B. Vanaja Kumari

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Greetings from B. Vanaja Kumari. I am 12 years old. I study in a free Residential School there our 18 teachers and 12 students. We are taught 5 subjects 1) Speech Practice, 2) Telugu Mother tongue 3) Maths ,4) Social and 5) Science . We also learn crafts like 1) Candle Making, 2) Tailoring 3) Vaseline Making, 4) Chalk Piece Making, 5) Lamination of Photographs and 6) Spiral Binding. We get Rs. 500 by selling Vaseline, most of us have individual Hearing Aids. We use to wear them in the class. We have two group Hearing Aid Systems in two Class only. We fight for that class.

Last year I suffered from TB. I took medicine for 6 months. Now I am alright. No problem. We have are Audiometer and one Speech Trainer for the whole school. Teachers are good but not many machines we have classes from 8-45 Am to 4-30 Pm. We play many games in the evening. We have our school garden . We are plant and water the plants. We grow flowers and vegetables. We have a cooperative store in the school . We got a profit of Rs. 2500/- We have two cooks, are nurse, 3 maid servants and a warden in our hostel. We went to church on Christmas Day. It is beautifully decorated songs were good. I was able to listen some high sounds. We ate cakes, fruits, Chicken, Biryani, Sweets. Rev. Fr. B. Marreddy is kind to us all . We are going to celebrate School-Day on 8th January 2001. You are welcome to see us. Pray for us. We have holidays from 9th January for 12 days. I belong to scheduled casts-a low caste, but my father works in a Bank and pays Rs. 250/- of my school and boarding expenses. Please tell me about your school. I know some English words but teachers know English well.

Thank you.

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