As soon as the vertebras move and the nerve is released, the pain stops immediately, the soreness soon follows and the swelling gradually diminishes.

The point for going over all this is because I have been able to visually compare an abscess with the condition of my neck.

(4/30/75) I am feeling quite well. Have been busy recently with painting the inside of the house and working in the garden. Had a couple mild episodes of the nonfuntioning brain feeling but was able to relieve them easily.

(5/3/75) Today I was feeling the lightheadedness and far away feeling and, as usual, when I have these symptoms, the adjustment is most prominent in the shoulders.

Have I mentioned before that after an adjustment, I feel very relaxed and most always take a nap following one?

(5/7/75) Most of my tension continues to be in the shoulder area. I am getting many, many, relaxing clicks there when I do my exercises and my big stretch.

Through this illness I have learned how terribly displaced my shoulder vertebras have been. I recall the letter my mother wrote to my sister after the bicycle accident when I was ten years old. She described my heartbeat as "fluttering." I am quite sure that this major injury to my vertebras at the shoulder level which control the heart happened at that time.

(5/9/75) The shoulder area is feeling much better. The tension has now shifted to the lumbar area. For the most part, I am feeling quite well. Most days I am working in the garden.

Chapter 11

A Gift From God To All Mankind

(5/14/75) Today, while working in the garden, I bent over to pick up something off the ground. A very large movement took place in the low lumbar area. This produced a severe ache and it was necessary for me to quit working and go into the house. Since I had so much garden dirt on me, I laid down on the wood floor. I soon started feeling much better and a couple of hours later the softness in my skin became more pronounced.

(5/15/75) Had a nice size shuffling movement behind the left ear today. There were no adverse reactions to it. Have also been experiencing my "good feeling" today.

(5/22/75) One of my frequent headaches has been a dull ache high on the left side of the neck that lasts for two or three days. This headache is almost unrelievable by pain pills. I have been able to obtain some relief by lying on my right side in a flexed position on the exerciser and sometimes I go for a ride in the car and these methods seem to enable the relieving clicks to take place.

This week I had the headache again. After having it for two days, the clicks came yesterday and relief was immediate. I am always elated when the relieving clicks occur because then I can get busy with my work about the house.

However, this time while the pain on the left side was relieved, a headache soon started on the right side. I could feel a great pull throughout the right side of the neck and throughout the right shoulder. The pain soon became very intense. I became nauseous and vomited. This, I believe, was only the second time I have actually vomited with a headache although many headaches have produced nausea.

This headache was one of the most severe I have ever had. The right ear ached tremendously and the pain was severe around the right eye. My eyes were extremely sensitive to light.

Well, after what seemed an eternity, I dropped off to sleep. Today, except for a little pain in the lumbar area, I am feeling okay. The cervical vertebras do not seem to be as tilted as they were.

Everyday, I realize more and more the value of a normal spine, how important it is for injuries to be corrected when they first happen and for children to grow in normal structure.

The spine has many, many characteristics. To know where the nerve involvement is and the ability to correct them is indeed great knowledge, but surely it must be seen that it is the normal that is important. I shall work for the rest of my life so that all children can grow in normal structure so that ordeals such as mine will become a thing of the past.

(5/28/75) Overall, I am feeling better than ever. I have not had the bad nonfunctioning brain feeling for some time now. For the most part I am feeling energetic and am working hard in the garden. My head is feeling clearer. My ears do not feel as stuffy as they did. The eyes are calmer than ever.

(6/2/75) Took a trip to Virginia this past weekend. To just think about riding for a long time after my horrible trip last Thanksgiving made me very nervous. I withstood the trip fine. No severe headaches from riding.

(6/11/75) A day or so after returning from Virginia, I started having much pain behind the left ear. It felt like a sharp object being pressed in one small spot creating the pain. For several days, this pressure stayed. I worked with my exercises hoping to move the vertebras. Finally, while lying on the wood floor on my back, in full extension, without a pillow, the shift took place giving me relief. This was followed by a generalized ache around, in and behind the left ear. The teeth on the left side and in particular the lower back molar also ached.

I can get relief from this generalized ache with Tylenols and other remedies fairly easily, but the pain from the pressure was not relievable.

Even though I was having this pain and was uncomfortable, my head felt clear, had no nonfunctioning brain feeling, and no dizziness. Therefore, except for the pain I felt well. Pain in itself has not been incapacitating for me. The nonfunctioning brain feeling, fatigue and the dizziness are.

My eyes are feeling calmer than ever and I am able to sit for long periods and watch my son play baseball with comparative ease. I have missed so many sports events that Jeanne and Brian have played in.

From time to time, I hear criticisms about over enthusiastic parents at Little League games. In some ways, I can agree with the critics; but speaking as a parent, I can say that the most exciting games I have ever seen in my life are those when my children are playing.

(7/6/75) When I had my last adjustment (almost a week ago), Dr. Toman said I had quite a change in the neck. The adjustment was the most difficult in the upper thoracic area.

