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The European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf (FEAPDA) is a group of Teachers of the Deaf from across Europe and includes the following countries - Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and the UK . The federation has been running for 40 years. The aim of the federation is to look at issues concerning the education of deaf children and young people. A congress is held every two years in one of the member countries. The aim of these biennial congresses is to spread good practice, to hear about new developments in the field and to allow Teachers of the Deaf to meet each other to discuss their work with deaf children and young people.


http.// Enseñanza de la Lengua de Señas Argentina Publicaciones breves sobre sordera. lengua de señas, Comunidad Sorda y bilingüismo



Union Nationale des Associations de Parents d'Enfants Déficients Auditifs
(National Association of Parents of Deaf Children)


Sites for deaf people in Poland.
Siketek és Nagyothallók Országos Szövetsége
(Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)



Gate Communications 
A not for profit organization which serves the Deaf Hard of Hearing and Hearing through Ministry, Education, Community Events, and Performance Interpreting Services.



National Theatre of the Deaf - For more information and to book a show, please contact

Betty Beekman, Tour Director at

The Hesperian Foundation: 
The Hesperian Foundation is a non-profit publisher of books and newsletters for community-based health care.  One of their recent publications is Helping Children Who Are Deaf by Sandy Neimann, Devorah Greenstein and Darlena David
The second book in Hesperian's Early Assistance Series, Helping Children Who Are Deaf helps parents and other caregivers build the communication skills of babies and young children. The book explains how deafness affects a child's ability to learn language and develop, and describes how to foster language development through both sign and oral approaches. It also covers how to assess hearing loss, education for hearing-impaired children, causes of deafness, how to work on the social skills of a deaf child, support for parents and caregivers, and how communities can work together to help deaf children. If you are interested in buying this very informative and helpful book, please visit the organization's web site.

Now available in Bengali and Hindi.  Coming soon in Indonesian, Khmer, Spanish, and Urdu.

The International Deaf Children's Society
The International Deaf Childrens Society (IDCS) - a global, online forum on all aspects of childhood deafness encouraging the exchange of information and ideas. IDCS provides a valuable resource to professionals, deaf children & deaf young people, parents, careers and volunteers.

Global Deaf Connection
Global Deaf Connection is increasing social, economic and educational opportunities for Deaf people in developing nations. Based on the premise that education leads to opportunity, Global Deaf Connection (GDC) was created to bridge the gap between the number of Deaf children enrolled in school at an elementary level and the number of Deaf adults in the professional world by improving Deaf Education in these countries.

Canada Ukraine Alliance for DEAF AND HARD-OF-HEARING Persons

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Advocating independence through listening and talking.

Oberkotter Foundation Oral Deaf Education Web Site

John Tracy Clinic
Providing free services worldwide to families of preschool children with hearing loss.

Ann Foundation
A non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for special needs children. Through mission trips, we reach out to disabled children who might not otherwise receive medical or educational services.

Partners For a Greater Voice
A non-profit charitable organization that develops associations with educational systems, organizations and institutions to provide consultation and technical training to communities and organizations vested in the oral deaf child



ASL Guide -
Nice photos that clearly show the ASL alphabet. Language cities is a non-profit cultural association, whose objective is to develop intercultural knowledge of languages and cultures. They promote language and culture courses and we also teach L.I.S. (Italian Sign Language) to hearing impaired people who want to learn another sign language and know another culture and another country.

New sign language dictionary website: Wiksign LSC, for Catalan Sign Language and Wiksign LSF (French Sign Language). This is a collaborative sign dictionary (a wiki), where people may create or complete pages describing signs (text, videos, images...).

