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Silent Word Ministries


Silent Word Ministries is located in the state of Georgia in the USA. They have several programs to reach out to deaf people and share God's love.

One of the programs is the Deaf Bible Institute. This is a Bible study that is taught by correspondence (through the mail). It is available for deaf adults and teenagers.

Two other programs are Fantastic Saturdays and D-days (Deaf days). These special days are free, all-day workshops for deaf people, deaf ministry workers, and hearing people. These events are held in  several cities around the USA. 

Silent Word Ministries also serves deaf people in countries around the world. Some of their missionaries have served in Brazil, India, and Taiwan.

The ministry's web site is: www.silentwordministries.org

A poem from their web site says:

You cannot change others - You can change yourself.
You cannot change the past - You can change the future.