it became the most severe headache that I have had for many months.

I don't have many headaches due to the right side of the neck so I am not as efficient at relieving them with my home remedies as I am with those on the left side. At times yesterday, I was wondering if it would ever go away. I almost called Dr. Toman, but I hated to call him when he was out of the office.

Even though the headache was severe and there was nausea, I did not feel bad otherwise. In other words, to have pain does not necessarily mean that I have other symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, shakiness, etc. Each of these symptoms are separate. Sometimes, of course, I may have two or more symptoms together; but to have one does not necessarily mean that I also have the others.

Headaches are terrible. There is no doubt about that; but I would rather have, if I had the choice, a bad headache than to have some of my other symptoms such as the nonfunctioning brain feeling, fatigue or anxiety. These symptoms are not painful, but they are worst than an actual pain.

(10/24/75) Have felt fine since the headache two days ago. The spine has shifted and is clicking freely. Since the large changes on the 15th, it seems as though it has just been unlocked to some extent. The shifts and clicks that I am experiencing today give me no bad symptoms. In fact, they feel very good.

My "good feeling" is coming intermittently. I feel that it is only a very short time until I can go full steam again.

(11/4/75) The low thoracic area is much looser nowadays. It still, on occasion, feels tight there.

I continue to obtain great results from sleeping on the floor. Many times when I have felt a headache starting, I've laid on my back, in an extended position, and done some exercises of extending my arms back as far as possible and the headache has disappeared.

Today when I went for my adjustment, Dr. Toman said my neck reading is usually erratic, but today it was real good except for the atlas. He moved it quite a bit. Since my adjustment, I am feeling really well. I don't believe my eyes have ever felt so well, I have my "good feeling", my skin has that soft feeling, my body feels light and I don't believe I have ever felt better overall.

(11/20/75) Night before last, I started having a slight pain at the top of the neck on the left side. I thought a headache was coming on. I sat down on the sofa to see if the pull produced from doing so would relieve the neck. (This is one of my home remedies.)

While sitting there, I started feeling extremely dizzy. I could hardly get up and walk across the room. It was obvious that a large change had taken place in the spine even though I had felt no movement.

The entire left side of the neck and shoulder soon started pulling and became very tight.

I took a Bonine and a shower before lying down on the exerciser on my right side in a flexed position. This gave me some relief.

I was able to sleep part of the night. As long as I was perfectly still, the dizziness was minimized. With the slightest movement, it became severe.

Throughout this illness, even though I have felt quite ill at times, I have been able to prepare most of the meals for my family. This morning, however, the dizziness was so severe that I was unable to make breakfast for them. My eyes felt extremely fatigued, and the shoulder area was very sore.

Throughout the day, I took several showers and I could feel the shoulder area loosening; and with my stretching exercises, it would click. With each click in the vertebras at the shoulder level, I could feel tension being taken off the shoulder area; and relief was more pronounced.

Finally, by bedtime last night, I was feeling fairly well. This morning, as I write this, I have some tension in the shoulders, low thoracic area and right hip. The dizziness is mild and I feel well enough to do some of my work today. The eyes are still feeling very fatigued. I plan to go through my exercises soon; and I am sure they

will help me work out the tension and I will feel okay again.

I can feel so well at times; but sooner or later a big change will take place and the tension will come again making me sick again. I know this up and down routine will continue until the spine is in normal structure.

Even though I feel so well when the tension is off and I am in good alignment, there is no way to keep it there. The spine, by its very nature, wants to hang straight. Sooner or later gravity of the earth will pull the spine out of alignment making the spine active and bringing on symptoms. This routine will continue until the spine is completely straight. That is why the normal is so vitally important--so health can be maintained.

(put graphic here) (ll/21/75) Today, I am feeling quite well and have been experiencing some of my "good feeling." I was able to go through all of my exercises that I do routinely each day with only a minimal amount of dizziness.

The tightest spot I feel is through the shoulders, and I have a small ache in the low lumbar area, but these complaints are not enough to keep me from doing my work.

(12/4/75) I am feeling quite well overall these days. Since I wrote last, I have had a slight flareup of the teeth hurting on the left side. This only lasted a couple of days and then a large change took place on the left side of the neck, and the pain stopped.

The spine continues to shift down. I also had a major change take place in the mid-thoracic area. This produced a great pull on the right side, giving me a slight headache on the right side. This also shifted, and the pain stopped.

I give great credit to sleeping on the floor for the minimizing of my symptoms. When I lie down, I can feel the pull of the spine shift to the right. I feel better with the tension on that side.

My menstrual periods have been regular and with a moderate (2 pads/day) flow recently.

