Cao Anni

I'm a pretty china girl. God has given me a silent world, in which I can neither hear the call of the outside world, nor speak out like a healthy person, but I have never been self-abased. Man's life is like this, and nobody can ask it to be perfect. Though I have lost the ability to speak out, I have some personal advantages, even some of normal people lack of these, loveliness, kindness, liveliness, cheeriness, warmness, and poise. I in the silent world have many friends in the sound world; though we cannot talk, we had very good time getting together. Then what is the concept of a healthy person? Take a broad view at the so-called healthy people who have done countless evil deeds, however, which kind of person should I be considered as? I am physically handicapped, but I dare to say that I am never handicapped in personality and morality. Can the physical handicap be worse than the moral handicap? For these reasons, I will turn to you.  I heartily communicate with you and look forward to hearty help. I will thank you in advance.  I like Chinese Australians very much. If someone likes, please contact me. Thank you very much!