Unique sign language digital clock by Caroline Diels:
Italian sign language site

International sign language dictionary

International Sign Deaf Egroup

Spanish sign language

Deaf TV

More than just "signed hearing programming", Deaf TV and Deaf Pride are produced, shot and edited from the Deaf point of view. Both programs are completely accessible, with sign language, subtitling and voice-over interpretation, a Canadian first! They aired on OMNI Television, over-the-air and on basic cable across Southern Ontario and via satellite across Canada.
The Sign Language Kit is a fun tool for learning some of the most common words and phrases in American Sign Language.
Sign Language Classes ASL Teacher 
Interpreter Services for Deaf and Deaf-Blind
Carol Ross
The Atlanta Area School for the Deaf /Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (CATS) is dedicated to providing accessibility to media via sign language. CATS' goal is to enhance literacy and general world knowledge by providing tools which make text, captions, video, web pages, and multimedia accessible to deaf users, particularly children.

500 ASL flash cards! Designed for students who want to learn the basic vocabulary of American Sign Language (ASL). The cards start with the ASL alphabet and numbers and continue with family, colors, food/drink, days, time, animals, pronouns, clothes, places, and so on

US Pledge of Allegiance

Dictionary of Argentina sign language
Diccionario de Lengua de Señas Argentina

ASL Boardroom 
Information and educational workshops on sign language and deafness for parents, interpreters, deaf individuals, and the general public.

Speaking Hands
This site provide a good collection of ASL sign easy to navigate and learn, if you are interested in learning American Sign Lanaguage (ASL) then you should visit this site once ......... .............. .............. ........ ...........

ASL Access
100% volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission for placement of ASL video collections in public libraries.

Deaf Resources
ASL products for people involved in Deaf Education, ASL, Interpreters and those interested in the Deaf Community and Culture. Deaf Resources promotes deaf theater

ASL Cards

Trinity Software
HyperSign is an interactive program designed to help people learn American Sign Language (ASL).



Cued Language Network of America (CLNA)


Language Matters, Inc.

Cued Speech Info

Cued Speech Products and Materials



Mission Hearts is a privately-held, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to serving the deaf, hard of hearing and disabled. Mission Hearts serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.
Mission Hearts welcomes all volunteers regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, deaf, hard of hearing or hearing.
We believe that we serve to equip and empower those we serve.
We believe that each of us deaf, hearing, able and disabled are capable of making significant contributions to the lives of others, and by working together, our contributions make our world a better place to live. -- deaf ministry materials

Online Bible Study--King James Version of the Bible with easy-to-read paraphrasing.
Workers For Jesus Online Bible Study

Sign Language Classes--
Trinity Assembly of God, Georgetown, KY

Michael Lapsley Foundation--Ghana
Michael Lapsley Foundation is non-governmental organization, which seeks humanitarian support and collective development for the needy in the society. Michael Lapsley Foundation overreaching aim is to enable people to develop their ideas, knowledge and skills through literacy and reading, so they can take control of their lives and contribute to the development of their communities. They support organizations that promote literacy, learning and poverty eradication, Child Education, Disability, Orphans and street children, ICT, Rural Education.

Light of Hope Association--a mission to uplift the underprivileged children, poor, widows, and single mothers in India.

Madison  Christian Church (

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church   Ministry to the Deaf,
Jackson, New Jersey  USA.

Free Bible Rainbow Mailbox Club correspondence course
Free Bible lessons for adults and children.
Please contact:  

1º anniversary deaf monks of effatha (Benedictines) community

Deaf Harvest International  
Our Purpose :   To give glory and honor to God for all that He is, and all that He is doing.
To help Deaf Believers grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and to encourage, equip, and empower them to witness to Deaf and Hearing people they know.
To promote Deaf Awareness among Hearing churches and communities, and encourage them to pray for the lost Deaf world.
To network with Deaf ministries and Deaf missions around the world with prayer support and supplies.
To share the endless love of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ with all 
people, Deaf and Hearing.

New Century Versions of the Bible--The NCV, New Century Version Bible is known for its easy-to-read 
and understandable style. It was originally written for the deaf. It has been endorsed by and used in 
Billy Graham crusades. This is the entire Bible including Old and New Testaments.

