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Polleena Grigoryeva


Polleena "Polly" finished school in 2012 and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal. The Gold Medal is given to graduating students who have earned superior grades during all of their school years. It is a wonderful honor for Polly who attended a hearing school with hearing students. She is now attending a university in Russia with plans to study math.



In the summer of 2012, Polly had her first book of poetry published. (Click on book to open. English translations start on page 79).


The wind was blowing from far away,

The cries of the gulls it bore,

And I remembered the vast sea,

The golden sandy shore,

And how I jumped with playful waves,

And how I watched the sun,

Which lit the beautiful golden light,

In the west, when the day was done.


Hush, little sweetheart ,

Donít you cry,

Mommaís gonna sing

You a lullaby.

The moon is rising,

The stars are lit,

Itís time for my darling

To go to sleep.

Little mermaids are sleeping,

The cubs are dreaming.

Even mocking birds

In the gardens stopped singing.

The dawn is approaching,

The sun will rise.

You will meet a new day

With a beaming smile.

But for now sleep, dear,

And have a rest.

Let me take all your worries

From your tiny chest.

Youíre safe with me

From dawn until dawn.

Iíll bless the day

When youíll be born.


Have you ever wondered,

If your choice is right?

Have you ever cried

In your pillow at night?

Have you ever wished

That something becomes true?

Have you ever heard

Sacred "I love you"?



The world is spinning around,

And time flies so fast.

What yesterday was present,

Today's already past.

Of course, I know

Nothing will be just as before.

I wonder what the future

Is holding in store?


When itís hard Ė donít fall,

When itís windy Ė be the wall,

When in tears Ė donít mourn,

Every night has a dawn.

If it rains Ė go ahead,

If it pains Ė laugh instead,

If afraid Ė then be strong,

Life is life where you belong.