Since that time, I've had a large amount of tightness and soreness from the right shoulder area to the top of the neck. Today I have had several clicks and it has loosened up quite a bit.

I did not feel the movement in the neck that brought on this big change; but a couple of mornings before, I had awaken with a severe headache across the rear base of the skull. I relieved it with my exercises. I can feel a great change in the angle of the vertebras in the neck.

(7/10/75) I am feeling so very well at this time. I believe I could go back to work now, but I know the neck still has some more to be turned, so I will wait for a while yet. At this time, I am busy doing more housepainting.

Occasionally, I still have shifts and some reactions to them; but overall, I can never remember feeling better than I do now. I have described many times about my "good feeling". As great as it has been, it did not stay. Now, it is with me most of the time.

Today, I have a tremendous appreciation for health. Next to love, health is our greatest possession.

When I have my "good feeling" I am able to diet with little effort. So, I hope my weight will soon be reduced.

During these last few months, each adjustment seems to have advanced me greatly toward feeling well.

(7/21/75) The right shoulder and right side of the neck have been pulling down very much this past week. I haven't felt as well this week as I have been for the last while.

I have started sleeping on the floor all the time. Recently, for several days, I had a neckache on the left side; and it seemed to hang on regardless which remedy I tried to relieve it. Finally, I tried lying on the floor; and I soon got the click that relieved it.

I can feel so very well at times; but then when a place starts pulling, I again feel badly. Since there is no way to stop gravity which pulls the spine, it soon becomes apparent that the normal is very, very important. So I have decided to make it a habit of sleeping on the floor. This will enable the spine to hasten its return to normal and will help maintain it there.

(9/1/75) My sister, Dorothy, was visiting with me last month when she, during the night, developed a blood clot in her left leg. We immediately sent her to the hospital where she remained for almost two weeks. She seems to be okay now.

While this blood clot was a sudden thing, I believe the hormone that she had taken previously was the major cause of it. While the doctor would not say that the hormone had caused the clot, she was told not to take anymore.

I believe so many health problems today are due to previous treatments. Surely a treatment cannot be considered a good one if the end result is worst than the original complaint.

(9/2/75) I am able to obtain great relief by lying on the wood floor, on my back, without a pillow. This position puts a pull upon the spine opening up the nerve spaces, and relief many times comes quickly.

When I lie like this, every minute or so, I stretch my arms back as far as possible making even greater extension of the spine. This exercises brings on the relieving clicks faster.

Since I've been sleeping on the floor, the adjustments by Dr. Toman on the spine from the shoulders down have been much lighter. I told Dr. Toman that the floor seems to be keeping it in better adjustment. He agreed.

At this time, he is able to make stronger adjustments on the atlas. This pleases me greatly. The stronger the atlas adjustment, the happier I am because I know I have progressed a lot.

My diet is maintained at times, but most of the time, it is not. I am constantly trying though. I believe for me to lose weight, I must get out of the kitchen. Its hard to be the cook and diet at the same time.

(9/3/75) My right ear hasn't bothered me to any great extent for some time. Most everyday, and particularly when I lie down, I have some popping in it for a short time. This creates no pain.

Today, in the early morning hours, I awoke with it popping, and cracking. It felt congested. Also, it was giving me some pain. Since my adjustment on August 30th, behind my right ear and in the right upper neck have been very active. When I do my exercises, the hip feels more, and more like its ready to turn. Of course, it has felt like it has been ready to turn for ages. At this time my right shoulder is also pulling down.

My greatest complaint today is fatigue. The pain is not severe.

(9/8/75) The spine has now loosened up after my last adjustment on the 3rd and I am feeling quite well.

Over the weekend, I made two trips to Richmond, Ky. One was on Thursday night and then another one on Sunday. Felt fine both times.

(9/13/75) For the past couple of days, I have had my old friend--the nonfunctioning brain feeling with pressure on the left side of the head. I thought

it had left forever since I haven't felt it for some time.

This morning I was due to go for my adjustment. I really hate to go out of the house with that feeling so I was working hard with my exercises to try to get the vertebras to move. They finally did while using the flexing exerciser.

As soon as it changed, I felt great relief. However, very soon afterwards, I felt great tension on the right side of the neck and right shoulder. My eyes became severely crossed, and the nonfunctioning brain feeling was severe. The quivering feeling in the epigastric area also started.

By now, it was time to start to the doctor's office and I was feeling lousy. I told Dr. Toman that I felt as though I had a million degrees of tension.

As I write this, which is only about 1/2 hour after the adjustment, my symptoms have subsided; and I am feeling quite well again.

(9/20/75) The low thoracic area remains very tight, and I continue to have a slight pain in the area of the 10th and 11th vertebras.

For the past couple of days, I've had a slight pain in the left eye. It feels similar to having something in it. It also is watering quite a bit.