Al Yadav Ministries, Inc.
1620 Carol Sue Avenue,
Suite 407
Terrytown, LA  70056
 Phone: 504.452.1401
Training Christian Interpreters for effective deaf ministry. Also providing Economic Development for the
Deaf Community workshops, seminars, and HIV Prevention Services. Other areas of training include: 
Substance Abuse workshops, Substance Abuse counseling, Training Deaf Deacons, Deaf Leadership,
Oral Facilitating, and Menorship.

First Baptist Church Lavaca
100 West Main
Lavaca, Arkansas
Dr. Grant C. Ethridge, Senior Pastor
Dee Mathes-Interpreter

Welcome Home Foundation--Located in Bacolod City, Philippines,  it is a home for children who are 
hearing-impaired and live outside the city. The residence also serves as a center where all the Deaf can meet 

Heartsigns Internet Ministry--
The Web Site That Ministers To The Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Interpreters 
and Those Who Love and Serve the Deaf Community

Ministry for the Deaf at Soaring Oaks Church Elk Grove, CA

Dumaguete Effata Association of the Deaf

Cristo Para Los Sordos
Christ for the Deaf

Mighty Deaf Warriors

Deaf Missions

Discipleship Training School for the Deaf
Program of Youth With A Mission to be held in April, 2001 in South Africa.

Deaf Ministries List
Very good list of deaf ministries around the world.

Deaf Evangelical Outreach
Deaf Ministry information



Compiled by Saima Khalid

St. Johns Catholic School for the Deaf-- West Yorkshire, England -- St John’s school for the deaf is a day and boarding school for hearing impaired pupils aged 3 to 19. In 2007 we became a specialist school for sensory and physical impairments.

Swardeep Sansthan

Instituto Oral Modelo--Argentina
IOM's main objective is to integrate into the regular school system as early as possible children with hearing or language problems. To achieve this aim the IOM School as well as the IOM Center are dedicated to the oral education of their students through Group or 
Individual Programs that help them to develop their linguistic abilities by maximizing the use of their residual hearing and intellectual capacities to prepare them for their future life in the world of hearing people.

Central Institute for the Deaf

Oral Deaf Schools
Gallaudet Unviersity

Mary Hare grammar school

Rocky Mountain Deaf School

North Dakota School for the Deaf
Central Institute for the Deaf
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Missouri School for the Deaf
Indiana School for the Deaf
California School for the deaf
South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind
Arkansas School for the Deaf
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
St.joseph Institute for the Deaf
Christian Deaf School in India
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind at Hampton
Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Sunshine Cottage
Wisconsin School for the Deaf
Mississippi school for the deaf
St.Mary's School for the Deaf
Clarke School for the Deaf
Illinois School for the Deaf
Metro Deaf School
Newfoundland School for the Deaf
Birkdale school for Hearing Impaired (UK)
Royal School for deaf (UK)
Folk High School for the Deaf Adult (Castberggard)
Schools( Ecoles) for the Deaf (Sourds) (France)
luxembourg School for the Deaf
Van Asch Deaf Education Centre..(New Zealand)

philippine Institute for the Deaf
Singapore School for the Deaf
CRAS School for the Deaf
Lake Drive School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children ( New Jersey)
Montana School for Deaf ( Montana)
Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf ( Minnesota)
Willie Ross School for the Deaf (Massasuchetts)
Mary Land School for the Deaf ( Maryland)
Beverly School for the Deaf (Massasuchetts)
Horacmann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Massasuchetts)
Iowa School for the Deaf

Louisiana School the Deaf
Kentucky School for the Deaf

Amarillo Regional Day School for the Deaf
American School for the Deaf
Ida Rieu School (Pakistan)
Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind
Panevezys Basic Boarding School for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. 
Panevezys, Lithuania