(12/7/75) I had the unrelievable-type headache on the left side for the past three days. It was not intense, but was dull and constant. I tried all my home remedies. About the only relief I felt was when I laid on the floor on my back in an extended position.

When I went in for my adjustment yesterday, the tension was on the axis on the left side of the neck. After Dr. Toman adjusted the lower spine, the tension was switched so he could make the atlas adjustment on the right side. The adjustment was very firm.

Today, I was taking a nap on the floor, and was lying on my right side. Twice I was awakened with large shifts on the left side of the neck. After each shift, I continued with my nap.

After getting up, I soon started feeling a reaction. The pulse became rapid, the eyes could not be focused, and the anxiety was severe.

Severe pain came into the low lumbar area; and the hips felt tight, aching and sore. The severe portion of the reaction lasted about 15 minutes, leaving some pain and soreness in the low lumbar area. I believe this is the biggest change I have ever had in the hips.

As I write this, which is only about an hour after the change, I am feeling a great pull in the low thoracic area. I am extremely happy right now because I know my spine is a little closer to being straight; and, of course, that means better health.

(12/15/75) I cannot say enough to praise the relief that I am obtaining by lying on my back, in full extension, on the floor.

Last night I awoke with all the symptoms of a severe headache coming on. I immediately turned onto my back, did some stretches and the symptoms left quickly. A headache was missed!

(1/2/76) Have been feeling very well lately. My symptoms are at a minimum. I have not had the nonfunctioning brain feeling for several weeks now. I am almost afraid to write it, but I believe that horrible symptom has finally gone.

When I palpate my neck, it is still at an angle so I know there is more to go.

The low thoracic area is not hurting anymore, but when I lie on the floor in an extended position, that area still feels as though it must move quite a bit.

Tomorrow is my regular adjustment day. I really feel that I could extend the time between adjustments now, but I will wait until Dr. Toman tells me.

(1/9/76) I knew it! I should not have written the above statement about not having had that nonfunctioning brain feeling for a long time.

In the evening after writing it, I was working with some materials laying on a table. My head was tilted forward. I had a sudden very severe attack of dizziness which was immediately followed by the nonfunctioning brain feeling, cross-eyed feeling and severe fatigue came.

When I went in for my adjustment, the biggest part of it was made in the shoulder area with only light pressure applied to the atlas. The adjustment helped to relieve my symptoms greatly, but I am still feeling some fatigue, and the eyes still feel a little heavy and tired. The spot behind my left ear has ached a some all week.

Throughout these past few years, I have tried very hard to determine the conditions of the spine that allows me to have my "good feeling."

I believe I have this feeling when there is virtually no tension upon the spinal cord enabling the pituitary gland to function properly. I have obtained this feeling after movements took place in various spots in the spine. Therefore, I do not believe that it comes after any particular place being moved. I believe that it is simply having the tension removed from the spine which in turn takes the pull off the neck of the pituitary gland.

When I was in Virginia last summer visiting my family, one of my nieces told me that she wasn't feeling well. She was having extreme fatigue, her menstrual periods had almost stopped (she is in her 30s), and her head felt as though she could not concentrate, and she felt as if she were two persons. These symptoms were similar to the ones that I have had.

This particular niece was the very first person in my family who went to the chiropractor. When she was very small, I don't remember her age-but she must have been no more than 3 or 4 years old, her mother noticed that she had difficulty in seeing. The eye doctor told them that she had an infection in them. He prescribed glasses. He also told the parents that he could not help her except for the glasses and advised them to take her to a chiropractor. The chiropractor helped her; but much permanent damage had already been done to her eyes.

Throughout the years she continued with treatments from various chiropractors. Their offices have been located some distance from her home, so treatments have not been regular. She has had generally good health otherwise.

During the course of the conversation, she mentioned the fact that she had recently been riding on a roller coaster, and it had jerked her head backward causing her neck to hurt. She had not related the injury to her neck to her menstrual problems and the inability to concentrate feelings.

Another friend of mine was always complaining of generalized fatigue when she lived near me. They moved to another city, and I saw her again when she came back for a visit.

She was so different from what I had remembered her. She was full of energy! It was so obvious that I asked her what had happened to her, and how had she gotten so much energy. She told me about having a chiropractor adjust her neck. That is when the energy came.

These two people, plus my own experience, make me believe that the energy comes when the tension is taken off the spinal cord; and the pituitary gland, which is on the end of the spinal cord, can function normally.

(1/16/76) Today I had a shift at the top left side of the neck which was followed by a very intense headache across the forehead behind the nose and most severely behind the left eye. This soon produced nausea and vomiting. I was able to relieve it with my home remedies.

