Abdul Samed Siibawaihi

I am very happy to inform you this simple statements of health. By the way? How are you and how is your present condition of health. Let me first introduce myself to you.

My name is Abdul Samed.S. I'm 13 years old boy. I'm tall in height. I'm attend school in Ghana. I want to have information about your friends.

Please Dear friends the reason why I'm writing to you is I want some Pen Pals. I want Pen Pals of some country like Japan, England, U.S.A., Canada. And my hobby is football, Arts, writing letter, etc. I would like to end here with much greeting to everyone.

This is a poem:

Use time wisely
God has given us but a short time here upon earth
And yet our entire eternity depends upon how we use this short time.

Thank you, Good Bye.

Yours faithfully
Abdul Samed Siibawaihi