Victor Ajayi

Christian Mission for the Deaf Church

The Christian Mission for the Deaf Church started as Deaf Bible Class in 1972 in Yaba, Lagos State.  It started as a result of the need to fellowship by deaf converts of the ministry of the late Dr. Andrew Foster who started an organization known as Christian Mission for the Deaf Africans in 1956 in Detroit, USA.

At this point, there was also a fellowship that used to meet at the deaf school in Ibadan, Oyo State, a distance of 150 km from Lagos. E, about two hours drive by road.  The fellowship later grew to become Christian Assembly of the Deaf in the 1980's. But as a result of the need to allied and be recognized with the objective of the late missionary to the deaf Africans, the name was changed to Christian Mission for the Deaf Church in the mid 1990's.

There are now numerous meetings every Wednesday and Sunday in many parts of Nigeria. But the story has not been smooth.  They face peculiar problems of where to worship with many facing eviction by churches or schools where they meet for fellowship.  They needed places where they can worship without fear or distraction.  The memberships also consists of disadvantaged deaf people.  We are trying to make a point through our educative programmes to empower and lift their moral, education, social, and economic lives.

The group has been organizing annual Easter camp, leadership training conference, fellowships in many states over the country, rally, school fellowships in secondary schools or high institutions.  They are however in need of a permanent camp ground for the yearly, annual deaf camp.

Our approach

So far, educational works, training teachers, leadership training, and evangelism outreach, Bible meetings (Sunday schools and church services), camps, youth centers, a Bible Institute, and Bible correspondence courses.  All are specially geared to the needs of the deaf.


Since it's founding in 1956, CMD/CMDC objectives have been to organize, operate, maintain, promote, and encourage Gospel and education work among the deafs of Africa; also to train national Christian workers.

Deaf people face many barriers to hearing the word of God.  Illiteracy, isolation, hardships, and various communication problems, to mention a few.  Another is the vast hidden field itself, numbering about 1 deaf and 20 hard of hearing to every 1000 persons.  A special outreach like CMDC could better address some of these problems and needs.  Also promote deaf awareness, deaf involvement, deaf insight, and so on.  God is using CMDC to overcome some of these barriers.

If you would like to help the Christian Mission for the Deaf Church, please visit the DFI Cares Program.