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ALDA - Asia Pacific

by Muhammad Akram


ALDA - Asia Pacific or ALDA - AP is an official group of the Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA) Inc. This group covers countries in Asia and the Pacific region.

In the USA, ALDA has offered a great platform for deafened people, their families, and friends, for many years. They have many chapters and group in different states, which arrange various activities. However, it has been noticed that movement of Deafened people is no where in Asia-Pacific countries. People don't know the term "Deafened". Communication needs of deafened people have not been understood, and there were none who raised awareness about the needs of deafened people. There was no platform where deafened people could turn to seek technical and emotional support after becoming deaf.

Therefore, we started ALDA - AP to provide a platform to deafened people and their families and friends, in the Asia-Pacific region.

ALDA – AP:  What and Why?

Deafened or Late-Deafened means post-lingual deafness. There are thousands of people who lost their hearing or developed hearing loss after illness, trauma, and accident or for unknown reasons. These people are facing new challenges and often face difficulties to cope with their new lives without hearing. Accepting the truth and adjusting the life without hearing often causes stress, frustration, and embarrassment. Moreover, Deafened people are usually surrounded by friends and families who have no clue how to cope with the situation. On the other hand, doctors and medical staff can only give medicine in hopes of curing the deafness, but once they fail, they, too, don’t have any idea where their patient should go and how to adjust in daily social life.

In such situations, people who already faced and coped with similar situation can be a great source of Peer Counseling and support. They can give a feeling to newly Deafened people that they are not alone facing such situation. These experienced people  have a wealth of knowledge and coping strategies that they can share with peers.

However, connecting such people together is not an easy task on an individual level. It needs a platform to network the people, to offer knowledge sharing, and for possible social gathering opportunities with similar people. The platform also offers opportunities to discuss the barriers in society and to raise a movement to bring positive changes not only at the individual level, but also at the whole society level.

ALDA – Asia Pacific is an effort to offer a platform for Deafened people, their friends, families as previously there was no such platform. 

ALDA – AP as a platform

ALDA-AP is providing;

  • A region wide platform for Deafened people, their friends, and families.
  • A platform to discuss deafness and related matters.
  • A platform to raise a family feeling among all the Deafened people.
  • A platform to share post-deafness coping strategies, recreational programs, get togethers, information seminars, conferences or workshops on hearing loss and accessibilities issues.

You will find everything at ALDA – AP that you want to know or want to talk about.


ALDA-AP discussion forum

We offer an online discussion forum where you can network with other Deafened people, their families, and friends.


ALDA – AP Newsletter

With the ALDA-AP Newsletter, stay up-to-date about the latest developments in the hearing loss field, from all over the world. Know what is happening by receiving information about events, seminars, and conferences. Share your own experiences, difficulties, and coping strategies. Support or get support from peers, in the shape of advice / suggestions.


FREE Membership

Individual membership is open to all people from all Asia-Pacific countries. Whether you yourself are a Deafened person, or you are a relative or a friend of a Deafened person or you just want to be friends with Deafened persons and support the cause for any reason, ALDA – Asia Pacific invites you to join the group.

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