Biographies of Famous Deaf Persons


All stories were written by Stan Griffin, 
Deaf Friends International Special Contributor.

Terrence James ("T. J.") O’Rourke:  "A Deaf Man For All Seasons"

Buster Keaton:  "Some Buster!"

Stefan Le Fors: "Family Interpreter"

Kevin Hall: "Quit Being Afraid and Reach for the Sky"

First Deaf Sailor in History to Travel Alone Around the World--Charl de Villiers

Kate Nelson

"Rocky" Stone: From CIA to SHHH

A Look Back at Olympic Fencing--Ildiko Uslaky-Rejto

Deaf Baseball Player Reads Lips Speaking  English and Spanish!--Luis Figueroa

Disability No Obstacle to This U.K. Daredevil!--Graham Hicks

A Very Early Space Pioneer--Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Deaf Australian Fencer to Participate In Olympics--Frank Bartolillo

Wounded Knee; The End of American Indian Resistance--Black Coyote

A Rising Star "Lights Up" the World--Michelle Banks

Will He Be the Next Deaf Major League Baseball Player?--Ryan Ketchner

Fiona Garfield

Mabel Hubbard Bell

Triumph Over Adversity--Nellie L. Zimmerman

Dr. Helen Taussig: "He's a Lovely Color Now!"

Blindness and Deafness Can't Keep Her From Her Patients--Dr. Linda  Medleau Jacobs

"Cousin" Amelia Would Be Proud!--Angela Earhart

"I'm Not Afraid of Anything!"--Curtis Pride

"The Doctor is In!"--Dr. Josephine Deubler

Louise Fletcher--It's Nice to be Hated (Sometimes)!!

Jim Ryun--Run, Ryun Run!!!

Deanne Bray: "Little Sister"

Sue Thomas--"It is Only in Our Silence That We Learn to Hear God"

Kathy Buckley--America's First Hearing-Impaired Comedienne

The "Deaf Music" Man--Shawn Dale Barnett

Steve McQueen--Forever "Cool"

Olympic Silver to Deaf South African Swimmer--Terrence Parkin