Muhammad Akram

"IFHOHYP Study session in Budapest"

International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People

I had the opportunity to attend a study session “developing leadership skills and necessary competences with hard of hearing youth getting strong in the future”, organized by IFHOHYP in collaboration with Council of Europe, at European Youth Center of the Council of Europe – Budapest from 16 to 23 September. 33 hard of hearing youth from 14 different countries attend this study session.

That was really a wonderful learning opportunity for me and organizers’ team arranged the study session very well. Following the study session I got chance to attend the conference of IFHOHYP. Now here I’d like to share information on Deaf Friends International (DFI) website. So many more people all over the world will know about IFHOHYP and I hope many would like to join us at IFHOHYP and promote the movement of Hard of Hearing (HOH) youths in your respective country.

International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People (IFHOHYP) is the only international non-governmental federation for national and regional youth organizations that are dedicated to improving quality of life of hard of hearing young people throughout the world. 

IFHOHYP’s long-term goals are to provide continuous support and training to hard of hearing young people I order to empower them to work towards their full participation in society. IFHOHYP follows the principle “Nothing about us without us” and puts its efforts to ensure that needs of hard of hearing young people are taken into consideration in development of disability and youth policies. 

IFHOHYP arrange different study session for HOH youth, IFHOHYP also arrange English language courses and youth camps.  

Any organization of HOH youths who is interested to join IFHOHYP can contact president (Ms. Karina Chupina) or Secretary (Ms. Noora Penttinen). Those individual HOH youth who do not have HOH association in their countries are encourage to contact IFHOHYP so we can consider how to help you in establishing a HOH youth organization in your country.  

Please visit official website of IFHOHYP at for further detail. And if you like to ask any question to me feel free to drop me an email, I’d love to help you.

M. Akram (Danish)

Asst. Director - DFI

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