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This video was made by Jehanne McCullough. Jehanne was traveling in the country of Peru. She visited a school for deaf children in the city of Cusco (often spelled Cuzco). 

Cuzco is located high up in the Andes Mountains.   It was the capital of the Inca Empire.
This video takes us on a tour of Cuzco.

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Schools for the Deaf  Around the World

Vaani School and Research Centre

Vaani School is located in Uttar Pradesh, India. It was established in November, 1997. When the school first started, it was located in a rented one-room facility. It is now located in its own 3 story state-of-the-art building and has 140 deaf students.

Most of the Vaani School’s students are from low income homes and are in the lowest strata of the society. The school provides its services totally free. Its services are education, speech therapy, books, school supplies, transportation, school uniforms, hearing aids, and medical checkups.


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Stories from deaf friends around the world



HELLO!! My name is Tsubaki. My name means "Camellia". I'm a fifteen year old school girl. I want to learn English by using it.

My hobby is music, in general, not only listening, but also singing. I play the flute.

I am learning English and German (since last month).

Please write to me!


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Poetry by Polleena Grigoryeva

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In the news....

From GulfNews.com

The Al Amal School and Kindergarten for deaf students is located in the Yarmouk area in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

A recent news story tells about the new school year for the school's 65 students. While the official language of the school is Emirati Sign Language, students will also start to learn American Sign Language. Many of the students will eventually go to the US for further study after they graduate.  

Another change for the students is the use of  iPads for most students. Bassim Abdul Gaffar, Supervisor of Rehabilitation and Education at the school, said that, "We started using iPads last year which proved to be very beneficial so we will be spreading the use of iPads to most students as we mainly focus on visual learning in our classes.”

Another new addition to the school this year is an afternoon school for deaf adults. “This school is for adults who may have not been able to start or continue their education because they didn’t get the chance or were living in rural areas,” explained Abdul Gaffar.


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