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International Deaf Emergency





International Deaf Emergency (IDE), an NGO, was started in 2010 by Deaf people who saw a need for communication access among individuals who were deaf and displaced during natural disasters or man-made crises such as earthquakes, wars, and famine. Current aid efforts consistently overlook the needs of deaf people. As a result, such individuals face greater hardship in recovering from such crises.

As an independent, neutral organization, IDE works to provide humanitarian protection and assistance for Deaf people in the wake of disasters, and to ensure full communication access at all times.

During the 2010 Haiti earthquake, IDE collaborated with the Water Mission, French Red Cross, the French embassy in Haiti and Friends of Deaf Haitians, which led to the first humanitarian camp created specifically for deaf Haitians.

IDE has three focuses: emergency, development and reconstruction, and human rights.


By tracking disaster relief efforts on an international basis, IDE works with relief organizations and organizations serving deaf and hard of hearing people to ensure that deaf people’s relief needs are met. Such needs include shared communities, access to sign language and visual language, and access to appropriate resources.


IDE, upon invitation from organizations serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, provides resources and networking for relief needs. IDE strongly believes in collaboration with relief and development organizations while cooperating with governments. By doing so, IDE brings in Deaf professionals trained in emergency relief and preparation, nutrition and health, inclusive education, human rights, job training, and relevant fields, to provide services.

Human Rights:

IDE provides resources empowering Deaf people through an in-depth understanding of their home countries’ civil rights. Through appropriate and legitimate channels, IDE partners with national and international organizations that support and practice human rights as proclaimed by the Convention of Rights of People with Disabilities.


In this video, Emmanuel Jacq discusses his work in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. He describes how he met with deaf people who told him their experiences during the earthquake. He was very touched by what they told him. Emmanuel helped to set up a special shelter for deaf people so they could begin to rebuild their lives.