(1/25/76) Today I had a very large movement behind my left ear. I believe it to be the largest ever at that particular spot. My exuberant "good feeling" came immediately afterwards.

(1/31/76) Before I went to the office for an adjustment this morning, I had a very large shift behind the left ear. This was followed by my cross-eyed feeling and the hypoglycemic feeling.

Since I was to get an adjustment soon, I thought I would do an experiment with myself.

Usually I can relieve the hypoglycemic feeling by eating some carbohydrates. This time I decided not to eat anything to see what effect the adjustment would have upon it.

He adjusted the hips and the 10th and 11th spots very hard. For the first time that I can remember, he did not adjust the upper thoracic area. He made a very hard neck adjustment on the right side.

The adjustment relieved the cross-eyed feeling and the hypoglycemic feeling.

(2/4/76) For the past two days I have had quite a bit of pain behind my left ear. I used my home remedies and got changes that gave me relief.

Even though it is hurting quite a bit, I am very happy because I want the axis to move from its abnormal position behind my left ear to its normal position. The sooner it gets rotated, the sooner I will be well. I know that my equilibrium will be impaired as long as the neck is twisted.

(2/20/76) The left side of my neck has felt very well this week. My eyes are feeling very well, too. Today my equilibrium was so good that I felt as though I was able to drive a car again.

(3/27/76) Today, when Dr. Toman made the first part of the adjustment on the low spine, my legs started getting that feeling that comes when, I believe, the nerve supply is hindered. It is not a painful feeling, but I have difficulty in moving my legs. (I get the same feeling in my right arm, right leg, and mouth at times.)

After this feeling came, I began feeling apprehensive, the heartbeat became rapid and I felt shaky. I told him about this feeling and he readjusted that particular spot. Relief started coming quickly.

The potency of the spine becomes very apparent when the adjustment isn't quite right. Of all the times he has adjusted me, I can only remember a few times when I haven't felt better with them.

(3/28/76) Even though I had an adjustment yesterday, the left side of the neck still seems tight. The teeth on the left side started hurting and the left jaw became quite swollen.

I went through my exercises and home remedies several times today, and finally the low thoracic area sifted and the tightness in the left side left. With the shift, the pain in the teeth immediately left.

I now know that when an area relaxes down that infections will simply leave the body. Pain leaves almost instantly, and then the swelling gradually goes down.

(4/6/76) It is beautiful, wonderful, spring again and I am again busy working in my garden. Gardening gives me tremendous pleasure. Besides all the benefits that are derived from it such as exercise, sunshine, and food, it is a religious experience for me. I am awed by the greatness of God each time I plant a small seed in the ground and watch it burst forth with beautiful flowers or delicious foods.

I feel very close to God when I am in my garden and I hope to share this feeling with others by establishing chapels in park-like settings.

These parks will be places for meditation, for enjoying the beauty of nature, and also, perhaps, saying a prayer of thanks to God for all His lovely creations, our beautiful world and all the blessings He has given us.

We truly live in a beautiful paradise. We need only to open our eyes to see it. God's great love for man is evident all around us when we learn to appreciate this beautiful earthly home that God has so lovingly made for mankind.

Most of us are so busy running from here to there that we seldom take the time to sit down and relax, and simply enjoy the day. My husband wrote the following poem several years ago, and in it he expressed this feeling so well.

A Day

by Stan Griffin

A sunny day, bright skies, green grass, a warm feeling afoot. A wonderful day to be alive-- But not for all.
The blind cannot see this wonder of Nature. The deaf cannot hear the rustling trees. The dumb cannot express their delight. The ignorant are unaware of their fortune in being in this place. The educated are busy showing everyone their intelligence. Everyone is grappling with the problems of our society And who is paying attention to the Day?
Perhaps someone who is dying and knows each moment may be his last. He will not let such a time slip by unnoticed. Perhaps a small child sits and watches and listens, never having heard or seen these sights before. Perhaps one who is in love and walks with his beloved. They drink in the Day as they live for each other and the present moment. They are seeing for the first time in the joy of each other's presence.
Such days transpire, are with us, and are gone. And who remembers them? But perhaps we do notice without knowing it. Perhaps in some small way we are helped by the sun and the sky. In spite of our self concern and self pity.
If in any tiny respect we do see or hear or feel and are better for having seen or heard or felt Then God is satisfied with his handiwork.

(5/11/76) Yesterday I was on my knees, doing some work in the garden and was feeling quite well. When I stood up, the nonfunctioning brain feeling came and my equilibrium became unstable.

I immediately came into the house and laid down on the bare wood floor. Within seconds I could feel the pressure being taken off the area on the left side of the neck. Symptoms were relieved almost immediately. I resumed my gardening.

