several weeks they have been pulling as though they are on the verge of making a large shift, but it still has not come.

I am very busy at this time with my garden work.

(7/5/74) Tomorrow we plan to leave on another trip to Virginia. Since my adjustment almost a week ago, my eyes have bothered me tremendously. So this evening I went in to be checked over before leaving on the trip.

Even though my eyes were bothering me very much, he made a very, very, light adjustment on the atlas; but he made a very hard adjustment around the 7th thoracic. As I have stated before, the spine is like a chain--to move one part also moves the other parts. This adjustment on the thoracic area gave me relief with my eyes.

(7/12/74)Made the trip to Virginia okay. We had quite a family reunion. My Mom had invited many aunts, uncles, cousins plus our immediate family. It was good to feel like part of the family again. During these past few years, I've missed many family events, reunions, weddings, and funerals.

Two days after returning from our trip, I spent one entire day experiencing that severe, staggering type of dizziness. The next day it was much less, but still bothered me some.

When I am extremely dizzy, it is increased if I lie down. A couple of times I have had to sleep sitting up in a chair.

When I went in for my adjustment, the spot at the 10th and 11th vertebras was very difficult to adjust. He finally got it moved. The neck adjustment was quite firm also. He said the reading wasn't that bad considering all the travelling I had done.

(7/15/74) Today my skin feels very soft. This summer I have been able to tolerate heat better than I can ever remember. There are still times when my head feels stuffy, but many times, this can be relieved by just a click in the neck. When the desired movement comes, my right ear suddenly starts popping and the head feels clear. I have only had this popping reaction in the right ear. The ringing sound seems to be mostly in the left ear.

(7/25/74) Had a sudden, severe, sharp, spastic-like pain in the left kidney area today. This was followed in a few seconds with a second one and then a third one. I did not feel a movement take place preceding this; but I assumed one did, because many familiar symptoms came that I associate with movements. My hands felt numb, the left arm and hand being more severely numb. A slight headache at the base of the left side of the skull and the teeth on the left side also started hurting. Most of these symptoms subsided in two or three minutes leaving a slight soreness at the 10th and 11th spot.

(7/29/74) Had a moderate size movement at the 10th and 11th spot today. Only had slight reactions to it which lasted for a couple of minutes. My eyes felt crossed and my thumbs hurt. I have a lot of soreness at that spot.

For the past week, I have been having a lot of dizziness and feelings of hypoglycemia.

(9/5/74) I have mentioned previously about the softness that comes to my skin; and when this happens, my dermatitis starts to clear immediately. While I have had these periods of improvement, they have not lasted for any great length of time. For the past week, I have had this soft feeling; and my dermatitis has practically disappeared. I hope it stays this time.

(9/7/74) When I ride in our little Opel, a severe pull is put upon the spine. Many times this pull is desirable for it enables me to obtain relief. However, there are times when I ride in the car that this pull brings on severe symptoms. Such was the occasion today. It had been about a week since I had ridden in the car, but today I had to go for my routine adjustment.

It was only a minute or so after starting on the trip that I began feeling lightheaded and weak. My heartbeat soon became rapid, and I became very weak and shaky. These symptoms were almost identical to the experience I described on May 4th.

As soon as Dr. Toman made his adjustment, which included a very hard one at the 1st thoracic, I got a very warm, flushing feeling and beautiful, wonderful relief.

It is miraculous how such immense relief can come so quickly. I vow once again to work with all my strength to bring this relief to others who are suffering.

After returning home, I was soon outside working in the yard, feeling well. It is hard for the casual observer to understand how I can say I am sick and yet work as I do about the house.

When I first started going to Dr. Toman, I played a game of comparing the way I felt with the tension readings. At that time, I could almost guess the reading according to how I felt. As these years have passed, this, I believe, has held true for the majority of the time. More importantly than the degree of tension, however, it is where the tension is and how it is involving the nerve. Dr. Toman told me that sometimes I have come in with a fantastically high tension but would say I was feeling fairly well. Other times, my tension has been low, but my complaints have been severe.

(10/1/74) This past week I have felt really lousy. Have had terrible exhaustion. Very little work has been done around the house. The area around the 3rd thoracic seems to be the problem. I was able to obtain a few relieving clicks. Relief would only last a short time and then my complaints came back.

Last night, while doing the dishes, I gave a good hard stretch; and this area gave a big shift. Tremendous relief followed. The fatigue soon lifted, followed by my "good feeling."

