Gemary E. Rivera

The Sun

The sun is so hottest.  The sun has a gas.  The sun is bigger.  The sun is interested about the earth, The sun loved the earth.  The earth is middle.The sun did not move.  The earth is moving slow around the moon white.  The moon is small. The moon is moving fast around the earth.  The moon is near the earth.  The earth is near the sun.  The sun is so far.  They never touch the sun.  They touched the moon.  The sun is not cold.  The sun stays then the earth is moving. Then the earth has a half of dark and light day.  The dark mean night.  The light means day.  The earth has trees and a lot of things.  The earth has a water.  The water did not falling out the space. The earth is the ball.  The sun watched the earth.  The earth is pretty. They like the sun and the earth.  The sun is sleeping.  The sun has a lot of flames.

The End.

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