Déjà Vu !!

by Polly Griffin

In November of 1999, I stepped on a nail. My right foot became infected, and it was necessary to have it amputated.

For many years I have had a spinal problem that makes my legs numb at times. And so it was in such a period of numb legs that I stepped on the nail. I didn't know I had stepped on it until my foot was badly infected. Then it was too late to save my foot, and the doctors amputated it.

Along with the nail, I also had suffered some major shifting in the spine that caught many nerves. I knew that if I could get balanced out, the infection would leave. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get it balanced out.

At that time I even returned to the chiropractor to see if I could get help, but while he helped me, it wasn't enough to save my foot.

As incredible as that event was, in December 2001 I was to repeat much of it. I thought it was absolutely unbelievable that I would have trouble with my feet again.

One day I noticed large blisters sticking out on the bottom of my foot. Again I was in a period of numb legs and had felt no pain or anything unusual. I soon realized that I must have burned my left foot on the massager that I frequently used on my feet. I had used massagers to relax the bottom of my feet for many years with no problems.

I immediately started using saline soaks on my foot to get the infection under control. With the blisters on the bottom of my foot, I could not walk on it. The foot responded to this treatment but the blisters were healing slowly.

I grew very impatient because I needed to get to the North End Mission to work. I had painting to do, leaks to fix, and an endless amount of repairs to do.

I started having arguments with God. They were one-sided arguments! "How can I possibly do your work if I keep being knocked down? How can I help the sick and suffering as you called me to do if I can't even get my own health back?" What is going on with my feet anyway?" And so the arguments went on and on.

After six weeks of staying off my left foot, I felt it was well enough for me to start standing on it again. I was so anxious to get back to the mission to start doing some painting and repairs.

Just after I started using my left foot again, I started to have some gigantic shifting take place in the spine which was similar to the events two years before (Déjà Vu).

It was obvious that many nerves had been caught. One of the nerves caught was in my shoulder. I could hardly move my left arm. The blisters on the left foot rapidly became severely infected. I also started having symptoms of the flu with nausea and vomiting.

I had just been knocked down again. I thought, "What is going on here?" I just could not understand all the events that were taking place. They seemed absolutely unreal. It seemed that I had entered the twilight zone. Things just weren't making sense to me.

Since I had been unable to get balanced out on my Edeus Health Bed, I knew that I had to once again go to the emergency room which I immediately did. They admitted me to the hospital.

The medical doctors soon started I.V. antibiotics around the clock. For a while it seemed as though I was responding to the treatment well. After two days, the doctor said that I might be able to go home in a couple of days. This I was looking forward to very much. I needed to get back to my work at the mission so much!

Then, as I thought I was getting well, I was knocked down once more!!! (Déjà Vu again)

That night my spinal nerves became pinched again. My back hurt all night long. The pain medication gave me only a small amount of relief. I told myself as I laid there that I would never lay on a mattress again. My back just could not take it.

The next day, the day I thought I would be going home, I asked the doctor if I was going to be discharged. He looked at me and said, "I am trying to decide if I should amputate your little toe." I was startled. I thought I would be going home.

When a nurse came in, I told her that the doctor said that he might have to amputate my little toe. She said, "Not just the toe." I immediately pressed her for more information. She said, "It would be the entire foot." I couldn't believe the words that she was saying. I appreciated her honesty, but I said, "Oh no, I can't lose another foot. I just can't."

Now I was in quite a predicament. The antibiotics had failed; the infection was on a rampage. To save my left foot, the only hope that I had was to get home and get balanced out on my Edeus Health Bed. I learned long ago that if I could get balanced out, the infection would leave immediately. I was unable to get balanced out before I came to the hospital but now it was my only hope to get the infection out.

I told Stan that I had to go home so I could try to get balanced out so the infection would go out.

I told the nurses that I wanted to go home for the night and come back in as an outpatient so I could use the Edeus Health bed that I have slept on for many years.

They notified the doctor. He said, "No, you cannot do that."

Then we all tried to come up with a solution. They asked me about using a board on top of a mattress. I told them that a board on top of the mattress would not work.

Someone suggested that I take a stronger pain medication and sleeping pill. I said it was the infection that I needed the bed for and not just pain control.

