Peter Juszczak

Greeting dear friends of Deaf International!

I'm your new penfriend.  My name is Peter.  I'm sixteen years old. I'm from the north of Poland. I'm deaf.  I go to the technical school for deaf students.  There are nine students in my class.  I like my class very much.  My parents are deaf.  My brother's name is Paul - 21 years old.  My brother goes to the technical school for children who can hear well.  My mum's name is Gabriel - 44 years old and my dad's name is Andy - 52 years old.  My dog's name is Napi -11 years old.  My favourite subject in English and my favourite sport in basketball and tennis.  I like drawing.  I like computer, watching TV, and like listening to the music.

I have a short song for you:

 "Czerwona roza, roza sa a fioletowe pcy,
cukier ma slodki smak, lecz slodsza jestes ty."


"The roses are red and like sugar sweet,
 but sweeter of all - you are."


I think I've written enough.  I'm sending lot of greetings to the friends at Deaf Friends International.  If you want, write me a letter. I'll be waiting patiently.