Pastor Ezekiel Borugadda

Paraclete Faith Church Ministry


     Dear Most honorable Servant of most high.  Greetings to you in exalted name of Dear Lord Jesus Christ.  I take it as my privilege to meet you through this humble letter and I am praising Lord and praying for you knowing about your tremendous Ministry in this and time.  I need to share my burden of the Gospel with the people of God who are anointed by same spirit of God which was in the Acts of apostles has bounded us together to share each of our vision and burden to show the life of Jesus through our lives in this last generation.

     As you know that our government is passing the decrees against Christianity and causing much hindrance for the spreading of the Gospel.  Day by day Christian are living very miserable life and loosing freedom of proclamation of the Gospel Christians and their children are suffering with out having opportunities to be educated or to get any provision from the government side.  We are serving Lord in midst of problems. 

     Our church believers were driven away from their villages because of their faith.  People coming to worship the Lord from miles and miles away.  We have been walking miles and miles to reach these souls every day.  Many times we were neglected jeered at, mocked and beaten.  By the grace of God many people coming to our Church being delivered from bounds of the evil spirits, pains, heart diseases, cancers etc.  Our worshipping centre seems to be spiritual hospitals and we are unable to show them facilities because we are passing the time by staying under small thatched rooms.  We have no proper worship in places, houses, worshipping under thatched rooms.  Here Christian was treated as inferior and foreigners Christian children have no freedom in the schools and were criticized by atheistic teachers.  They are conducting schools on Sundays to prevent children without attending to Sunday schools and churches.  So Christian Children suffering with uneducation, unemployment, malnutrition.

     Now a days many Christian workers interested in living in cities and limited their ministry only to developed areas, but Lord kept the burden in our hearts for the remote costal uncivilized tribal people.  So we are living with them and working with them.  My heart beat is to see the work of the Lord done very eagerly in these last uncertain days.

     Please kindly pray for our Ministry, our Orphan Children, our Church Widows and Youth and we need a Bible school to train up our native youth.

     We are serving Lord in a very remote, untamed land of Andhra Pradesh coastal area where the souls of the people perishing by worshipping life less objects and losing ethical and spiritual values by drinking alcohol becoming addicts to the drugs bounded by the evil spirits.  I lost my mother and my brother in this place.  I want to be sacrifice for His service and for this people (MT 5:10)

     I am striving hard to become a valuable vessel of God for His service in this end time.  By the grace of God I have received my B.D. through many hard circumstances.  I have much interest to know Him more and to involve in teaching and preaching ministry and to proclaim the Gospel in tangible way (MT 25:31-46) but the poverty is not allowing to go further.  Here many became orphans, widows and widowers because of many natural calamities like cyclone.  We have to show the savor of the Gospel light through our good works (MT 5:16).


People coming to our church being delivered from its bounds of evil spirits and pains of death.  Here is my father. Lord called him 40 years.  Still he is very busy in Lord's work having burden for these coastal souls.  He committed his every child for his ministry.  Lord using him by anointing with Holy Spirit.  Thousands were healed through his prayer.

Pastor Samuel John with his poor believers.  They are unable to build the church.  This thatched poor shed also in ruins.  Please pray for this congregation.  This is one of our worshiping centres.   You can see Pastor's residence also.  From 40 years he has been doing this journey in midst of loneliness, anti-Christian forces.  He has faced witchcraft.  Lord is so faithful even until today.  He is none other than my dear father Benjamin. 

One of our workers of Jesus distributing the Gospel to the poorest of the poor are called "yaradi tribe". You can see another brother also involved in this distributing ministry being healed from a very terrible epilepsy.  Our children.  There are some physical handicapped and deaf, too. 

On our workers of Jesus through faith anticipating for souls to come to the church. You can see his poor house beside the thatched worship centre.  He left his education and job and serving Lord in midst of fishermen and hardships. His cycle having no rest.   The Lord gave him a bicycle at his old age.  Some times we are going on foot to reach villages.  We need at least 30 bicycles or a van. 
To reach people, we have to cross water, deserts, forests, and sometimes rivers.  One young servant of God carrying the bicycle in his outreach.  There are many youth committed for His service.  We are praying for a Bible School.  We need a school for the believers' children. 

Our believers attending the church by walking miles and miles away.  We need a vehicle to assist them. 
Outreach in the coastal area