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Muhammad Akram

Date of Birth

October 1972

Education B. Com
  Diploma in Computer Science
  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)


Computer Maintenance Certificate (CMC)


Computer, Volunteering, Swimming, reading books often poetry, and some time chatting on internet

I am 29years single male, profoundly deaf since teenage, following is my short life story.

My name is Muhammad Akram and I used "Danish" as a nick (TaKhalus) for poetry. The life was normal as of others common boys in Pakistan. But well life is risk itself - I got seriously sick when I was teenager. With the help of God and well care of my family, Doctor saved me but unfortunately I lost my hearing power. In start I thought I'll get my hearing power back soon, as my family and Doctor told me that it'll be ok (but that was not true). We tried here and there Civil, National, J.J. and Aga Khan Hospital even we tried Chinese Acupuncture but nothing worked. At this stage I realized that I loss my hearing power for forever, simply I got disappointed - there is a long life, what will I do? How can I face this? I can't do anything I thought, I was hope less. During this my family always tried to helped me and  they knew I am getting bore and it is hard for me to pass the time, so my brother bring a computer for me - if I am not forgetting it was 1989 - I start playing with computer game - quite good can spend lot of hours with computer games - BUT IS IT LIFE? I THOUGHT! - there is no cure for my deafness, am I going to spend all of my life as a dependent? At this stage I decide I should try my best no matter if I get fail, I'll get experience with this. I talked to my family to let them know that I am interested in Computer Diploma, they appreciated me, but the big hurdle was unavailability of computer institute for deaf students. I was little afraid, but I decided to go with hearing students. Initially we visited some nearby small computer institute (response was nor good neither bad) then I saw an add from "Petroman Computer Institute" at that time Pertoman was pioneer in computer education. We visited the Admin officer Mr. Shakeel Ur Rehman, He appreciated me and offer me some class prior to admission, teacher at Pertoman was cooperative (Special thanks for Mr. Javad Akhtar instructor at Petroman). As I was going to learn with hearing student I though I might not be able to compete with other (hearing) students and even I won't be able to pass my Diploma but at least I'll learn something new and I should try it. I got the admission and tried my best - you might wonder but its totally true - at first test I got 8.75 marks out of 10 and there was only one other student who got same marks none got better than me. This small test change my life my thoughts!!  I continue to compete with hearing students and often I got success.

I got failed in one pager "Electronic Data Processing"  two times  but I didn't gave up and finally I passed my Diploma. By this I got courage and realize that life is not lies with hearing, it is your will - if there is a will nothing can stop you -  I meet good and bad people in my life some appreciate me some laugh at me - but I don't care the rest one - now I know how to ignore them how to beat them. After my diploma I did my Graduation in Commerce (B. Com) then got Certificate in Computer Maintenance, then Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP),  I want to tell all the disabled people that you can compete "able" people and you can be good than "able" people and I want "able" people that they shouldn't underestimate or hesitate to give a chance to handicap people. They  can compete others, they can beat others just give them a chance. 

During my Diploma in Computer Science I worked at Pertoman for NEMES - UNISCO. Then after passing the Diploma I worked at DAWN newspaper for 3months. In the mid 1996 I joined Pakistan Institute of Quality Control (PIQC) as Computer Programmer, life was going fine and one day I encountered Ms. Irene Dine ,she was working with Association of Physically Handicap of Thailand (APTH). when I informed her that I am in computer field she asked if I can help her in building website for APHT I agreed and designed a website for APTH, then she suggest that, I should not waste my talent sitting alone at home, instead I should utilize my talent for local disabled communities, this was good advice. I visited Social welfare Department, and asked for the list of NGOs working for the disabled communities and then I selected Pakistan Association of the Deaf (PAD) and became volunteer for PAD. It was late 2000. Later in early 2001, I joined Deaf Friends International (DFI), as a remote / virtual volunteer web designer, in September I became Junior Editor, and in June 2002 I became Assistant Director at DFI. Later Irene move back to Philippines and start Heaven Care Resource Center Inc.(HCRCI) and I join her there too. Also I had a chat meet, from Philippines, name Gilda, she is deaf girl, some time ago she decide to left her job and do something else, and start Deaf Tour Assistance, Philippines (DTAP) and asked me to help, and you know I love to volunteer so I join her at DTAP. Internet is a miracle, same as Gild from Philippines find me on net, Galuh Sukmara from Indonesia find me on net and became my friends, she is also deaf and doing social work in yogyakarta Indonesia, she and Whuy (President of deaf association of yougya) invited me to visit Yogya as volunteer, so I enjoyed 10days with yogya deaf community, last December 2004, just little before the tsumani.  Now a days I am volunteering at PAD, DFI, HCRCI, DTAP ...and looking forward to meet more and more friends and organization. 

As I grew up and studied in hearing community, I might miss this wonderful Deaf community, where now I am enjoying as volunteer. I am so thankful to Ms. Irene Dine as she show me the path of volunteerism.

finally I would like to say.

If you are Deaf or any kind of handicap don't be hopeless - go ahead give a chance to your abilities select a field do your best God will do the rest

Thanks to my Family
Thanks to my God
and all those people
who appreciate Lot


M. Akram (Danish) 

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"We tell lies when we are afraid afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie the thing we fear grows stronger"