The Pattaya Deaf School (Thailand)
Mikkelin Kuulovammaisten Koulu (elementary & secondary 
high schools for the deaf/hoh)
Moscow Bilingual School for the Deaf
Speech And Hearing Centre for Deaf
Alberta School for the Deaf (Canada)
Ernest C. Drury Hign Schoolf for the Deaf (Canada)
New Foundland School for the Deaf ( Canada)
Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf (Canada)
Albama Institute for Deaf and Blind (Albama)
The Arizona Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (Arizona)
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf
Arkansas school for the deaf (Arkansas)
California School for the Deaf freemont (California)
California School for the Deaf Riverside
Penisula Oral School for the Deaf (Redwood City, CA)
Aspen Camp School for the Deaf
Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind
Model Secondary School for the Deaf ( D.C)
Wyoming School for the Deaf
Rhode Island School for the Deaf
Tennesse School for the Deaf ( Knoxville,Tennesse)
Evangelical School for the Deaf
Located in Luquillo, Puerto Rico USA

St. Rita School for the Deaf
Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf
Located in Manila, Philippines

Vermont School for the Deaf
Texas School for the Deaf
South Dakota School for the Deaf (S)
Scranton State School for the Deaf ( Pennsylvania)
Oregon School for the Deaf
Oklahoma School for the Deaf
St. Rita School for the Deaf (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Ohio School for the Deaf
Rochester School for the Deaf

St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf
260 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York  11225
718-636-4573 Voice, 718 636-1998 TTY, 718-636-4577 Fax

New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood)
Mill Neck Manor School for Deaf Children
Lexington School for the Deaf
New York - JHS 47
Cleary School for Deaf (NY)
New Mexico School for the Deaf
Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind
Georgia School for the Deaf
Delaware School for the Deaf (Delaware)
Orolingua School for the Hearing Impaired, Whittier (California)
Quebec School for the Deaf (Canada)
Cora Barcley Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment (Australia)
Oulun kuulovammaisten koulu school for the deaf in Oulu (Finland)
Bruce Street for the Deaf
Alhoda School for Hearing Impaired and Speech Centre ( Pakistan)
Buds School for Hearing Impaired ( India)
Kwa Thintwa School for Hearing Impaired (South Africa)
Yorkshire Residential School for deaf (Great Britain)
Doncaster School and College for Deaf

Father Andeweg School--Beirut, Lebanon

St. Johns Catholic School for the Deaf, a day and boarding school for hearing impaired pupils aged 3 to 19 in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England. The school is attended by pupils from all over the UK.




Five9-- Information about Telecommunicating and Accessibility Issues for the Deaf

First Tutors--First Tutors is a nationwide service enabling you to select your own choice of tutor.

Silent Call Receiver Watch--..."this watch alerts you quickly to visitors, calls, and emergencies.  It’s portable and allows the wearer to be fully in-touch with what’s going on in their home without missing out on their receives a signal, then displays a digital icon and gives out distinct pulse vibrations, letting you know which transmitter sent the signal.  It can monitor phones, smoke detectors, doorbells, weather alert systems, sound monitors, and other Silent Call Signature Series 418MHz transmitters."  For more information:

Cochlear Implant HELP-- -- a new and comprehensive website aimed at helping current and future users of cochlear implants and their families., Guatemala
Provided opportunities to live and work in Guatemala. Their programs are:

The Language Immersion Program: for those whose primary aim is to learn Spanish. 
This is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, comprising of structured, intensive one-on-one tuition daily. Daily socio-cultural activities are arranged according to the interests of the students, including visits to local villages, trips to areas of natural beauty, films, sports and conferences on various aspects of Guatemalan life.

The Service Learning Program: for those who wish to learn Spanish in the context of voluntary work.
This consists of intensive one-on-one Spanish tuition each weekday morning and in the afternoons, students can participate in one of our social aid programs. Working directly with communities increases the desire and motivation to learn the Spanish language, whilst the classroom time enables participants to be more effective in their work in those communities. Thus both occupations complement and enhance each other.

Voluntary Internships: both in Social Projects and as an International Co-ordination Assistant. More information about these can be found on their website largest dating site in the world for deaf friends and singles who are interested in meeting Hard of Hearing single friends.