Today I continue to feel well and for the first time in more than a week felt like doing some work. Naturally, the first work I do is to get caught up on the writing of this book.

Once again, as so many, many times before, I know how vital it is for injuries to be corrected when they first happen and for children to grow with normal, healthy spines.

(10/10/74) This week the fatigue has been with me again. All week when I have laid on the exerciser and used the vibrator, my neck has felt very, very tight. It has clicked a little from time to time giving me a little relief.

Last night, I was lying there and more pronounced clicks came. This was followed by a tremendous reaction. There was a sudden feeling of immense relaxation throughout the entire body. The thumbs ached, and the two outside fingers ached. The worst part of the reaction was numbness around the right eye, in the right arm, and in the right leg. This lasted for about 1/2 hour with a small trace of this feeling lingering for a while longer. There was no numbness around the left eye, but I felt two or three mild pains in it.

Today, I am feeling better and have my "good feeling" some, but it is not consistent. I believe the drop in the spine will soon give me the unrelievable type headache on the left side of the neck.

(10/14/74)The headache came, and I finally got relief after having it for over three days. The ache was from the left clavicle area to the skull, along the entire string of cervical vertebras on the left side accompanied by the teeth hurting on the left side.

This type headache is not intense, but rather a dull penetrating pain that makes me feel nauseous. Pain pills give me virtually no relief for this headache. I used to have to always go to Dr. Toman in order to get relief from it, but now I can usually get relief by lying on the exerciser on my right side in a flexed position.

A few days after the movement described on 7/25/74 occurred, I noticed that my edema had disappeared. Since that time, except for a couple of mild episodes, it has remained gone.

(11/2/74) My left eye has been bothering me quite a bit for the last week or so. It feels slightly numb with some bluriness and many black floating spots. There is a small ache at times on the left side of the neck. I am having great difficulty with my equilibrium when walking out-of-doors, but it isn't as bad indoors. The eyes do not feel spastic. In fact, I haven't had the jumpy eye feeling for quite some time.

(11/7/74) My left eye complaints were relieved fairly well with my last adjustment, but not entirely. Last night, just before I went to bed, I was lying on my abdomen on the exerciser and using the vibrator. I turned my head far to the left to look at something; and just as I did, a large pop occurred in that area. This morning my left eye is feeling much better, and I also have my "good feeling" today.

(11/20/74) Today I have another swollen jaw and abscessed tooth. This time it is on the left side.

Yesterday the teeth, both top and bottom, on the left side ached. The pain seemed to start at a point in the middle of the neck on the left side and radiate up through the teeth.

I used Tylenols and Ora-jel trying to find relief, but they hurt all day.

Last night I had my husband take me for a ride to see if it would help relieve the pressure on the nerves in the middle of the neck.

I got a moderate size shift around the 10th and 11th thoracic area, and this was enough to relieve the pressure on the nerves controlling the teeth.

I went on to bed as the pain seemed to be subsiding. When I awoke this morning, my left jaw was swollen; but it felt fairly relaxed. It did not ache anymore to a great extent, and I felt confident that it would continue to subside without going to the doctor.

(11/30/74) Took a trip to Virginia this past weekend. Had a miserable time.

Before starting on the trip, the right shoulder was pulling severely. I hesitated about starting on the trip, but I wanted to visit with my family very much.

I had hoped that the ride in the car would help my shoulder shift, and there would be no problems. It did not! Instead a terrible headache developed. By the time I arrived, I was feeling really miserable. I was able to get some temporary relief now and then, but for most of the visit, I felt terrible.

Also, been experiencing a metallic taste in my mouth.

(12/10/74) Today I am in a depressed mood. This illness has been so long. I have felt quite well at times, but it is not consistent enough to work at the hospital. These have been years when the kids have been growing up, and they have needed so much.

I have been unable to help Stan with earning money to meet our financial needs. He hasn't felt well himself, but he has been able to keep going to work.

(12/13/74) For the past two days I have had some nonfunctioning brain feeling. It started immediately after I got a large shift in the low cervical area during my neck rotation exercises.

When I have that feeling, it is most always accompanied by a feeling of pressure on the upper left side of the neck. When relief comes, it seems to me that the atlas lifts up and out of something on that side. This sometimes produces a click in that area .

Overall, I am feeling fairly well. I have not had my "good feeling" in any great measure for some time now. I can feel fairly well without it. The "good feeling" is like the frosting on a cake. The cake is okay without the frosting, but with the frosting; it is much better.

