CUENCA Matthieu

I'm a boy,Matthieu,I'm sixteen.I live in France. I am quite tall and slim. My hair is light brown, long and my eyes are dark brown. I have got two sisters and no brother. My mother is a secretary in C.S.G and she lives in French Guiana, in a town called KOUROU. My father is an engineer in C.N.E.S and he lives with me. My favourite subjects are Geography, English, Maths and P.E. My friends are Damien, Rémi, Jimmy, Clement, Samuel, Jérémy, Gwenaelle, Aurélie and Laetitia. My temper is good: nice, cool, independent and sometimes, I'm awful. I'm interested in Dentist prothesist, I'm keen on soccer, I'm good at English and I'm fond of my country in French Guiana.I hate eating fish. I would like to exchange with deaf teenagers from Japan.