I cannot praise enough the results that I am obtaining by lying fully extended on my back, without a pillow on the hardwood floor. I only wish I had known about this much, much sooner. My suffering would have been greatly minimized.

Even though I had slept on the wood floor during one other period during my illness, I did not lie on the back in a full extension, without a pillow, position and did not receive the relief that I am now getting.

Being in full extension on my back without a pillow is what makes the difference in the obtaining of relief. I consider this discovery a gift from God to all mankind and have given it a name called: "Edeus Health Method."

Since the Edeus Health Method was discovered, I have studied and studied it trying to find out why it gave me so much relief, and how it achieved its results. The following is my explanation:

1. Through these preceding pages I have explained how my symptoms were controlled by the tension on the nerves and the degree of nerve interference at any given time.

2. I came to realize that tension was a literal pull upon the nervous system. This pull could be produced through spinal misalignments, muscle pulls, mental stress, chemicals, foods, etc.

3. There are two kinds of tension--extension and contraction. For example: if the spinal cord is normally 18 inches long, any time that it varies from 18 inches, either through extension or contraction, there would be tension upon it. (If you have ever used a sewing machine, you know that the thread can be too tight or too loose. The tension must be balanced in order to make a proper stitch.)

4. Between extension and contraction, there is a balance point, and all things have a balance point regardless how twisted and misaligned they may be.

5. Establishing a balance in the body structure puts the body into a self-healing state for many, many conditions.

6. One of the most profound statements that I learned from my anatomy books is: Cells have the ability to select, or reject what passes through their membranes. They can eject unwanted substances from it.

7. Today, from my experiences, I know that ability is in relation to the nerve signals being received by the cells. The ejection of toxins through the body's openings can be visually observed. It is as though the cells simply open a floodgate and the toxins flow out. It is not necessary to identify or kill the germs to rid them from the body.

8. One of the greatest secrets of health is that the cells must receive nerve signals that are free of tension and interferences.

9. The Edeus Health Method accomplishes this goal by establishing a balance in body structure by a mechanical mean.

Without question, I believe, it is the simplest, least expensive, and most magnificent of all great health discoveries. I can only say "thank you God for this great, great knowledge. May it ease the suffering of all mankind!! Your love for mankind is unfailing despite all the horrible things that we say and do."

(5/16/76) The other night we saw the movie "Return to Earth," a story about the astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, and his experience with depression. I was extremely interested in the fact that in the same period he was having a pain in his neck and hand.

In this book I have tried to show how a nerve interference also effects our mental thoughts. It is my belief that many, many, patients suffering from what are thought to be mental problems but are actually physical problems and could easily be cured by balancing out the spine. (Of course, I realize that not all mental illnesses have physical origins.)

After watching the movie, we checked the book out of the library so we could read it. I searched through it to find how his neck and finger pains related to his emotional problems and if there seemed to be a close connection.

On page 289 of the book, second paragraph from the bottom shows, I believe, that the depression was running a parallel course with his neck problem.

(10/14/76) In July I opened a gift shop for handcrafted items, and have been very, very busy in it. For the most part, I am feeling very well. It is so great to be able to work outside the home again.

At this time, I have decided to quit writing about myself. By now you should know that when tension and nerve interference is removed, the body comes into a self-healing state for many, many, health problems.

When tension and nerve interference are present, the body becomes susceptible to diseases, pain, and suffering. This up and down pattern will continue as long as there is an abnormality in body structure and gravity tugs at it.

My Sister
My sister is dead. Oh how my heart cries.

On April 18, 1977, my sister, Dorothy, died. When she went into her final days of illness, it seemed that the heavens opened and cried sharing the sorrow of my family. The rain started falling soon after the ambulance took her to the hospital. It continued to rain and rain until the cities of Pikeville, Ky., Grundy, and Haysi, Virginia were literally being washed away. These three cities formed a triangle around the area where she lived.

People had to be evacuated from some buildings by helicopter. Never in memory had such a flood come to that area. Ironically, my sister's house, which set beside a creek that frequently overflowed its banks, went virtually untouched by this overwhelming flood. Stan, Jeanne, Brian and I started to Virginia a to be with her, but the floods in Pikeville blocked our path, and we had to return home.

I was in constant touch with my relatives by phone during those final days and I begged and pleaded that she be placed upon a hard board in the hospital. She had responded to the Edeus Health Method miraculously on two previous occasions when I had travelled to Virginia to be with her.

Regardless, how much I pleaded, this was not done. My words fell upon minds that could not understand.

To possess this great health knowledge and yet be unable to bring it to my dying sister was, without a doubt, the saddest day of my life.

My sister is dead. Oh how my heart cries

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