Sign Language Tours Philippines (SLTP) aims to bring the essence of travel and tours to you through our specialty travel programs - this time done in sign language. You may choose among our wide range of guided tours, customized tours, and other specialty travel services such as interpretation services

Deaf news –

DeafMax Chatrooms –, online directory for Deaf people. It lists businesses, clubs, events, services, jobs, products, news and deals from all over the world. -- UGIVE is a non-profit organization on a misson to catalyze, excite and empower the next generation of volunteers. We make philanthropy relevant to students, guiding then to give their time and talents to build communities.

DeafChoice--Interpreter agency in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. has a great community section where deaf people from all over the world chat, use our forum, post blogs, add events near them, and search for friends on our map.
We provide a completely free service both tutors and students to locate each other.


Webbytalents, the new video site networking for disabled people and those who wishes to share testimonies, informations, events, arts accross the world, is online.


Jewelry by Tammy Antoinette


Tea Tree Oil Products
Providing Tea tree oil products for the home and your life that are healthy for you and the environment. Business help for the hearing and the Deaf.   Sign language alphabet fashion by Anny Tronco, a deaf artist in Italy.

Stuttering - SpeechEasy is a device that is used in conjunction with speech therapy to help people over come stuttering.
Alexander Technique Brooklyn - The Alexander technique studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Medical Diagnostics - Physicians Office Resource is a medical diagnostic supply company.


Friends, Like You
, by Melissa Griswold, M.E.D. is an ideal teaching tool for raising awareness about hearing loss and encouraging friendships among young children in mainstream schools. The kit includes a 32-page, full-color children's book, an educator's guide and a children's activity book. Additional sets of 30 activity books are sold separately.  
Published by Clarke School for the Deaf

ILTsource – carries a wide variety of Hearing Impaired Products such as Phones, Alarms, accessories and aids to help the hard of hearing and the deaf. 


The Hearing Aid Sweat Band™ offers moisture protection for behind the ear hearing aids, and still allows sound to readily pass through it.  Protecting your BTE from dampness, humidity, condensation, or wetness due to perspiration, or weather elements is now made easy.


A free social community website for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Name: Deaf Penguin


Media Visuale--Italian site which provides information about  new materials for all deaf persons and also for  those  who work together/ for them. Visual Section is divided into 3 main parts: Archive, Community and Sign Language.



International Deaf Forum
For all deaf around the world to meet and chat in one place




Permanently Disabled Online Support Group -- A partially deaf-owned company selling products for the deaf and hard of hearing.

San Francisco Bay Area Mortgage Advice -
I am a Senior Mortgage Specialist in the Bay Area, and my wife, a teacher at the California School for the Deaf is offering free interpreting service to anyone that is looking for honest Real Estate Advice throughout the Bay Area.  You can visit my website for more details or email me at

Sprint Relay Services

A Web site about  the experiences of deaf people during World War II which features videotape clips, testimonies, articles, scripts, artwork, books and related links. is an online community for deaf, ASL and hearing-impaired friends and singles!
Have fun with photos, message boards, chat, blog and more.
URL where your link can be found:

Information page on Deafness including an terminology, categories of deafness and hearing impairment, support services, special education schools, camps, books, videos, DVDs, magazines, software, products and a
community discussion group.


Real Estate specialized for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Calgary Canada using a TTY ,
“Live Help” and SMS
Hear's Help has been designed by a high school hearing impaired student who wants to use her social and academic experiences to guide and support hearing impaired children.   a growing community of film lovers and activists who are dedicated to engaging their minds, sharing their passions, and improving the world around them

Camp Taloali
A camp for deaf and hard of hearing children in Oregon, USA.

International T-Shirts Onlineshop for Deaf  
Deaf Match Network--
free Membership dating network for the deaf and hard of hearing singles A resource for teachers.
El Rincon Del Maestro . com pretende ser una web que recopile informacion para Maestros: material didactico, de oposiciones... y seran estos mismos con sus aportaciones junto con otros documentos seleccionados de la red minuciosamente los que haran de una pagina de contenido imprescindible para los docentes, padres y todo aquel interesado en la educacion.

