Friendship School Program

These are schools or classes for deaf and hearing impaired students that would like to be in contact with other schools around the world to share friendship and culture. 

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Cosmos High School in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia
Contact person:  Retha Landsberg

Age of students: 18 - 22

Since January 2008 Cosmos High School implemented Inclusive Education when 2 hearing impaired learners started in grade 11.  The learners complete grade 10 at the Namibia Institute for Special Education - Hearing Impaired.  At Cosmos High School they complete grade 11 and 12.  Two interpreters are always present in all their classes.

This year we have two learners in grade 12, Inocencia Agostinho and Kristofina Uahengo. Kristofina is also a member of the LRC (Learner Representative Council)

Cosmos High School is located in the centre of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia in Southern Africa.  We are 704 learners in the school from grade 8 to 12 (middle school plus high school). Windhoek has very moderate climate conditions and we never experience extreme conditions.  The Namib desert starts about 150 Km from Windhoek and is one of the wonders of the world!!Here we get the highest dunes in the world.

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Addis Ababa University sign language and deaf culture study
Person to contact: Tigist Negash
Location: Ethiopia
Ages of students: 19-35

The class began last September 2008 for the first time. The course focuses on sign language  and deaf culture. At this time, the class contains 26 students. Out of this, 20 are deaf and the others are hearing students.

The school is located at addis ababa around 6 killo.

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Person to contact:  Levent Akyel
Location:  Turkey
Age of students:  6 - 16

We are a boarding school for the deaf at the primary school level. Our students came from the region of Edirne, İstanbul and Tekirdağ, which is the Marmara Sea region of Turkey. We have done various international projects and we are looking forward for attending new projects. We can communicate in English and Bulgarian.

Our school is located close to the Greek and Bulgarian borders of Turkey, in the beautiful city of Edirne. Edirne is considered to be the door of Turkey that opens into Europe. 

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Person to contact:  Kidane Admasu
Location:  Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
Age of students: 18 to .....
Our School, Addis Ababa University, gives a regular program in sign language and deaf culture by BA Degree.
It is located in Addis Ababa , the capital city of Ethiopia.

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Person to contact: Tatjana Golubeva

Location: Russia, City of Omsk
Age of students: 14-15 year old
There are 152 pupils learning at our school. The school is for the deaf persons. There are 11 persons in our 7а group. Some boys go in for football and  volleyball. Girls like volleyball too. Two guys are engaged in drawing and computer graphics at an arts school. There are  6 girls in our group and 5 boys.

City of Omsk is situated in the Western Siberia. Two rivers flow through the city: Irtysh and Omj. There are many theaters, museums, and monuments in the city. "Avanguard" hockey team is very well known in Russia as it was the champion of Russia. Omsk gymnast girl E. Kanaeva - is an Olympic Champion.

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Person to contact: MARGARET ODHIAMBO
Ages of students: 3-24years

My school has about 500 kids. The number is still increasing hence congested facilities. there is need for upgrading of facilities to enable the kids learn effectively. the school is divided into primary section, vocational section and special class section. it also cater for the early childhood education(kindergarten). The school has been lobbying for financial aids to help in putting up dormitories to accommodate the rising number of the kids as they share beds which are congested in small dormitories. This also applies to classrooms.

The school is in western province of kenya about 500Km from Nairobi,from Kisumu it is about 2hours drive. You pass kakamega then take a left turn to mumias is located near st. mary's hospital before reaching mumias town
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Person to contact: BENARD OCHIENG MULAMA
Name of school:  St. Mary primary school for the Deaf Nyangoma
Ages of students:  7-21 years old

The school is called St. Mary primary school for the Deaf Nyangoma, it is the first Deaf school in Kenya.classes starts from Nursery Infancy to class 8 with 2 streams each class.
The school too has Peer Health club that are managed by students themselves where they discuss issues affecting lives like HIV,drug abuse,career counsellings and others

The school is located in Bondo District just 55 kilometers from  and 1 and half hour drive from Kisumu which is a 6Hours drive from Nairobi city.
The school community has a very pleasing hospitality and that is culture throughout a couple of years, the community around school to are able to use sign language.

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Person to contact:  Terena meingin
Name of school:   NEOSHO Growrhet college
Place:   Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

My school is very little tiny and its very small level.
My school is located in chuuk

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Person to contact:  Alejandra Renjifo
Name of school:  corporacion educativa popular

Place: Colombia
Ages of students: Only me 14
This is great as we are taught to make friends and gain insight.  I do hope to know you all.  I live in the south part of the city.

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Person to contact: Pastor Austine Otieno 
Name of school: Maseno School for the Deaf
Place:  Kisumu, Kenya
Ages of students:  6-19years

The school was started by the missionaries in 1976. The school has over 200 deaf students. It also has deaf-blind childrens. Most of these children are from poor families and are orphans. Mostly affected are Deaf-blind children. They really need to be helped with fees and facilities for education.

