by Stan Griffin

Graham Hicks, deafblind daredevil, has topped his own world record! Previously he had held a Guinness Quad World Speed record of 104 mph on his custom quadbike (based on a Honda Super Blackbird CBR1100 motorcycle).

Hicks lives in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (east central England) and works for "Deafblind UK," a national charity which provides a range of support services to adults who have both sight and hearing deficiencies. They also campaign on behalf of deafblind people and " ... set demanding challenges to ... illustrate a severe disability like deafblindness is no barrier to achievement ..." Hicks heads up their Challenges Department where he strives to " ... raise ... the profile of the charity and (also) vital funds ..."

On August 14 at RAF Wittering (an air force field in Lincolnshire), after 15 tries, Hicks beat his old record by logging an "incredible" top speed of 133 mph! Over 100 people were on hand to watch. Riding on a seat behind Hicks was Police Constable Brian Sharman, his "pillion" (passenger). He indicated steering directions to Hicks through touch signals.

Hicks also holds another Guinness record: the greatest distance traveled on a jetski within six hours-- from England to Holland. He also received a 2004 award from the Variety Club of Great Britain for his "Outstanding Courage."

Hicks said, "It just goes to show that given the right support, people with disabilities can compete equally to set a ... world record."