Rebecca Cobb

Hi my name is Rebecca Cobb Iím in grade 10 at a high school in Australia, Iím hearing impaired student I wear hearing aids for both ears I have a brother who is in grade 12 who is also hearing impaired student. Iím in the unit for some subjects.


My favorite subjects are: English, computer studies, shop A which is woodwork, shop B which is metal work, deaf studies and skills with foods which is cooking foods.


I catch a special bus for deaf and hearing-impaired students, I sometime sit in the front.


In high school we do 8 subjects. Double, single, single, double and double. We have morning tea at 10:55am till 11:20 And lunch at 1:05pm till 1:50pm And we go home at 3:00pm then the next day we come back to school we start at 9:00am. We have Saturday and Sunday weekend off only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday school days.


 I have a pet name sandy it is a boy we got him from RSPAC, he was thrown in the dump in a box and now he love the boxes and hate plastic bags he runs away from plastic bags we you get one out from the cupboard were we keep the plastic bags.


My favorite TV shows are: Home and away because I like it, and itís cool to watchThe Simpsonís because they are so funny to watch. And the most of all I like home and away because I can watch them with captions.Captions are better because I read what they are saying and doing and with out captions it is hard to understand what they are saying and doing.


My birthday is on 25/12/1986 on Christmas day at 3:07am in the morning it was a surprise for my mum and they were having a party on Christmas day at my house but I have arrive by then. I get 2 present some for Christmas in the morning and some present for my birthday in the afternoon. Next year I will be in grade 11 and I will be 16 years old.


I like listening to my radio I have a big stereo from my dad and I have heaps of cdís


I like to help out with the house work like vacuuming the house, fold the clothes, wash up, and I like most of all is the shopping with my mum and grandma

I like wheeling my nana around in the wheel chair and my mum pushes the trolley.


For sport I do ten pin bowling I play on a Friday afternoon at 4:00pm and I have trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rdWe play 3 games and we practice.We get strike (x) and spares (/) after we have finish bowling we can go home.


I like reading books like Harry potter, sweet valley kids, and babysitters club and many more.


Rebecca Cobb