Mary Pintus

    I am a deaf Italian girl.  My name is Mary, and I'm almost 18 years old.  I live in Italy with my family.  I have two elder brothers who are already married, and am the only deaf one in the family.
    In October, I came for the first time to attend a school for the hearing impaired, (made known to me by a deaf friend whom I met on internet chat at I had previously been going to a normal school-a high school specializing in science*-but quit during my third year because it was too difficult and I was unable to learn anything.
    I find life here to be quite nice because I have made so many new friends to speak with, particularly Pippy and Dany, two very nice girls who sleep in the same room as I, and we have loads of fun together.  The other students here are also quite nice.
    In my previous school,  I was always alone.  I have friends who are not deaf, but they don't usually talk to me the way other deaf people do; I wasn't able to communicate.  There is, however, one thing I miss a lot: my family.  I will have to wait until the end of school to see them again.
    I like English a lot-- the most spoken language, and the one I have to use to surf the internet.  My hobbies are:  traveling, surfing the net, playing on the computer, I sometimes watch movies, and going out with my friends.  I also like Italian sign language; it's interesting.  I learned it here, communicating with my friends.  At first I had some trouble, but little by little I finally learned.
    I would like to correspond with people all over the world, and am waiting to hear from you!
By Mary Pintus

*Translator's note: Italian high schools typically fall into two types-- scientific, and artistic.

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