Nure Mohammed

First of all introduce my self.  My name is Nure Mohammed.  I am the member of Deaf Student in Ethiopia and my age is 22 years old.  I have a tendency to act on the sport of Tae Kwan Do and Karate and I have to carry out on this sport.  I have a Black
Belt in Taekwondo . I am 1.75 meter height an ambition.  Next to introduction part;  I have a Tae
Kwan Do group in Ethiopia and we make a film in our group.  Out of participant.

We are prepared some show (on video) I am a deaf among the staff all they are have and speak also I am the staff leader.

If you don't mind let me ask you some favor in your culture there is a custom to introduce others I need Pen Pal friends who are deaf like me.   So I want you to help me introducing let me know if these times are convenient for you to help me and humility ask.