(12/18/74) Yesterday I had a large shift in what I thought was in the area of the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebras on the right side. This brought on the nonfunctioning brain feeling again.

Today after taking a shower, lying on the exerciser, and using my vibrator, I was able to obtain relief.

A short time after that I was sitting at the table and turned my head to the left. A mild ache started at the base of the skull in the back. It only lasted about 10 seconds, and I believe the axis had turned some.

This caused a severe reaction in the eyes. It was difficult for me to focus them for about 15 minutes. It left me with one of my old complaints in the left eye. I once again had numbness in it. This time it only lasted for a couple of hours.

(12/19/74) The area at the 10th and 11th thoracic vertebras is more active now than ever before. It aches very little, but it is pulling and needs to "click." I've been getting many, many clicks in that area and in the entire midspine for several days now.

(1/2/75) I did not make my annual trip to Illinois for Christmas this year. I did not feel that I could make a long trip so soon after my terrible trip to Virginia at Thanksgiving.

My right ear has been having spells of clicking more frequently recently.

(1/9/75) Today I was experiencing my "good feeling" and was in the basement working very hard. Some dust was stirred up and made me sneeze. During the sneeze, a click occurred at the rear base of the skull; and my "good feeling" disappeared instantly. My eyes became crossed, and the fatigue came. My work stopped.

(1/15/75) Yesterday, the spot in mid neck on the left side had that intense pain radiating up the left side making all the teeth hurt on that side. This morning the left jaw is swollen a little.

During my neck rotating exercises, I obtained a large shift. It seemed to be in the area of the 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebras. It made a different sound than the ones I usually get. This, along with other movements in the lower thoracic area relaxed the nerves in that area enough so the swelling went down quickly.

(1/18/75) When I sit at my desk and do typing, a pull is put on the spine; and I usually need to stretch fairly frequently and make the spine click.

Today I was busy typing and was being bothered with the pulling. Relieving clicks were being obtained frequently. Then I got a click that seemed to come from the low thoracic area. I am not sure whether it was at the 10th and 11th spot, or slightly below it.

The click was a little stronger than usual, but not one that I would call unusual. After the stretch and click, I simply resumed my typing. I soon noticed that the legs were feeling different. A warm tingle was going through them. I soon started feeling apprehensive and shaky. I quit working and started using the vibrator. The symptoms quickly progressed; and I soon was feeling very apprehensive, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, numbness in the two outside fingers, (more pronounced on the left side) and severe shakiness in the legs and some throughout the entire body.

I quickly headed for the shower. After a few minutes under the hot water, the symptoms subsided. All told the severe symptoms lasted about 10 minutes, with a few mild symptoms lasting a while longer.

I then had a feeling of great relaxation, and I laid down to take a nap. I was unable to sleep because I kept thinking about this movement.

Is it the movement at the 10th and 11th thoracic that I have waited so long for??? Will it allow my "good feeling" to come and stay??? Is my "good feeling" controlled at that point???

So far I have not even felt a hint of that special feeling. Throughout this reaction, I felt no noticeable changes in the eyes; and there was no pain. This is the most severe reaction to a shift in a long time.

(1/20/75) Yesterday evening I obtained a series of clicks in the shoulder area. This relieved much of the tension there; but in the process the nerve to my right arm became caught, and the arm became numb immediately afterwards.

During the night the right shoulder and entire right arm started aching. I was unable to sleep with it and took some Tylenols. These only gave me temporary relief. This morning I took a hot shower; and it is clicking a little so I think it will soon be relieved.

The mid-anterior area of the neck is creating stronger and stronger sensations. It is not a pain, but I feel as though pressure is being applied to the trachea and esophagus.

I haven't felt the nonfunctioning brain feeling for several days, and I wonder if the changes that occurred on 1/15/75 have finally corrected the cause of it. (I hope, I hope, I hope.)

(1/25/75) When I visited Dr. Toman today, I told him about the large shift on the 15th. He said my neck reading was the best that it has ever been.

I had hoped that the cause for the nonfunctioning brain feeling was corrected. Unfortunately, I know that it has not been; since I have had some the last few days.

(1/30/75) Today I had a headache across the rear base of the skull. This was relieved when a large shift took place throughout the spine. I felt it simultaneously in the midspine and midneck. A short time later my "good feeling" was felt. The spot at the 10th and 11th thoracic no longer aches so much. Most of my spinal activity seems to be slightly below that spot.