Another suggested that I sleep on the hospital's floor. I said that because of my previous amputation, I couldn't get up off the floor very well.

They said the staff could lift me up. I told them that in 1999 the staff had let me fall right on my stump that still contained the staples, and I did not want to repeat that.

By now I was becoming to get very upset. I needed to get to my Edeus Health Bed, and I was running out of options.

Stan tried to calm me down by telling me to be cooperative with the doctors.

At this time I knew that it was time to issue an ultimatum. I said very emphatically : "I will NOT sleep on the hospital mattress again. If I have to, I will sign myself out of the hospital and walk home!!!!!!" (I hadn't yet figured out how I was going to accomplish this with one foot amputated and the other one greatly infected.)

But, as it turned out, I didn't have to because a brilliant idea popped into my head. I thought, "If I cannot go to my Edeus Health Bed, then let the Edeus Health Bed be brought to me!!!!!!!"

The staff talked it over and then told me that would be okay!!!!! I thanked them deeply for their compassion and understanding.

So, Stan went home to get the bed. He and Jeanne loaded the bed on top of her van and tied it on. At the hospital, the workers helped Stan unload the bed.

When I saw the the old homemade Edeus Health Bed being brought down the hospital's hallway, my eyes were opened, and suddenly all of my questions to God were answered. I said to myself, "So that's it!!! God wanted His gift to the world to be made known." After all, it was close to the Christmas season, (January 8, 2001) and the timing was great.

I have always known that in order for the Edeus Health Bed to gain acceptance, it needed to be demonstrated in front of health care professionals in large, accredited medical institutions. Through the years, I had been limited to my friends and family. How to get it tested by health care professionals was beyond my knowledge. It seemed to me that it was an impossible task.

But, how does a person carry a bed into a hospital and say, "Let me demonstrate my great, magnificent discovery on a patient with an incurable illness." I believed this would be virtually impossible to do.

So, now I realized, as I saw that old homemade bed being brought down the hallway, that God's plan was to bypass all the red tape. He also had a patient with an incurable infection that could not be cured by antibiotics to demonstrate the Edeus Health Bed's mighty powers. That patient was me!!!!

All the events that had happened to me that I did not understand were now cleared up. He had a plan to get His gift out of my house and into the world.

The bed seemed to know that it had finally come to center stage of a large medical center with a multitude of health professionals looking on, and it was going to "show its stuff." And show its stuff it did!!!!!!!

As soon as the bed was set on the floor, I immediately laid down on it. I could feel the spine shifting into place. I knew that it had obtained a good balance in my spine.

The pain that I had been having all night stopped immediately. The infection started leaving immediately.

The staff told me that I would only be allowed to use my homemade bed one night because it was not up to hospital safety standards. But, they said, the next day they would have the hospital's carpenter take off the mattress from a standard hospital bed and install a heavy board in its place.

The next day it was brought to my room. I declare I thought I heard the board say, "Look at me, look where I am."

The new, hospital-approved Edeus Health Bed was absolutely beautiful. It was decked out with its siderails and its I.V. holder.

A dream of mine for many years had now become a reality!!!!!

I didn't get to sleep on the new Edeus Health Bed because when the doctor came in my condition had improved so rapidly that I was dismissed from the hospital. As I was leaving, the staff said they would use it for others.

In sending out this e-mail, it is my hope that everyone can learn about this great gift from God. I hope you will send it on to your friends so that they, too, can learn about it.

This health bed is for everyone: the young, the old, the sick, and the well.

Everyone who is capable of lying down can adjust to this bed by following the simple instructions that are given in the book, The Hidden Light, and the booklet, "Edeus Health Method."

I urge everyone to go through your house and take out all mattresses and springs, put them in the dump, and never use them again.

I urge all patients, regardless of their diseases or conditions to request an Edeus Bed to sleep on. Standard hospital beds can easily be converted into Edeus Health Beds.

More information about this bed can be found on the Workers for Jesus web site. The address is www.workersforjesus.com  The Hidden Light is my personal story. "The Edeus Health Method" is about the bed.

I wish you good health. God loves you!!!!!

Matthew 19:26

"...With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

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