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The first issue of "Friends and Neighbors" was published in 1982 by Polly Griffin, the founder and director of the Workers For Jesus. From 1982 to1987, "Friends and Neighbors" was published periodically and was comprised mainly of schedules and articles about the activities at the Workers For Jesus building in the North End of Hamilton. In 1993, "Friends and Neighbors" began regular publication.

The purpose of "Friends and Neighbors" was simple. As Polly wrote in 1995, "So often the news media consists only of terrible events. Most offer no solutions and give no hope. We at ‘Friends and Neighbors’ want to give solutions and to give hope. We want to show the positives of life. The positives are there; we just have to know how to find them."

Each issue of "Friends and Neighbors" contained several articles written by Polly and her husband, Stan. In addition to her work on Workers For Jesus projects, my mother was also a registered nurse. Most of her articles were about topics in religion and health. Since her death in 2003, her writings enable us to preserve her legacy of serving God and helping people who are sick or in need.

Polly's husband, Stan Griffin, a retired teacher, also found a second career as a writer. He wrote approximately 300 articles educational articles about prominent people, religions of the world, current events, and special places.

During his teaching career, Stan taught one classroom of about 30 students at a time. When he started writing for "Friends and Neighbors", his classroom truly became global. His articles continue to be viewed by thousands of people all over the world every week.

In addition to Polly and Stan, the 62 issues of "Friends and Neighbors" also contained stories from approximately 75 other authors. Each of these authors added greatly to the richness and uniqueness of our magazine.

Our printing methods changed through the years. Our first issue was made with stencils, a mimeoscope, and very messy ink! Later, we were able to purchase a large copier which served us well for many years. In 1997, we became more high-tech and started publishing with a computer and laser printer.

Many of our past articles are now published here. In this way, "Friends and Neighbors" will continue to exist for years to come.


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