(2/4/75)My "good feeling" is coming very frequently now. It is a beautiful feeling. It makes me feel euphoric and energetic and is always accompanied by a stronger, faster heartbeat. The rate is 80. When I don't have it, the rate is slower.

I am unable to pinpoint a spot that seems to control this feeling. I have talked with Dr. Toman about it; and he is unable to say, too. He told me that other patients talk of a "good feeling." He said it might be in the parasympathetic system rather than at any one point. My theory is that it is the pituitary gland based upon the following reason:

Since I have felt it after movements in various sections of the body, I believe when there is a relaxation of the spinal cord itself, it affects the pituitary gland by releasing pressure on the long thin neck leading to it.

(2/7/75) My edema has suddenly reemerged. There is no reason that I know of for this flare up.

(2/13/75) My right hip and low lumbar area are my trouble spots now. For the last few nights, the right hip has ached so much that I have had to take pain relievers so I could sleep.

The edema has gone away again.

(2/19/75) Yesterday morning a headache developed on the left side of the neck. There were 3 spots that hurt: the top, mid-section, and the area just behind the clavicle. From these three points, the pain radiated up the left side of the head and particularly around the left eye.

Several times during the day I took showers, Tylenols, and laid on the exerciser on my right side in a flexed position trying to bring on the relieving shift. Also, I had my husband take me for a ride in the Tcar to see if it would help make the vertebras move off the nerves.

I was able to get a few clicks in the upper thoracic area and shoulders; that gave me some relief, but I still needed more.

My hip is pulling tremendously. I don't understand why it doesn't go ahead and shift. Sometimes I wonder if it ever will.

I haven't had that nonfunctioning brain feeling for some time now. The edema has again reappeared. The dermatitis is almost nil.

(2/20/75) This morning, as I was fixing breakfast for my son, I bent over to get some cereal from a low shelf for him. When I straightened up and turned my head, a large movement took place in the top part of the neck. The head and neck ache that I have had intermittently for two days was relieved very quickly. There is now a crisscross type of pulling in my back. It goes from right to left across the low thoracic area and from left to the right hip.

(2/21/75) There is much tightness and pulling in the mid-spine today. After the large movement at the top of the neck yesterday, I have felt much better. My head feels clearer than it has for a long time. My "good feeling" is being felt almost continuously. The black spots in front of the left eye are still being seen, however.

(2/22/75) This morning when I got up, the tension was on the right side with some feeling of pressure on the left side accompanied by a slight feeling of a nonfunctioning brain

On the ride to Dr. Toman's office, the pain came again at the spot at the top left side of the neck. When he checked me, he said the axis needed adjusting. The axis hasn't been adjusted for many, many, months. Without checking through my notes, I believe the last time it was adjusted was in the summer of 1973.

I reminded him of my terrible reaction to that adjustment when I first started going to him. He assured me that I would have no trouble this time.

The adjustment was made with me lying on the right side and it seemed quite firm. He told me that he had rotated the axis and shoved it to the right.

I get many, many different feelings from time to time after adjustments. One of them is a lightheaded, faraway feeling. When I have this sensation, he usually has made an adjustment in the first thoracic area. Today he adjusted that area, and I once again experienced those symptoms.

(2/24/75) For such a long time now, I have thought that my hips would shift in one big movement. I am beginning to doubt that they will shift like that.

As you know by now, I feel well much of the time. However, as long as there is a misalignment in the spine, I know that sooner or later the symptoms will come back.

(3/8/75) While sitting in Dr. Toman's waiting room this morning, my eyes went "wild." I could hardly focus them at all. Since I soon got an adjustment, I started feeling much better.

(3/17/75) My son has been jumping rope each night to strengthen his legs for playing basketball. Even though I do several exercises most every day, I had not jumped rope. I decided to follow his example and add jumping rope in my routine.

The results were great. I can feel a great change in the spine, back muscles, leg muscles and abdomen. It is great for posture.

I jump with both feet together simultaneously. I believe it is necessary to do this to get the desired results in the spine. I plan to continue this exercise for I believe it will hasten my recovery.

(3/22/75) As you know, I have been extremely curious as to what causes my bad nonfunctioning brain feeling. Many times when I have it, it is accompanied by pressure on the top left side of the neck. This does not always hold true.