William J. Marra Museum of Deaf Culture and Deaf History
Kansas School for the Deaf

A Web site to showcase and promote the works of deaf and hard-of-hearing artists in the United States is now available through the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Deaf Pride Teddy Bears


Mortgage information for deaf families


Forum for the deaf community  Deafquest is focusing on constructing webpages for all people including Deaf and Hard of hearing people. 

Hearing Informer, Information about hearing loss and hearing devices for hearing impaired adults and children. Personal stories of achievement.

I create shirts and other products with sign language on it--from names to phrases. All custom.

Makers of ButtKicker
'The ButtKicker is a small, linear motor, which reacts to an audio signal sent by an amplifier.  It is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of moving a cone, and transferring sound waves through the air, it attaches to seats and floors, and sends low frequency sound directly into the listener's body. 

New Generation Fashion Designs
Deaf-owned clothing business in Buea, Cameroon web site for the deaf with a Christian message. Features "I May Be Deaf But I Can Still Hear God" clothing. 

Phoebe Education Fund for AIDS orphans--

Deaf World--

Hello, my name is Scott Benson and I am a deaf teacher for the deaf in San Jose, CA.  This summer should be exciting as I will make my 4th trip to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.  I have created a website so that my supporters will be able to see it while my team and I are there.  I would like to share my website with you.

Centro De Especializacão E Pesquisas Em Fonoaudiologia --Specialized held by the Center of Specialization and Research in Speech Therapy in Brazil.  Courses for graduates and professionals. Watch
Zounds Tech Inc was incorporated in January 2005 and started business on April 1. Led by two deaf individuals, 
Miguel Acha and Andre Du Plessis, Zounds Tech Inc. is committed to bringing a full entertainment experience through high-end technology
to your home or business.

Ik heb een forum over doof zijn en moederschap, misschien is wel interessant voor jullie om bij jullie links te zetten. 
De link is:
Lutske van Koningsveld    
I have a forum about being deaf and having a baby, it might be of interest for you to add it to
your links. The link is:  from Lutske van Koningsveld.
  DEAF GETAWAY AUSTRALIA - The Coach Tours services for Deaf and 
Hearing Impaired in Australia has launched our new website for all to see
The blog will offer links to news items about hearing loss and deafness, as well as personal commentary.

Deaf Mortgage

Good information about scholarships

Deaf friend finder
This is a great place for singles to interact with others. Singles can talk about deaf or ASL issues, relationships, cultures, religions, work, sports, lives or more. Or help others with their problems.

Personal page of prof.francisco goulão-deaf portuguese and teacher of deaf childrens of portugal is:

VirtualO-- of greeting cards made by Deaf artists at . VirtualO, based in Hyderabad, India, is a young and socially conscious company founded by Deaf individuals.

Deaf pager covers


A weekly news report for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.  Sign up for a free subscription or read the news on the website.  A new report every Wednesday!

Audubon Workshop-catalog with products for wild birds.  Recently added TTY service for customers.

Belinda Jo Adams
--author of books with deaf characters

Tom Neville's page
--Florida School for the Deaf Class of 1982

Deaf Tours of Australia
DEAF TOURS OF AUSTRALIA operated by DEAF SOCCER AUSTRALIA Inc. and its Specialised Travel Agent, IMPERIAL TRAVEL (National and International Travel Agent)  as the only Coach Tours for Deaf and Hearing Impaired in Australia. We have over 25 years service experience and have run over 200 tours in Australia for Deaf and Hearing Impaired. In the past we have had customers from all over the world!

Deaf forums with discussions

Phuket - Thailand Web PortalAll info about Phuket; Yellow Pages, Tours and Travel -- also for deaf and disabled! Phuket Expat Forum and Chat Rooms, FREE Classifieds with photo, Online Auction, Visa Service, Real Estate, Business Broker, Web Service, Translation and much more!

