercises can do great damage.


Whenever a nerve is being interferred with, reflexes from that nerve become very, very sore; and muscles become tight. By applying pressure, massage, a vibrator, warm water, etc., they can be relaxed. This in turn helps to remove tension off the muscles and thereby helps to balance the body.


This health method is very, very, simple. However, to obtain the results that we seek, all instructions must be followed exactly.


Never, never, never, think that a board placed on top or under the mattress will make a proper Edeus Health Bed. It will not.

Accept The Normal

It is my hope that the day will soon come when each person can walk upon this earth and reap the great health benefits of a normal body structure.

I ask all parents to accept normal body structure for their children. From the day of birth, normal structure should be recognized. As a former labor and delivery room nurse, I believe that many structural injuries take place during the birth process.

I ask all health personnel and governing bodies of health institutions to accept normal body structure and convert their beds to Edeus Health Beds so their patients can benefit from this great discovery.

I ask all trauma centers and ambulance crews to accept normal body structure and use the Edeus Health Method to immediately start correcting whatever structural damage may have been done to their patients.

I ask all critical care units to immediately accept normal body structure and, regardless how grave the prognosis may seem, allow their patients to receive the benefits of this great discovery. No one knows who can respond to this method and who cannot.

I ask everyone, the young, the old, the sick, and the well, to accept normal body structure for themselves and, without further delay, start living a lifestyle that will correct their structure's misalignments.

Chapter 13

What Is This Power
Within Man?

During these past few years, as I have studied my body, the relief I felt, and the potency of the nervous system, I started realizing that the nervous system was like the electric power lines that supply electricity to our homes. While it is necessary for those lines to be in good working order, the real power is what flows through those lines.

But just what is this great power that flows through us. What is this power that can drive disease from our bodies? What is this power that can take away our pain? What is this power that can rejuvenate our body organs? What is this power??

One day as I was reading the Bible, it suddenly dawned on me! Of course!!!! Man really is three divisions just like the Bible has been saying for thousands of years!! We are body, soul and spirit!!!

1 Thessalonians 5:23

"And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

I have read those biblical words many, many times without giving them very much thought, but in light of this illness, they have taken on new meaning. Now I can understand them more.

For me to explain the three divisions of man, as I understand them, we must go all the way back to the very beginning of man. It is necessary to know how man was put together in the first place. Since none of us were there at that time, for our information we must rely upon that great book of wisdom that tells us what was, what is, and what will be, the Holy Bible.

Genesis 2:7

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

This tells us that man is three divisions:

Dust + Breath of life = Living Soul

In chemistry classes we learn to combine two elements to produce an entirely different third item? For example: if we take two atoms of hydrogen and combine them with one atom of oxygen, we get an entirely new substance called water.

Hydrogen2 + Oxygen = H2O (water)

And so it was with the creation of man. God took the dust of the earth and shaped it into a body. He gave this body a heart, lungs, eyes, brain, etc. That body, however, could do nothing until something very important happened. It needed life put into it. So God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul.

But how do we know that man is three divisions? As everyone who knows that 1+1=2, they also know that 2=1+1. In other words, if something is accurate, it is the same on both sides of the equation mark. Let us apply this to man. We were not there at the creation of man, but most of us have viewed a dead person.

The physical body is there, but we know that something very important is not there. The breath of life is gone. The body is placed into the earth where it will deteriorate and return to the dust from whence it came.

Anyone who has ever lost a friend or loved one knows that the person is no longer in existence. They have dissipated from the face of the earth. Again let us use water as an example for this process.

At the formation of water, two atoms of hydrogen combine with one of oxygen to make water. But, at the opposite side of the equation mark, the hydrogen and oxygen, under certain circumstances will become separated again and each resumes its original form.

At separation, the visible form of water is gone and can no longer be seen with the naked eye. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms go their separate ways until the conditions are right for them to be rejoined at another time. The Holy Bible tells us that man will also be resurrected, and the body will be rejoined with the spirit.

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