Dr. Toman is like most other doctors and nurses; he answered only the questions that I ask. He doesn't do a great deal of elaborating unless I put a question to him.

Today, I asked if the vertebra was slipping down behind the skull causing my nonfunctioning brain feeling. He told me that, at times, it did slip behind the styloid process. So now I am wondering if that is the cause of the nonfunctioning brain feeling or the cause of the unrelieveable type headache on the left side.

Also, today for the first time since I can't remember when, Dr. Toman asked me how I had been feeling lately. I told him overall I was feeling pretty good. He said the neck was beginning to hold well now.

(4/1/75) On March 8th, my eyes started acting up; and since then from time to time, they have bothered me tremendously. They feel as though they are pulling severely in a crossed position.

(4/4/75) The eyes are finally feeling good again. Relief came day before yesterday. A very pronounced click occurred when I turned my head. Relief followed, and since then they have not bothered me.

Had another nice size shift in the low thoracic area. The hips seem to be turning gradually. I had hoped and dreamed that they would turn with one big shift, but I have not been so lucky.

(4/5/75) Yesterday evening my horrible nonfunctioning brain feeling came again. I wanted to cry. I thought I was through having it.

Today was adjustment day so it was relieved. The neck adjustment was quite firm. The upper thoracic area was extremely difficult to adjust. I cannot ever remember that spot being so difficult to adjust as it was today.

I don't think that I have mentioned to you before about how I feel usually runs in a curve. Usually when I go for an adjustment (every two weeks) I feel quite badly. Then he adjusts me and relief comes almost instantly. For the next 2 or 3 days, my spine feels tight.

Then I get what I call my secondary movement. There is usually a big movement that takes place. The spine relaxes, and I feel quite well at this time. I hit my peak of relief around the end of the first week after an adjustment.

From that point, I start going downhill; and by the time my adjustment is due again, I am feeling quite badly. He then adjusts me; I get immediate relief, and the cycle starts again.

At the beginning my adjustments were every other day, then they were spaced twice a week and then once a week. I then went to every two weeks. He has mentioned about getting me on a 3-week schedule, but so far he has not changed it.

Throughout the time that I have been getting adjusted (except when I have gone through low periods), I have bounced back and felt quite well. But I learned very early that relief is felt only as long as the adjustment holds.

(4/17/75) Since my last adjustment, I haven't felt very well. Mostly, my head has felt very weird. It has been a combination of the nonfunctioning brain feeling along with lightheadedness. Since I have felt so badly, I decided to go to Dr. Toman early rather than wait for my regular appointment.

Just as I had decided to call for an appointment, a large movement occurred; and I have felt fine since. Most of my clicks are in the upper thoracic area.

Today I have my "good feeling." As usual, when I have my "good feeling," I feel euphoric, energetic; and there is always a stronger heartbeat.

Since there is a change in the heart action, I have wondered if my "good feeling" is due to the nerves in the shoulder area.

Since I was 17, I have known I have a heart murmur. All the doctors that have examined me have told me that it was not of a serious nature. No treatment was ever prescribed, no E K G was ever done, and no limitations were ever placed upon my activities.

I have talked with Dr. Toman about my "good feeling," and he cannot tell me what particular nerve brings this on. He told me that other patients also speak of a "good feeling." He said it may be in the parasympathetic nervous system rather than in `any one particular nerve.

As I have said before, this feeling seems so tremendous to me when it suddenly comes. I am sure it seems so great because of the sudden contrast between feeling very badly and suddenly feeling so great.

The soft skin feeling is also more pronounced today. In fact, I am feeling better than I have for a long time. Oh, if only this feeling would stay!!!!!! I can feel so well; and then I can feel so badly, too. It can all change with just a "click."

(4/18/75) During the early part of this illness, I told you about the teeth on the right side hurting. This side of the teeth has given me no great pain or apparent problems since December 1973. The teeth are still there, but they give me no apparent problems.

After the teeth on the right side quit hurting, I started having severe pain with the teeth on the left side. I have had a few episodes of the left jaw swelling up.

It has been a fantastic study for me to observe the pain and swelling on the left side. I can feel the pain starting at what seems to be midpoint on the left side of the neck. It seems to radiate up to one tooth, and sometimes to all the teeth on that side. After the pain comes, I know that the tooth will soon become very sore and if I do not get the pressure off the nerve controlling that area, the jaw will soon become swollen. I have been fairly fortunate in getting it relieved with my exercises, riding in our Opel, etc.

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