(9/23/75) Yesterday the low thoracic area loosened up quite a bit. Had many clicks there. Today the right side of the neck is pulling severely creating a headache on the right side of the head.

It was necessary to take some pain medication for this headache. I thought I could get it relieved with my exercises because the spine was clicking freely. When I did the back stretching exercises, and relief was being felt with them. No sooner was relief felt than the tension and pain came again. I finally took two Tylenols, laid down on the floor in a supine position, and went to sleep.

(9/24/75) Today I have my "good feeling." What a change it makes in me! The world seems bright, and I feel happy. I soon get busy with big jobs around the house. When I have my "good feeling" I work like made about the house; and then when it is gone, I merely do the things that must be done.

Oh, how I wish that feeling would stay with me! There have been times when it has stayed for long periods of time, and I've thought it would stay permanently. Then it would leave and be gone for weeks.

I still have not been able to pinpoint any particular place in the spine that brings on this feeling. My personal belief, however, is that it is either the adrenal glands or the pituitary gland or maybe both. Yesterday I had big changes in the low thoracic area which would suggest the adrenal glands.

When I do not have the "good feeling," I do not necessarily feel bad. I just do not have the exuberant feeling.

I am now having my first menstrual period since April. In December I will be 44 years old, so perhaps I am beginning to slow down due to menopause. I don't really know.

(10/8/75) Overall, I am feeling quite well these days. Last week, I did a lot of housepainting and wallpapering. The week before that, I did a lot of spading in the garden. I still have some complaints though; but they are mild. My eyes still pull cross-eyed at times, and I have that extreme tiredness in them at times. They have not felt spastic for some time now.

I continue to get good results from lying on the floor in a supine, extended position. This puts pressure on the sore spots and gives them relief. While lying like this, I extend my arms backward as far as I can and am able to bring on relieving clicks.

When I lie on the floor on my back, I can feel the tension shift to the right side. I feel much better when it is on that side.

At all times, I try to sleep either on my back or right side. If I sleep on the left side, I most always get a headache on the right side of the head; and the right side of the neck also hurts.

I still have not gone to the dentist. Every time I have made an appointment in the past, that day I usually feel bad and must cancel my appointment.

My teeth have been greatly affected by my neck problems. The nerves leading to them have had great interference. They have hurt in relation to the positions of the vertebras in the neck. For some time now they have given me virtually no problems.

Last night before going to bed, I ate a cheese and lettuce sandwich. While chewing, I bit down on it and it seemed to hit the right molar the wrong way. (That is where I had the first abscess.)

During the night I woke up with that area hurting, and I thought that I would surely have an abscess again. I turned to my back position, and I soon felt the spine shifting down and that relaxing feeling that comes to an area when the tension is taken off the nerves leading to it.

Today I still have a very slight soreness there, but I am not concerned about it as I am virtually sure it will leave soon since I felt the relaxation come to that area. I now know that infections leave the body when relaxation takes place on the involved nerve.

Yesterday, after school, Brian came home with a fever complaining of a stomachache and extreme fatigue. He laid down as soon as he got home.

Stan took him to Dr. Toman as quickly as an appointment could be made. Dr. Toman said he had tension in the midspine and this was adjusted out.

He started feeling better very quickly and was able to eat supper and do his homework. This morning he felt well and was able to go to school.

(10/13/75) I am again having that terrible fatigue in my eyes. They feel so tired today.

The low lumbar area is aching quite a bit today too. The low thoracic area remains very tight. When I do my exercises, it feels as though that area would like to rotate, but it seems interlocked.

(l0/15/75) I awoke this morning with the old, unrelievable-type ache high on the left side of the neck behind the left ear. It was identical to the ones that I have many, many, times before.

After several hours of having it, I finally obtained relief when a very large shift took place in the neck while lying on my abdomen on the exerciser.

As soon as this large shift took place, I felt great relief in the way my head felt; and my energy immediately increased.

The hips started pulling tremendously. I don't believe they have ever pulled this hard before. With my exercises and stretching, many clicks took place in various spots throughout the spine, and in particular, in the low thoracic area. The severe pull was soon eliminated. That soft feeling in my skin also came after these shifts.

(l0/17/75) Today, the low thoracic area seems loose and flexible. About the only tightness I am feeling is in the upper thoracic area. Other than some slight fatigue, I have no major complaints today.

It's Stan's birthday and I am busy getting a cake made for him.

(10/18/75)Throughout this illness, I have tried to determine the area that brings on my "good feeling." Even though the hips have turned quite a bit and seem in fairly good alignment now, I do not have my "good feeling" at this time. This adds to my belief that I have stated previously concerning the pituitary gland.

Today I have that tired feeling in and behind my eyes and nose.

(10/22/75) Yesterday morning I awoke with a neckache and headache on the right side. This pain was brought on, I believe, because some time during the night I had turned onto my left side. I try to sleep on my back or right side; but sometimes in my sleep I turn on the left side, and a severe headache is the result.

During the day it continued to get more and more

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