Deaf good list of web sites for the deaf - Products for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Seniors.
Offers products to help the hearing impaired. Find amplified phones, TTY, TDD, alert systems, amplification devices, vibrators, door sensors, watches, books, and videos.
Voice: 1-800-881-4327
TTY: 1-800-281-3555
Fax: 1-631-752-0689

Thunderbox 3D Noiseless System Sound--Thunderbox company is the manufacturer of a revolutionary system of
Audio, that was officially presented last 4 November 2003 in the SIMO (New Technologies International Congress) in Madrid, Spain. Our audio systems are both home and professional used. Our two products, are revolutionary and amazing for every user, not only for deaf people. Our system, besides having an incredible technology, it presents new services which makes our product a leader and point the beginning of a new era in technologies. new deaf news and community website

Christian pages (in Romanian)
hobbies: Rental directory of " Private Houses" by categories. On-line booking service, pictures, prices,  service VIP,airline,   and special discounts are available.  
"Alquile una Casa Particular en Cuba. Utilice nuestro Asistente123 y encuentre la Casa Particular que más se acomoda a sus necesidades en tan solo tres pasos. Todo lo que Usted necesita para viajar y disfrutar de su estancia en CUBA (Aerolíneas, Servicio VIP, Renta de autos, Cartelera Cultural, Directorio de Servicios Clasificados)"

The New Life Mission

Ami Creations--Embroidered, and transfered, names in ASL, Americal Sign Language. Interpreter, terp, notepads, labels, polo's, henleys, t-shirts, aprons, tote bags, ILY prints, ILY posters, deaf ministry items.

World Deaf Holiday
Deaf World Holiday offers sunny holidays to all those who communicate in Sign Language. Relax on the beach or go for crazy adventures, visit the occident's most ancient sites or simply enjoy the beauties of nature - without dealing with the usual language barriers ! are available for various languages i.e, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic etc and test prep. flash cards for SAT, GRE, SSAT/ISEE, PSAT, TOEFL etc.
Doven.eigenstart voor doven en slechthorenden 


Greetings van Theo (webmaster) - Sports Vertical Portal

Northern Australian Deaf Safaris
A new and exciting deaf-run tour service for deaf people from all over the world wanting to visit Australia in 
2004 and even the 2005 Deaflympics in Melbourne!

SAAMLanguage Center
At SAAMLanguageCenter we specialize in teaching Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) to foreigners worldwide,  primarily college, university students and corporate professionals,  who are looking for a practical program, with both quality and effectiveness, to help them understand and speak this language.  Our program provides them an opportunity to learn Spanish while traveling to Panama City, Rep. of Panama.  This forms part of an everlasting experience in which they will interact with new people and new cultures while learning a new language.

America Deaf Recreational Club.

Title: Bodybuilding Resources
Description: bodybuilding related news, books and web resources

Disability Watch newsletter

Deaf Education Project in Ukraine by Ukrainian Resourse and Development Centre in Grant MacEwan College, 
Edmonton, Canada

Vida Pura

The 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf :

La surdité au Québec

Deaf Empowerment--Fostering a more productive life for members of the Deaf / Hard of Hearing Communities.

Deaf Friend Finder
A free deaf community to exchange ideas with other members, post advice and comments on how to improve the services.

Laura and Axenfeld Syndrome

All Deaf Forums


Links to deaf sites around the world

Asociación de Sordos de Vigo Association of the Deaf of Vigo

Deaf in Argentina

Pakistan Association for the Deaf

Branson, Missouri

Flags of the world

Deaf America

Tourism for People with Special Needs - Israel

Shawn Dale Barnett--Deaf Drummer

British Deaf News

Francisco Goulão--Teacher of the Deaf , Espinho, Portugal

Greater Kansas City Association of the Deaf

Deafness/Hard of Hearing--Welcome From the Mining Company

Real World Success

Deaf Native American Children

Future Deaf World Surf Competition?

Digital Postcards "Sourd-Prise!"
Offers e-cards with pictures related to deafness, deaf, sign language, etc.

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