The school is on along the Kisumu to Busia road.  It is near Maseno University, about 3km from Kisumu.
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Person to contact: Oliver Otieno
Place:  Nakuru,  Kenya
Ages of students:  between yrs 6 to 18

It is a public school located within Nakuru town. Most of our learners are collected from the streets. Some of the parents do not want to accept the fact that their children are actually hard of hearing. The government is also not able to give adequate support. They want the parents to supplement. However most parents are not able due to their financial inability. The learners are very interested to learn.  they are very friendly and very willing. They love visitors a lot.

Our school is located within a 10acr land within Nakuru town Kenya.
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Person to contact:   Sevdelina Djongarska
Place:   Bulgaria
School for deaf children and kindergarten
Ages of students:  2-20
My school is a biggest in east Europe and in Bulgaria. We recive students of all parts of the country.
My school is situated in Sofia, nearly a montain Vitosha.
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Person to contact:  Mae Riccah Nikka Monteron
Place:  pasay city (Philippines) Philippine School for the Deaf
Age of students:  16 years old
Philippine school for the deaf is located at Pasay City, Philippines. We have twelve students in our class.
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Person to contact: Ashley
Place:  USA
Number of students: 17
Well our school is not deaf but we are doing a big project about countries and my country is ghana i would like to know little about it so i can do it for my asl class. I would like to know how many school do you have for your deaf school, educaion of the deaf  teacher training deaf teacher communcation method technology tty's signalers cochlear implants tv accessibility captioning etc, history that affect deaf education and life, interpreter serices deaf life any restrictions social cultura; job opportunities
we are in the usa

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Person to contact: Giovanna Saettone
Place: Borghetto S. S (Savona), LIGURIA, Italy
Age of Students: 13/14 years old
Number of students: 2 classes of 16 students each (32 students in all)
Study of English, French and Spanish
Desire to know more about other countries' cultures
Possibility to exchange individual letters, pictures, videos...

Lessons started from September 17th.

Our location:  Little seaside village, close to Alassio and to San Remo (LIGURIA).

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Contact person:  Richie doku
Akropong Akwapem Ghana

My school is a college for hearing students but we have five deaf students in the college. We use sign language in class with an interpreter and some of our hearing friends also learn sign language because they are interested.

My school is in Ghana, West Africa. It is in the eastern part of Ghana in Akropong Akwapem on a mountain which has cool weather every day.

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School name: Centre for hearing impaired children
Contact person: Aurelija Cepukiene
Siauliai, Lithuania

Age of students: 2-20 years old

We have children with normal hearing in 3 pre-school groups and children with hearing impaired in pre-school group and 6 classes. We want to find friends in another schools for deaf.
Our centre is located in the centre of town near the lake.

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Contact person:  Celi Selma Rodrigues
Ariquemes - Rondônia

Three students between 9 and 11 years old

Since we are a school in the outskirts, we have no Brazilian sign language teachers. We just have a few notions of it and try to interact with them the best we can. We have had a few classes on sign language, but we need more. Much more.

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Country: Uruguay

Age: older than 18 years

We are people over 18, students and employees, high school teachers, psychologists, etc., studying the sign language for helping the deaf hearing society. Non of us is deaf, we all are hearing people. Our teacher is deaf and she travels in order to give us classes all Saturdays.

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Country:   Kyrgyzstan

I study at the University. My future specialty is teaching the deaf.  My native parts are
town of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
There are 2  nurseries and 2 schools in town of Bishkek. They are not especially huge but good and cozy, and we often do practical work there. They are situated near a park or in a quiet locality.

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Contact person:  Paola Amsteins Cordero

Curico, región 7  , Chile , South America

We are the only school in this province since 1994, providing education for people with hearing impairments. We teach the sign language to people between 6 months to 18 years old. Our aim is to give our best to our pupils.
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Association ABEDeS BENIN

Cotonou ( Republic of Benin)

Age of student: 6 to15 years old

Our school was just formed with its first class, which is a case study. The work has started and by next year we will move on to the second class in a more orderly fashion.
Our school is located in Cotonou at Godomey, a region in Benin in which education for the hearing impaired is almost nonexistent.
It is a primary school.

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School name:  Institute for Deaf, Warsaw, Poland.

Contact name:  Joanna Lacheta

I teach the third grade in the middle school for deaf in Warsaw, Poland.  There are 5 people in the class, boys only.  My school has a long history - was established in 1817 by a priest Jakub Falkowski.  This is a very nice school with the dormitory.  We also have a pre-school, elementary school, high school and a trade school.  We are curious to find out who will contact us, will there be another school for deaf?

Greetings from 3rd Grade.

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School name:  Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus School for the Deaf, Hosanna.

Contact person:  Zerihun Hailemariam

Location:  Southern Nation and Nationalities people Region,  Hosanna , Ethiopia
Student ages: 7-21

The School is going to celebrate its 25th Year anniversary in November 2006. It has Preparatory class for beginners and then Grade 1-8  which is Elementary school and Grade 9-10 a high school. The school gives academic Education and vocational Education. It is a residential School taking deaf children from all over the country except the western part of Ethiopia where they go to our second school at Nekemte.

The school is located in Southern region 232 km south of the capital city Addis Ababa in Hosanna. Hosanna is a small town. The school is opened here not because of many deaf in the area but the availability of place to open in the church area

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