My name is Chantel. I am 16 years old, I live in Australia with my family. The school I go to Caboolture State High School, it was good school with lots of deaf friend and lots of hearing students in the school. We have everything what we need for school and home. Our school starts 8:55am to 3:00pm it about 6 hours in a day we have Morning tea and lunch during the day. I have 6 different subject is Math, Science, English, Deaf studies also Skill with food and Computer Studies. My favourite sport is basketball and Softball and Soccer also all the sport that I like to play and I enjoyed it a lots during school and interschool sport with other school. I have a teacher Aids in every class room with deaf student like me.

I have five people in our family and two pet and nice big house and big double back yards with little animals. My hobby is collecting all the Cartoon Comic from Newspaper from Sunday’s paper. I had a hard life because my brother and sister always fight all the time and they always get in trouble by Mum. I am only one that Deaf in my family and I had normal behavior like everyone else. I read your stories and I was very good information and I hope you will write a letter back if you want to. So you wanted to know about Australia and other information if you wanted to you can ask me any question you like to know.

I go home by Taxi every day through the year while windy and rainy and storm.